Jamie Garcia Dias and the rising interest in Brazilian Writers

Brazilian writers have an extensive past from the time when the country gained its independence. The diverse mix of its society is reflected in the blend of the inspirations that show in its prose. Its reach can be felt all the way to modern-day Brazil. This just shows in the rising power in economics as well as cultural influence they are beginning to exert. Brazil is one of the largest countries on the planet with a population of over 200 million. They have an eclectic mix of cultures and traditions. Recently there has been an upsurge in translations of native authors bringing the work of Brazilian writers to a broader audience. Brazil is taking a more active approach in not only putting forward their writing endeavors but also in translating said works in the world at large. Brazil is now exporting their literature. Sending authors and publishers to international book fairs has been taking place for many years. Now the government is backing their people to help them make the most out of a broadened customer base to increase interest worldwide. Jaime Garcia Dias (YouTube)  is an ABC Award of Brazil winner. At only 45 with twenty books already published he may even become prolific. The writer was born in Rio de Janeiro. He is the son of the writer Arnaldo Dias the writer and journalist who mentored his son and led him to becoming an author himself. Jaime Garcia Dias taught at the Carioca Literature Academy for five years trying to share his enthusiasm for writing with others who wanted to go into writing. In 2001 He won the Garça Branca award, which is known for bringing out new authors in Brazilian literature. Garça Branca publishers then printed his books for a larger market. Mr. Dias novel sold all over South America, even been commented on at the 2003 Latinos Books Meeting by writer Joshua Gomez. In 2007 Dias (Pinterest) became the new head of the academy. Carioca Literature Academy became a major front runner for journalistic literature. It is now thought to be one of the schools most devoted to Brazilian authors. Since then he has won five more awards and some think of him as one of the top writers of fiction in Brazil. In 2013 Mr. Dias wrote an article for the Journal of Brazil became a weekly article that he has written for two years. He is now publishing a compilation of that work which he considers homage to his father who was an author and journalist himself. Dias and his fellow writers are showing the world aspects of Brazilian life that other countries do not know.Finally giving the global community an inside look at these Authors.

FreedomPop Taking Mobile Wireless Services by Storm

FreedomPop is looking to take control of the wireless industry by offering customers with deals they simply are not able to find anywhere else. The company strives to provide the very best services and, in many cases, free services to its customers. For clients who do not need much in way of text, talk or data, they can receive plans of 300 minutes, 300 text messages and 300 MB of data for free, with add on packages costing not much at all. For customers who are completely tired of having to pay an arm and a leg for traditional mobile wireless services, they are finally able to save money with the help of FreedomPop.

There are many different ways FreedomPop is looking to improve the world of wireless. For individuals who like the service option of FreedomPop but find the limited 300 text/talk/data service is not extensive enough, the company also provides $20 for an unlimited everything plan. This is unlimited talking and text and one GB of data a month. While it might not offer as much data as other plans (more data can be purchased), the fact that is such a limited cost is far and away less expensive than any other service provider out there.

FreedomPop is not just for mobile phones though. The company is also bringing the service for data and voice to tablets as well. Many modern tablets have a cellular equipped feature built right into the device. For those who want to talk on their tablet or use the Internet functionality of the device, they can do exactly this with the help of FreedomPop. Clients who use the service (there is never a contract, it is pay by the month) can either combine their mobile phone and tablet into a single, individual plan, or they can opt in for different phone numbers and different services for each of their device. Plus, this is not just available for the United States. FreedomPop is moving over to the UK in the next month or so. This way, customers are able to not only receive the discounted (or free) service form the company in the UK, but with the free international calling to 60 countries, it is a great way to save money for those who travel. Plus, the company is working on a new roaming SIM card that makes it possible to travel to over a dozen different countries without being charged a roaming fee at all. This is great news for travelers who want to stay in touch with friends back home but just don’t have the money to pay for the minutes.

Also, for those individuals who are worried about privacy issues, especially with the latest problems many of the larger carriers have run into, FreedomPop has smart phones that keep all of the calls and data private, so it is not possible for the information to be syphoned off or removed from the device without the individual knowing about it.

