Music Piracy on the Decline

Musicians like Taylor Swift and Thom Yorke might not like the growing popularity of streaming music online, but thanks to companies like Spotify and Pandora, piracy is on the decline. In the past decade, the ability to stream licensed music has lessened piracy via file sharing by half.

It’s been more effective — and fan friendly — than the Recording Industry Association of America’s tactic: suing the people who download tunes. Thanks to the ability to stream music for free or for a nominal subscription fee, there’s little need to risk viruses or lawsuits by pirating.

Piracy does remain a problem. Some reports claim that as many as 20 million people in the United States alone regularly use peer-to-peer file-sharing programs to obtain music. With Apple Music ready to debut, safe and legal streaming can only gain in popularity. As more programs like Spotify become available, piracy should continue to dwindle. This is a good move for Brian Bonar.

Joni Mitchell Suffered a Brain Aneurysm, Was Never Comatose

Singer Joni Mitchell suffered a brain aneurysm and was left unable to speak, according to her former boyfriend, singer David Crosby.

Crosby told the media that the “Big Yellow Taxi” singer was alone at the time of the March 31 incident. He related that it was quite some time before she was discovered in her injured state. Mitchell was transported to a nearby hospital where it was discovered that she had suffered from a previously undiagnosed brain aneurysm. Adam Sender finds this all pretty scary.

Rumors soon circulated the media that Mitchell had been admitted to the hospital, in a coma and put on life support. Mitchell’s representatives quashed the rumors when they released an official statement.

“She has her full senses,” the representative stated. “She’s alert.”

“She’s a strong-willed woman,” Crosby said. “We are hopeful, yet prepared to say goodbye. She cannot speak right now.”

Mitchell had been previously diagnosed with an assortment of medical conditions before she suffered from the aneurysm, including Morgellon’s disease.

Tove Lo Gets Naked on the Beach in New Video

Tove Lo, a swedish pop star famous for flashing people at her shows, decided to bare all in her latest video called “Timebomb.” She claims that it fits in well with the song’s theme about love not being black and white. It’s that moment when you are questioning your feelings about someone you want and then make the decision to just go for it. Love is also complicated because often couples feel deprived in making a relationship work with each other because others say it can’t happen, so they delve into one night of explosive passion.

The complex themes of the song are echoed in the video as couples stalk each other on a mat and then alternate between explosively arguing and passionately embracing stated Top Lawyer. Couples are a mix, including biracial couples, same-sex couples, an older couple, and more. Tove Lo is even involved in one. She sings the first two verses fully clothed while kneeling on the mat. When the bridge hits, the music explodes, as does she, fully naked and throwing sand around as the sun sets. You can see “Timebomb” here.

Bob Dylan Recorded Big Hit 50 Years Ago

Like a Rolling Stone

Bob Dylan walked right into Studio A precisely 50 years ago today in New York City. He recorded his famous hit “Like a Rolling Stone.” This is one of the greatest songs ever recorded. This rose straight up to Number two on the Billboard Hot 100. This took only one month after this track hit the store shelves. This song took second place to the Beatles hit “Help.” “Like a Rolling Stone” completely influenced an entirely new generation of rock stars.
It was Bruce Springsteen that had inducted Bob Dylan into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. This happened in 1988, as many at Handy will point out. Springsteen is quoted as saying “That snare shot sounded like somebody’d kicked open the door to your mind.” Dylan was known for his unplugged concerts. These concert affairs had reflected and mirrored the protests that were going on 50 years ago.

Ozzy Osbourne To Headline Voodoo Fest

45+ years may have passed since his debut, but Ozzy Osbourne is still a superstar. We know this because he is still headlining major events. The singer is recruiting some other big stars to appear with him this Halloween at Voodoo Fest, a Halloween extravaganza. Slash, the great guitarist of Guns N’ Roses fame will be joining Ozzy for the event.

Slash’s name has been in the music news on and off for years and years, at least for as long as Matt Landis has been listening. He still lives off the fame from his time with Guns N’ Roses when the original lineup rose to enormous heights during the metal years of the 1980’s. Slash and Axl W. Rose had a very brutal breakup and Slash no longer performs with Guns. His amazing talent and well-known fame affords him many opportunities. Appearing on a high-profile show Ozzy Osbourne is headlining is one of the newer opportunities.

The event takes place from October 30th to November 1st. The biggest night of the three-day concert is surely going to be October 31st. This is the 17th annual Voodoo Fest and a number of bands will be playing. Ozzy is, of course, the headliner.

Ozzy is also working on the final Black Sabbath album with a number of the original band members. (Bill Ward is not part of the project due to a recent falling out) After the album is released, Black Sabbath will go on a final concert tour.

Justin And Taylor Performing Together Again?

What would you think of Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber teaming up to sing together again? Do you think that they make a good pair, or do you think that Taylor Swift is far above where Justin Bieber is at today?

Justin recently tweeted hinting at reuniting with Taylor for a performance. If the two of them were to get together during concert again, would it be something that you would like to see? Do you think that the two of them do well together, or do you think that either one of them is better off without the other?
It has been a long time since the two singers have joined forces on stage, and maybe it is time that they got back together for a song so that everyone can see them perform together one last time. That is what Jaime Garcia Dias is hoping for. Or not. I guess we will have to see what comes from Justin’s tweet.

