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The Success of Helane Morrison

Women in Business / January 28, 2017 / No Comments

Following the financial crisis that caused the unemployment rate to increase exponentially and caused for many investors to lose their faith within the world of investment, the recovery of the global economy became a slow process that has still not been fully recovered a decade later proceeding the crisis. As a result of this slow recovery, individuals all over the world have become dedicated to help gain back the trust of investors and to encourage the investment within different industries in order to grow economies all over the world. This new profession that has continued to grow in popularity is known as a compliance officer.   A compliance officer is …..

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Billy McFarland Grows Magnises

Magnises / November 28, 2016 / 1 Comment

High-end credit card programs used to attract consumers with deeper pocket books is nothing new. While many of these credit cards used to target seasoned professionals with big salaries, a new credit card provider is actually targeting a much younger consumer base. The new credit card program, Magnises, targets professionals that are between 21 and 35 years of age. The credit card program has some income and credit score requirements, but they are not as strict as other credit card programs. While most credit card programs work by offering access to airport lounges or high levels of cash back, these programs Magnises offers other benefits to its users. The primary …..

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New Residential Corp, Under Mike Nierenberg, Is Revolutionizing the REIT Industry

Businessleader / March 22, 2019 / No Comments

Since its establishment in the year 2013, New Residential Corp has shown tremendous growth in the REIT industry. New Residential Corp is a publicly traded Real Estate Investment Trust. The company’s main focus is on the highly intuitive management of investments in the residential real estate industry. The company is working towards lending investment know-how and leveraging expertise in the said area in order to strengthen its investors while allowing them higher and stronger dividends. To do so, New Residential Corp has adopted a technique that allows them to pay keen focus on areas of high risk-adjusted returns that have proven to be a menace. Such areas include the excess …..

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Bhanu Choudhrie: Recap Interview

BusinessBusinessmanEntrepreneur / March 13, 2019 / No Comments

There is a reason this interview is one of few articles titled, “Millionaire Interview“. Jim Rohn has advised that spending time around people who have achieved your goals can propel you in the direction you want to go. The fact that the interview is with Bhanu Choudhrie is the reason the word, “Millionaire” is used; a word that has been only in the dreams of many but an actual reality for Bhanu Choudhrie. To begin with our introduction of this millionaire, why not start with the beginning of his life. Choudhrie was born in Delhi in 1978 and then came the time to start his career, he chose the Univerity …..

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Deirdre Baggot Has Paved The Way For An Improved Bundled Payments System In The Medical World

BusinessBusinesswomanEntrepreneurPh.D. / March 5, 2019 / No Comments

The bundled payments system in today’s health care sector is complicated and in need of change, according to many in the industry. Thankfully, there is a woman like Deirdre Baggot who has continued to pursue her passion for improving it. She served for over a decade in academic health care by working with the University of Michigan Health System as well as Northwestern Memorial Hospital. She teamed up with the Camden Group in 2010 and stayed with it when it was purchased by G.E. A couple of years later, she worked for the Bundled Payments of Care Improvement Program as an expert reviewer to CMS. Check out everybodywiki.com to read …..

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Doe Deere vs Poppy Angeloff

BloggerBusinessCompanyCosmetic IndustryEntrepreneurFashionFounderWomen in Business / March 5, 2019 / No Comments

If you have any knowledge of Doe Deere, then you would know that she has revolutionized beauty products with her vibrant color schemes. This line of beauty products has become a fan-favorite among both sexes because the products are actually unisex. Expressing yourself via bold colors is the essence of Lime Crime. Poppy Angeloff has Deere’s full-attention now days as this is her brand new company. Poppy Angeloff specializes in Victorian-inspired jewelry. In addition to that, this line of jewelry pieces will be incorporated with dazzling color. This has been the recipe of success for Deere, and she is carrying on the tradition. View this post on Instagram On my …..