Getting The Best Food For Your Dog

All dog owners want the best for their dogs. This would include the type of dog food and snacks they give to their furry friends.

Besides making sure their dog gets enough exercise for the age of the dog, they also want to make sure the food is right for their dog. The right kind of food would depend on the age and size of their dog. There are different types of nutritional value in the food for the different ages and sizes.

The dog snacks available are made to help get tarter off the dogs teeth. Some will also help freshen the dogs breathe. Just like dog food, the dog snacks will come in different textures and tastes.

When looking for the right food and snacks for their dog, they should look at the nutritional value on the side of the bag or can. It will also include what the food and snack is made of. Beneful on petco.com is one brand of dog food and snacks available. Beneful will list the ingredients on their food and snacks. This will help to make sure the dogs are getting the right food and snacks for their age and size.

Viral Videos Increase Sales of Worthless Products

When someone comes up with the idea for an invention that they think could actually be something big, they work on that invention and then they put it out there to the public. When someone has an idea for an invention that is new and different, they develop that invention and see just what they can do with it. James Dondero on an interview said “those kinds of inventions are not always something that will truly be useful, and they are not always something that is worthwhile, but they are something that one individual feels passionate about and develops”.

What happens with the invented item that no one really wants? That depends on the type of advertising that is used. One man create a product for washing pets that ended up going viral. This product was a worthless item, but it sold like crazy. This man became successful simply because he knew how to create a viral video and how to get his product out to the public. Viral videos can help worthless products become something that everyone longs for, and they can be the best form of advertising for some inventors.

Purina PetCare – Caring About Our Pets

Given the number of pet food products on the market, it is easy to get lost in all the hype and marketing that comes with such a multiple billion dollar a year industry. However, one of the leaders in the pet food market is taking their commitment to pet care seriously. Nestle Purina Petcare is the largest pet food supplier in the United States, producing such brands as Beneful, Friskies, Purina and more. Nestle Petcare, a division of Nestle, does more than just make food for pets. Over the years they have instituted several programs to further pet adoption, pet acceptance, prevent animal cruelty and to promote the general health of all pets.

One of the more popular programs implemented by Nestle PetCare is the pet adoption website PetFinder.com. PetFinder has been responsible for thousands of pet adoptions to good homes across the country. In addition, I saw it on the Purina Newscenter that they are celebrating and encouraging celebration of “Take Your Pet To Work Day”. This program has shown the benefits of allowing pet owners to take their pet to work to demonstrate the increase in productivity and comfort that pets can bring to a professional work environment.

In addition to the above programs, Nestle PetCare has spent millions over the years in building bridges between pets and their owners by sponsoring numerous charity events, donating money to popular pet charities and pushing for a ban on animal cruelty. They have also released a pet app for phones to find pet friendly locations. All of which are dedicated to helping pets and their owners and in turn generating goodwill among the consumer.

Nestle PetCare goes beyond just caring for pets. Nestle PetCare has won several awards as a fully sustainable company that is committed to protecting the environment. Either through environmentally friendly farming techniques to green manufacturing technologies. Netsle PetCare cares not only about pets but for the environment in which they live. Very few other pet care companies take the time, money and effort to go the extra mile as Nestle PetCare does.

Music Piracy on the Decline

Musicians like Taylor Swift and Thom Yorke might not like the growing popularity of streaming music online, but thanks to companies like Spotify and Pandora, piracy is on the decline. In the past decade, the ability to stream licensed music has lessened piracy via file sharing by half.

It’s been more effective — and fan friendly — than the Recording Industry Association of America’s tactic: suing the people who download tunes. Thanks to the ability to stream music for free or for a nominal subscription fee, there’s little need to risk viruses or lawsuits by pirating.

Piracy does remain a problem. Some reports claim that as many as 20 million people in the United States alone regularly use peer-to-peer file-sharing programs to obtain music. With Apple Music ready to debut, safe and legal streaming can only gain in popularity. As more programs like Spotify become available, piracy should continue to dwindle. This is a good move for Brian Bonar.

