Kurt Cobain Life and Legacy

Kobain.net homages Kurt Donald Cobain's life. Kurt Cobain was an American musician, songwriter, singer and a very known artist. He was also known as Kurt Kobain or Kurdt Kobain. He was born on February 20th of 1967 in the city of Aberdeen located in the U.S state of Washington. Cobain's parents have Irish, Scottish, English and French ancestors. His father was an automobile mechanic and his mother was a waitress. Due to several studies of the artist ancestors it resulted that his Irish ancestors were shoes makers. This musician had a younger sister by the name of Kimberly Dawn Cobain, which was born on April 24th of 1970.

Kurt Cobain family background was had a few artists. Two of his uncles where musicians, one was an Irish tenor and the other had starred in a band called The Beachcombers, his grandmother was a professional artist and lastly his aunt had performed in various bands were she played the guitar. Cobain's talent as an artist was very evident at a young age. At his early age he had his bedroom with a variety of drawings of his favorite childhood cartoon characters. He also began to developed very much interest in music.

Cobain started to sing and play the piano at age four. At the age of eight his parents had divorced, which had a deep effect on his life. After his parents divorced, he moved with his father and his sister stayed with their mother. At the age of twelve his mother had granted to his father the full custody of him. Cobain's teenage years were difficult due to his conduct, which made his father to make the decision to place him with the care of family and close friends.

Kurt Cobain was a big fan of classic rock of the 1970s. Some of the rock bands he admired were the following: Black Sabbath, Sex Pistols, AC/DC, Led Zepellin, Queen, KISS, Aerosmith, Ramones, The Beatles, etc.

Nirvana was a famous American rock band formed in Cobain's birthplace. It was formed in 1987 by Cobain himself and Krist Novoselic who joined him as the bassist. The official drummer of the band, Dave Grohl joined them in 1990, before Dave, they had several drummers in the band. The Nirvana band was part of the sub genre of Alternative rock leaded at that time by Grunge Genre. The name of the band was taken from a Buddhist concept which is described by Buddhism savvy as Freedom from pain. Nirvana ended after the death of Kurt Cobain which occurred on April 5th of 1994. The Nirvana Discography is composed of thew following studio albums:

Bleach - 1989
Nevermind - 1991
In Utero on - 1993

Some of the famous Kurt Cobain quotes were: "Its better to fade out than fade away", "The duty of youth is to challenge corruption", "Rather be dead then cool", etc. Here, at this website you will acknowledge a variety of information about Cobain.