The Benefits Of Renting An Apartment When Visiting London

Are you planning on going to London for a vacation? If you are, then consider renting an apartment. The benefits of renting an apartment when visiting London include:

Various Sizes And For Various Budgets
Renting an apartment in London is a way to get exactly what you want in terms of the size of the accommodation and your budget. For example, you might be planning to spend weeks at a time in London, therefore staying in a luxury apartment may be ideal. Using London Escape allows you to search for apartments of various sizes and ones that fall within your budget. You can find the perfect London apartment at the perfect price.

Get Around London Easier
Staying in an apartment allows you to get around London easier. This is because there are more apartments for rent than there are hotels, therefore finding an apartment in the part of London you want to stay in is easier. For example, you can choose to stay at an apartment in an area where there are no hotels, and you will be able to enjoy what the surrounding area offers. Some hotels may be sold out in the busier sections of London, but usually you can find many apartments available to rent.

Comfort And Privacy
Perhaps the best thing about renting an apartment while visiting London is the comfort and privacy you get. Hotels offer you privacy to an extent, but you get the most privacy when you rent an apartment. You can use London Escape to find the perfect apartment by entering criteria, and then the site will return results based on your criteria.

You can visit London Escape to find apartments available to rent. All you have to do is enter the dates you want to stay, and any extras you want and you will be shown apartments that match your criteria.

Yeonmi Park Speads Her Message of Hope

Can you imagine being a teenager and wanting to hang with friends and have a normal life but being in bondage to the sins of the world? That’s exactly what happened to Yeonmi Park. She was just a young girl living under a difficult regime of Kim in North Korea. Though times were thought, when her father committed crimes and was sent to prison, her sister ran away from home. During her absence, the father was released on a technicality and Yemeni and her mother decided to look for the girl. Their journeys lead them to China, which is not far from where they lived. The journey was long and difficult, but the struggle should have been a foreshadowing to the things to come. They arrived at the border eager to meet up with their family member. What they found was an older gentleman who told them that he had information about the girl in question. Though he had no idea, he used this story as a trap to lure them into his ring for human trafficking. He wanted to have sexual relations with Yeonmi, but the mother standing up for her daughter sacrificed her own body to let her daughter go. Unfortunately, Yemeni still had to watch her mother and the horrific events. This was the beginning of their journey into the dark underworld known as the black market of sexual slavery. They were both very naïve and at the mercy of their captors. When they tried to escape, the man told them if they were to try to leave he would report them to the border authorities and they would be arrested and taken back to North Korea. Knowing what would happen to them; Yeonmi and her mother kept silent and lived in horror for almost 2 years. They did escape and now she dedicates her life to telling others about how women live in some parts of the world. Women are not valued in this country as they are in the United States. Though many would be surprised to learn that the US is one of the largest areas for human trafficking. Yeonmi has written a book and travels the world telling her story. Though she has received an outpouring of love, she has to relive the journeys each and every time she recants. She is a mere 22-year-old girl at this point, and the hell she has endured is more than anyone should ever have too. As she travels the world, she is not detoured by the pain she feels inside. Rather, she is eager to tell others how nasty and vile the Kim regime is in North Korea. Though she had been threatened for her life, she has never let it get her down or stop her from moving forward in her mission. Her story is one of victory. Not only are her mother and sister found, but they all live together in South Korea. Today, she is one step closer to trusting and loving again, but then again that is going to take some time.

How to Offer Quality Editing Services on Wikipedia

Wikipedia is the most popular and successful online encyclopedia. Many people use the site to market their businesses, conduct scientific and education research. The site has over 3.3 million articles written in English. Wikipedia provides information to people located across the globe. Therefore, it is best if the information available on the site is accurate and reliable. To ensure quality standards are met, the site can be edited by anyone. The opportunity to edit Wikipedia provides a platform for you to improve your editing skills.

Wikipedia contains information that cover a broad range of topics including the medical information, which requires to be precise and accurate. Professional researchers are encouraged to participate in updating current trends in their field of expertise. The first step to becoming an excellent editor is registering a user account. New visitors can edit the pages without necessarily possessing an account. It is recommendable to have an account to enjoy security and privacy. It enables you to establish a distinguished wiki career.

Some pages available in the Wikipedia are locked barring you from editing them. To edit the pages, you just send an ‘edit request’ by clicking on the view source button followed by submits an edit request link that appears at the bottom right. Simple typing errors, incorrect sentence structures, and presentations are considered minor edits. It is enabled for only registered users.

To ensure precise editing, most articles have a discussion page where discussion of proposed changes can be made. ‘In use’ tag and an edit summary are some of the methods of avoiding edit conflict since the Wikipedia community can keep track of the changes made. In the case of significant edits, it is recommendable to copy paste your work to the unformatted text editor such as Notepad. This process should be done before you click the ‘Save Page’ button to protect your job in the event of a browser crash.