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Neurocore MuscleTech is the pre workout drink you want

Health News / February 28, 2019 / No Comments

Are you looking for the best pre workout drink to help you make the most out of your workout. Neurocore MuscleTech is just what you need to increase your energy, focus and endurance throughout your workout. Neurocore has a special blend of ingredients, that is including but not limited to Yohimbe extract and Rhodiola extract. These have been proven to give you the best physical performance so that even if you are pushing yourself you can have the best possible output. Visit Patch.com to know more about Neurocore.   The stamina and energy will remain steady throughout your workout with Neurocore MuscleTech. The product contains the same caffeine amount as …..

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Stream Energy Launches Stream Cares

BusinessBusiness ExpertBusiness LeaderEnergyInvestmentInvestor / February 26, 2019 / No Comments

Stream Energy is a Dallas based energy company. It is always looking for ways to give back to its community. After Hurricane Harvey in Houston, the company witnessed first-hand the destruction and devastation so close to home. The company formed a philanthropic wing, Stream Cares, to focus solely on charitable work. Stream Energy has been extremely successful through its energy business, and it was a logical continuation to give back to its customers.   One area the company has focused on is the plight of the homeless in the Dallas area. It has seen the issue get worse over the last few years. It has also noticed the effects of …..

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Shervin Pishevar and Resisting Change in the Digital World

BitcoinBusinessCEOEntrepreneurInvestmentTechnology / February 26, 2019 / No Comments

The online world is rapidly changing. Some describe the transition as Internet 3.0. Shervin Pishevar recognized some of these changes early on. How much more can the world change? Wasn’t it only a generation ago that only books existed in classroom? The idea of face-to-face chats, a work of science fiction?   People like Shervin Pishevar would point to the potential impact of artificial intelligence (AI). We are at a time when the children who read their first words live on the Internet are now creating technology. Virtual reality (VR) is already here, and it’s cheap enough for most anyone to sample. When considering these transformative technologies, the answers to …..

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Zeco Auriemo Youtube Recap

Business Leader / February 26, 2019 / No Comments

Zeco Auriemo: Managing Real Estate Property Development Projects Zeco Auriemo is a successful entrepreneur and an expert in property development. He is a top-rated real estate development professional. This reputable real estate professional oversees projects at JHSF and is a clear choice for anyone who wants to get tips and advice on how to achieve success in this field. Starting a real estate development business requires a lot of work and time. Perhaps you’re considering getting into this lucrative industry and want to know what’s involved. Real estate development involves several steps and can be complicated and lengthy. To become a successful property developer you need to establish key relationships, …..

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Nicolas Krafft Enhances the Diverse Beauty and Magic of L’Oreal

Marketing Strategist / February 21, 2019 / No Comments

L’Oreal is a beauty brand that doesn’t need much introduction. The global company is a dominating force and leader in the beauty industry, creating products for hair care, skin care, and cosmetics. L’Oreal celebrates diverse forms of beauty and continues to seek ways to innovate and provide a luxurious beauty experience for women of all types. Nicolas Krafft has been a significant part of the beauty company’s current success as the Vice President of Global Business Development at L’Oreal. After earning a degree at the University of St. Gallen in Business Management, he worked for a decade developing his insight and skills until he ascertained a degree in Corporate General …..

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Agera Energy Has A Cheaper Energy Solution for All Home Makers and Businesses

InvestmentInvestor / February 19, 2019 / No Comments

The cost of living keeps increasing year in year out. Perhaps one of the most dreaded bills in the homestead is the electricity or energy bill in the energy sector. The cost of electricity keeps skyrocketing as time goes by. The few firms that offer cheap energy supply cannot ensure good quality. This gap in the renewable energy industry led to the establishment of Agera Energy. About Agera Energy About Agera Energy is a renewable energy firm that was established in the year 2014. The company employs over two hundred and fifty employees who work tirelessly to serve clients from different parts of the United States. Despite having its headquarters …..

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