Kanye West Loves Kim Kardashian’s Pregnant Body

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are a extremely powerful celebrity couple, and they have recently been given the name of “Kimye.” Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are truly in love, but some people are a bit worried about Kanye West’s controlling ways. Since their marriage, Kanye West has made Kim Kardashian wear all of the clothes in his fashion line, and it seems that Kim Kardashian is not exactly happy with Kanye’s demands. However, Kanye West’s fashion insight might actually be better than Kim’s. Women all over the world hate Kanye’s fashion demands, but Kim Kardashian seems to be going along with everything that Kanye says.

Some fans like Jim Dondero were a bit worried when Kim Kardashian told the world that she was pregnant for the second time. People were worried that Kanye West would be angry with Kim’s heavier figure. However, Kardashian fans will be pleased to know that Kanye West actually prefers Kim Kardashian’s curvaceous body, and he does not mind her pregnant physique.

Hollywood Life recently published an article about this story, and it’s quite obvious that fans are mistaken about Kanye. Apparently, Kanye West is not as superficial as everyone once thought. I could have sworn that Kanye West would try to force Kim Kardashian to look slim while being pregnant. Luckily, Kanye West has a heart after all.

Dollar for Dollar

It’s no secret that the United States is in desperate need of a minimum wage hike. A recent graph was put out detailing just how much money an hourly employee would have to make in order to stabilize themselves in a one bedroom apart. The state with the lowest number would be able to comfortably house individuals if they made $17.75 an hour. Ten dollars over what the national minimum wage is. While $17.75 an hour would be considered a blessing, many Americans are asking for just $15 with the Fight for 15 campaign. Numerous advocate groups and minimum wage employees have been rallying for support and the last year or two. On Sunday morning, Hillary Clinton shocked the crowd of more than a thousand minimum wage workers telling them that she supports their crusade for a $15 minimum wage. Clinton is asking to be the crusader for these people. The candidate went on detailing how corporations had friends in Washington to have their back, but the American people need a crusader of their own.


Clinton wants to change the direction of the economy when it comes to employed middle class individuals. Those behind the Fight for 15 movement were completely surprised with Clinton’s endorsement. Many were unsure that any candidate, despite political affiliation, would weigh in on the tumultuous issue, but Steve Murray was shocked. Hillary wants to spend her campaign being the voice that hard working Americans need.

‘Rock Band 4′ Versus ‘Guitar Hero: Live’

It appears that the battle for supremacy has begun once again in the world of music video games. It was recently announced that ‘Guitar Hero: Live’ will be hitting shelves this fall, and many people were extremely excited with the announcement of the game. ‘Guitar Hero: Live’ will be unlike any other ‘Guitar Hero’ game, and players are extremely excited for the new entry in the famed franchise. However, ‘Guitar Hero: Live’ better bring its “A” game because ‘Rock Band’ is back as well.

‘Rock Band 4′ has been announced, and it will also release later this fall according to STX Entertainment. ‘Guitar Hero’ fans might be worried about the announcement of the new ‘Rock Band’ game. Long ago, ‘Guitar Hero’ ruled the world of music games, but ‘Rock Band” quickly took that crown from ‘Guitar Hero.’ ‘Rock Band’ offers a diverse multiplayer experience that guitar hero simply cannot provide.

‘Rock Band’ offers players the ability to play in a band with your friends, and this means that all musical instruments are usable. ‘Guitar Hero’ simply offers a guitar, but ‘Rock Band’ actually requires a singer, drummer, and guitarist. The first six ‘Rock Band 4′ songs have been announced, and players wont be disappointed. For more information on this story, and to see what songs have already made the ‘Rock Band’ playlist, visit Gamerant.

John Textor and the Music Hologram

While John Textor majored in economics in college, this is not directly what he does any longer. In fact, he does not work for sone economics or financial firm that spends all day analyzing the movement of certain stocks. In fact, he does something completely different. He works in the entertainment industry. His work has been seen on all sorts of the top movies that have come out in the last decade. As the head of a major visual effects company, he has worked on moves that include Transformers, Tron: Legacy and several others. However, while these movies have proven financially success, it is the assistance on other projects that has truly made John Textor a larger name in Hollywood and someone to look out for.

While still working on major motion pictures, John Textor’s team eventually won an Oscar for their work on The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons. The visual effects award was granted to them based on their ability to create a lifelike and realistic human through just computer software. This proved truly to be the first time this ever happened, and while the company continued to produce movies with this sort of technology, John decided that he wanted to take this kind of art and craftsmanship to the next level: live events.

Tupac, the famous rapper who was shot and killed almost two decades ago has not been able to perform for some time now. However, John Textor wanted to change this and he had a vision for bringing the world famous rapper back to the stage. This is why, for the 2012 Cochella Music Festival, he and his team created a hologram of John Textor that could move around the stage and interact with the other people on stage as well, including Jay-Z. While the movements and actions of the rapper were prerecorded and could not simply think and move on the fly, it was extremely lifelike and it did not have any sort of tracing lights or other effects trailing off of the hologram. This made it truly an amazing sight to be seen.

Now, John Textor did not simply stop with the creation of this hologram. He and his team simply went on to create the next amazing hologram. This just happened to be the King of Pop Michael Jackson himself, which was turned into a hologram for the 2014 Billboard Wards less than a year ago.