Get Your Wiki is a company composed of highly trained and experienced editors. They specialize in creation and editing of articles for businesses, celebrities, the non-profit organization, and government. They produced quality articles that are referenced with reliable sources and followed the Wikipedia’s manual of style.

Get Your Wiki provides a money-back guarantee, and payment is made once the page is approved. The company has established a variety of pages for brands, public figures, and non-profit. Upon approval of the page, they will rank position 1, 2 or 3 search results depending on the category. They monitor pages on behalf of their clients and ensure all the information provided is 100% original.

Purina Petcare: Caring For Your Pets

Based out of St. Louis, Missouri, Purina Petcare, or Ralston Purina, is a company that has a long-standing history that began by selling horse feed in 1894. In 2002, Purina, which includes the Beneful, Purina One, and Purina Pro Plan brands, was acquired by Nestle for $10.3 billion and merged with Friskies. After the merge, Purina became the largest pet food brand in the country and the second largest in the world. And for good reason.

What sets Purina news resources and food apart is the nutrition and passion that goes into making it. They ensure that each kibble nourishes your pet, gives them energy, and helps them live a long, healthy life. That’s why they have a team of 400 scientists who are constantly looking for ways to improve their product and they only partner with the best universities, like Cornell University and Texas A&M University, for research. Also, Purina Petcare only uses top ingredients. Unlike most companies, they still believe in using corn and grain as a source of protein and antioxidants. And speaking of protein, their food is packed with it to help support tissue repair and muscle growth and is important for your pet to have a well-balanced diet. And it tastes good, too!
So, you can rest be rest assured that your pet will have the highest quality food available. In fact, Purina Petcare’s food meets or exceeds all FDA and USDA requirements because it is safe, fresh, and has to pass the inspection of over thirty Quality Assurance experts. In addition, 99% of their food is manufactured in the U.S., so you can have peace of mind when feeding your four-legged friend.

But Purina does more than create food your pet will love. In fact, they are committed to helping animals everywhere. In early 2015, they donated $225,000 to the American Kennel Club’s Canine Health Foundation, a non-profit organization that funds research to prevent, treat, and cure canine diseases. They support 7,000 animal welfare organizations across the country, donated 282,000 pounds of food to displaced animals after Hurricane Sandy, and helped 3,000 senior citizens adopt pets for free. Additionally, Purina Petcare has been named one of the Best Places to Work and is frequently recognized for their commitment to environmental sustainability.

With Purina, every time you purchase a bag of food, you’re giving your pet more than just a healthy meal. You’re giving them decades of quality, a longer life, and you’re supporting a company that helps animals all over the world. But, more importantly, you are purchasing peace of mind for years to come.

Purina For Every Stage of Your Dogs Life

Purina is one of the first brands that come to mind when we think about dog food. Almost anyone who has a puppy or dog has likely fed them a Purina brand of dog food. Under the Purina company umbrella are many common brands from Puppy Chow to Alpo, Purina makes some of the best dog food for our best four legged friends.

Puppy Food

Puppies have special diet needs much like babies. Purina has it covered. Your puppy may be a large breed, small breed or something in between, there is a formula that will help your new best friend grow and thrive.

  • Puppy Chow is very popular and is great for any size or breed. It is a perfect dry food to start your new puppy eating.
  • Purina Pro Plan is also a goo d dry dog food choice for puppies. Pro Plan’s complete nutrition will keep your dog as healthy and active as he can be.
  • Purina One gives puppies a high protein diet. It is made with choice cuts of pure meats to give your puppy a balanced diet. It also comes in dry or wet varieties.
  • Beneful for puppies is a perfect nutritional blend of everything the puppy needs to develop into a healthy adult dog.

Dog Food

Dogs may not need the extra nutrition of puppy food. Purina has that covered. There are many brands that are perfect for every type of dog. The nutrition team at Purina develops the best foods for any breed or size dog.

  • Beyond by Purina was developed by Multivu for dog owners concerned with what they are feeding their pets. Purina uses nine simple ingredients without added starches and corn by products.
  • Dog Chow is an economical formula for any size or breed of dog. It is total care nutrition for your pet. Dog Chow comes in several varieties to appease the taste of even the pickiest of eaters.
  • Alpo is the “come and get it” dog food. Dogs come running when they hear the bag or can open because they know its dinner time and it is going to be good.
  • Moist and Meaty by Purina is a soft kibble for your dog. It is available in many flavors that dogs just love. Feed your dog burgers with cheese, eggs and bacon or even steak flavors.

Special Diets

Like people, sometimes dogs cannot tolerate some food products. They may be diabetic, or have an intestinal problem that needs a special diet. Purina has that as well. In fact many vets recommend Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets brand.