Joni Mitchell Suffered a Brain Aneurysm, Was Never Comatose

Singer Joni Mitchell suffered a brain aneurysm and was left unable to speak, according to her former boyfriend, singer David Crosby.

Crosby told the media that the “Big Yellow Taxi” singer was alone at the time of the March 31 incident. He related that it was quite some time before she was discovered in her injured state. Mitchell was transported to a nearby hospital where it was discovered that she had suffered from a previously undiagnosed brain aneurysm. Adam Sender finds this all pretty scary.

Rumors soon circulated the media that Mitchell had been admitted to the hospital, in a coma and put on life support. Mitchell’s representatives quashed the rumors when they released an official statement.

“She has her full senses,” the representative stated. “She’s alert.”

“She’s a strong-willed woman,” Crosby said. “We are hopeful, yet prepared to say goodbye. She cannot speak right now.”

Mitchell had been previously diagnosed with an assortment of medical conditions before she suffered from the aneurysm, including Morgellon’s disease.

Tove Lo Gets Naked on the Beach in New Video

Tove Lo, a swedish pop star famous for flashing people at her shows, decided to bare all in her latest video called “Timebomb.” She claims that it fits in well with the song’s theme about love not being black and white. It’s that moment when you are questioning your feelings about someone you want and then make the decision to just go for it. Love is also complicated because often couples feel deprived in making a relationship work with each other because others say it can’t happen, so they delve into one night of explosive passion.

The complex themes of the song are echoed in the video as couples stalk each other on a mat and then alternate between explosively arguing and passionately embracing stated Top Lawyer. Couples are a mix, including biracial couples, same-sex couples, an older couple, and more. Tove Lo is even involved in one. She sings the first two verses fully clothed while kneeling on the mat. When the bridge hits, the music explodes, as does she, fully naked and throwing sand around as the sun sets. You can see “Timebomb” here.

Bob Dylan Recorded Big Hit 50 Years Ago

Like a Rolling Stone

Bob Dylan walked right into Studio A precisely 50 years ago today in New York City. He recorded his famous hit “Like a Rolling Stone.” This is one of the greatest songs ever recorded. This rose straight up to Number two on the Billboard Hot 100. This took only one month after this track hit the store shelves. This song took second place to the Beatles hit “Help.” “Like a Rolling Stone” completely influenced an entirely new generation of rock stars.
It was Bruce Springsteen that had inducted Bob Dylan into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. This happened in 1988, as many at Handy will point out. Springsteen is quoted as saying “That snare shot sounded like somebody’d kicked open the door to your mind.” Dylan was known for his unplugged concerts. These concert affairs had reflected and mirrored the protests that were going on 50 years ago.

Ozzy Osbourne To Headline Voodoo Fest

45+ years may have passed since his debut, but Ozzy Osbourne is still a superstar. We know this because he is still headlining major events. The singer is recruiting some other big stars to appear with him this Halloween at Voodoo Fest, a Halloween extravaganza. Slash, the great guitarist of Guns N’ Roses fame will be joining Ozzy for the event.

Slash’s name has been in the music news on and off for years and years, at least for as long as Matt Landis has been listening. He still lives off the fame from his time with Guns N’ Roses when the original lineup rose to enormous heights during the metal years of the 1980’s. Slash and Axl W. Rose had a very brutal breakup and Slash no longer performs with Guns. His amazing talent and well-known fame affords him many opportunities. Appearing on a high-profile show Ozzy Osbourne is headlining is one of the newer opportunities.

The event takes place from October 30th to November 1st. The biggest night of the three-day concert is surely going to be October 31st. This is the 17th annual Voodoo Fest and a number of bands will be playing. Ozzy is, of course, the headliner.

Ozzy is also working on the final Black Sabbath album with a number of the original band members. (Bill Ward is not part of the project due to a recent falling out) After the album is released, Black Sabbath will go on a final concert tour.