No matter what size or breed dog you have, you want to make sure he is getting the proper nutrition in every stage of their life. Purina has you covered from Puppy Chow to Beneful, there is a formula that is perfect for your pet.

The Hawks Have Flown, But Bruce Levenson Is Still Busy

Bruce Levenson is an Atlanta businessman with an impressive resume. In 1977 he co-founded United Communications Group with his partner Ed Peskowitz, and he still keeps a hand in the company’s strategy and acquisitions. He’s also on the board of directors of Tech Target, Inc., where he serves on the compensation and nominating and governance committees.

In 2004, sports fans Bruce Levenson and Peskowitz formed Atlanta Spirit LLC for the purpose of buying the Altanta Hawks NBA team from Turner Broadcasting. After ten years of ownership, Levenson decided to sell his 50.1% share of the Hawks. Several parties expressed interest, and the Hawks hired experts Goldman Sachs and Inner Circle Sports to oversee the sale. By April 3 of 2015, the Atlanta Journal Constitution was reporting there seemed to be two front runners. One group consisted of Steve Kaplan, one of the Memphis Grizzlies owners, Jason Levien, a former Grizzlies CEO, two Indonesian billionaires, and baseball great Hank Aaron. The other group included Mark Rachesky of Lionsgate Entertainment, New York investment banker Steve Starker, and Hawks consultant Jesse Itzler.

However, by late April one of the groups had dropped out, complaining they were not communicated with, and other partners in the Hawks franchise were by now also looking to give up their shares. So on April 23, ESPN reported that Anthony Ressler and his group had agreed to buy the Hawks for $850 million. The sale would be partly for cash and partly financed, and would include control of Philips Arena. Included with Ressler were Steve Starker and Jesse Itzler, as well as former NBA star Grant Hill. Ressler, an investment and real estate magnate, was also part of a group that had bought the Milwaukee Brewers in 2005.

It was an auspicious time for the Hawks, with new ownership and the team entering the playoffs. But it was a bit of an ouch for Levenson and the other former owners. Forbes reported that Goldman Sachs and Inner Circle Sports had overestimated the market for the Hawks, and assured Levenson it could get $1 billion for the franchise and the arena, overvaluing them by 15%. However, $1 billion was not an unreasonable estimate, given the value of NBA television contracts. And after much to-do, Levenson and the other former owners made a nice profit.

What’s next for Bruce Levenson? He’s active in philanthropic works, including the Center for Philanthropy and Non-profit Leadership at the University of Maryland, which teaches students how to run non-profit organizations. He also participates in the Hoop Dreams Foundation and the Community Foundation of Washington, D.C. Levenson is a charter donor to the U.S. Holocaust Museum, and has also been involved in politics, urging a peaceful settlement between Israelis and Palestinians. Levenson sponsors many organizations for youth, including Seeds of Peace, which brings young people from areas of conflict together.

Michael Jackson’s Mirror Image

Michael Jackson will forever be the King of Pop; while gone, he is certainly not forgotten. Since his passing, fans have searched for something to fill the void and many have found Michael Jackson impersonators satisfy their need to see him and experience the magic again. There are thousands upon thousands of celebrity impersonators, and many try to perfect their “King of Pop” performance, but his bigger than life persona, and musical talent does not come easy for all, and few have perfected it over the years.

One young man realized early on that he not only looked strikingly similar to Michael Jackson but his ability to pull of the King of Pop’s infamous moves such as the crotch grab and the moon walk was impeccable. Sergio Cortes became entranced with a young Michael Jackson during the Jackson Five days, then later during his years at middle school Sergio began practicing the singers moves, and grooming himself to resemble him even more closely. As a teenager, he so closely resembled Michael that people asked him for autographs and had sold them, thinking they were actually Michael Jackson’s autograph. Sergio was spotted by a talent scout, and his was picture shared which went viral and his life forever changed as he hit it big time as a celebrity impersonator. These days Sergio is nearly the mirror image of Michael and it is virtually impossible to tell the pictures of them side-by-side apart.

Currently Sergio Cortes lives in Brazil, South America, and performs a variety of Michael Jackson covers for thousands of fans who come for the satisfaction of seeing the next best thing to Michael himself. Destiny Projects is now his manager and he is working on a show set to premier live in Italy, “Human Nature”, which is set to be a live tribute the late singer. While no one can fully grasp the whole persona of Michael Jackson, the legend, no one comes as close as Sergio Cortes. A chance to see Sergio Cortes perform as Michael Jackson in person should not be passed up, especially by fans of the late pop star himself.

Sergio Cortes Is Keeping Jackson Alive In People’s Hearts

It’s never easy to lose someone important. However, it’s vital that one remember that the impact of a person’s life is seldom isolated simply to the people they interact with on a personal basis. This is especially true for artists and entertainers. And even more so for those performers who’ve reached the pinnacle of their art form. At the same time the love of one’s fans can allow one to have an amazing legacy. This can easily be seen with Michael Jackson.

Saying that Jackson was loved all over the world would be an understatement. He was called the king of pop for good reason. It’s hard to think of a single performer in modern times who’s had the impact and universal appeal of Jackson. But, sadly, time takes a toll on all men. And Jackson passed away far before his time. But unlike most people, Jackson’s story didn’t end with death. Because there was someone around to continue carrying on his legacy. And that man was Sergio Cortes. These days the name is usually written as some variant of MJ Impersonator Sergio Cortes due to how intertwined both of their lives have become. But there was a time when he was simply Sergio Cortes, a child.

To find a point where the life of Sergio and Michael aren’t intertwined means going back quite a long time. All the way to when a young Sergio was watching TV with his mother. She looked at the screen to see the Jackson 5 and was shocked to note the strong resemblance to her son, sitting right in front of it. Children often have similar features, and just as often they grow out of it. But the exact opposite happened with Sergio. The older he became the more notable the resemblance. The attention grew as his resemblance did. At first it was only his schoolmates who were constantly asking him to do impressions. But as time went on this changed to adults, and then even reporters would want to talk to him. Eventually Sergio realized that it was more than a resemblance, it was a calling.

Sergio Cortes would dedicate a huge amount of his life to perfecting an imitation of Michael Jackson. What’s really made him stand out as the one to keep Jackson’s memory alive is the fact that Cortes wasn’t content to simply mimic performances. Instead he wanted to learn to do proper justice to Jackson as a human being and a man, not just as a performer. Cortes learned how to imitate not only performances, but also the way Jackson spoke and dressed in private. And this has helped to keep Jackson alive in people’s hearts.

Vacation Rentals In London That Are Lovely

Nothing is sweeter than visiting London for the first time. But with so many companies offering so many different packages, you may be wondering if you are getting a good deal for your money, or just being taken for a ride.

If you have a large family and are on a budget and looking for a safe place, your best bet may be a Best Western. For an average nightly rate of about $85.00, you can book a room with two Queen size beds or one king size bed. These rooms are equipped with a microwave and refrigerator.

If you are at the Best Western Plus Stoneridge Inn, you will be close to the Elgin Military Museum, the tubes and the Airport. Best Westerns pride themselves on being family oriented. This place has seventy two air conditions rooms. After the exciting day you will be having, you can find yourself drifting off to sleep in a pillow top bed. There is free WiFi, just in case you want to stay in touch with family and friends, so you can tell them what a wonder time you are having. For those of you on a business trip, you have a call center and conference room. Your credit card is charged at the time that you book. This would include your room charges and any appropriate taxes. Additional like phone call, parking, and room service, will be settled at the from desk upon checking out. Very important, make sure you have valid identification. Any special request can be taken care of at the time of checking in, for a charge. Anyone twelve years or under, stay for free in a parent room.

Still if you are overwhelmed with all the planning yourself, there are companies like WorldEscape. This company may just be what you are looking for. They make your stay very affordable and quite simple. They have reasonable accommodations all over London – you can get a hotel, villa or houseboat. You decide, after all it’s your vacation. This company handles all the details for you. They want to make your experience as pleasant as possible. They visit all listings, take pictures and even video. So when you visit their site you can see exactly what you will be getting. All listings are on separate pages. So if you are planning to stay a week, or for a month, they have everything to make your booking hassle free. Enjoy!

Where Do We Stay in London?

London is a beautiful and vibrant place full of so many attractions and historical sites. Boasting around 17 million international visitors per year, London is a destination for fun and excitement for people from many backgrounds and expectations. You may be interested in seeing the changing of the Royal Guard or planning a visit to the London Children’s Museum. In either case, it is a daunting task to determine where to stay in a city that you have never visited.

LondonEscape a service that will assist you in finding the perfect London vacation rentals. With live-chat, offices in New York, London, and Rome, and customer service available 18 hours a day, LondonEscape is the place for you to decide on a perfect situation for you and/or your family. The service is different from many travel and discount sites that are out there because they know the properties that they utilize. There are representatives on the ground in London, and they visit and inspect each property that they suggest to their patrons.

LondonEscape offers a full page description on each property with many pictures and guest reviews. Using this site has taken the anxiety out of planning a visit to London for me and my family. It always helps to have a friend that lives in the city that you are visiting, and LondonEscape is like having a friend in London to help you stay out of the bad areas and find a compatible place to fit your needs.

Some more unusual experiences in London include a ghost bus tour, an off-the-beaten-path walking tour, and a visit to the London Eye. A short distance day trip to Stonehenge is always worth the trip, if you have the time. You should not leave London without seeing a play at the historical London Theatre. River tours on the Thames River are romantic in the evening, but also a great family adventure for the daytime hours as well. You will not be disappointed with a trip to London if you know where to look for resources.