Where Do We Stay in London?

London is a beautiful and vibrant place full of so many attractions and historical sites. Boasting around 17 million international visitors per year, London is a destination for fun and excitement for people from many backgrounds and expectations. You may be interested in seeing the changing of the Royal Guard or planning a visit to the London Children’s Museum. In either case, it is a daunting task to determine where to stay in a city that you have never visited.

LondonEscape a service that will assist you in finding the perfect London vacation rentals. With live-chat, offices in New York, London, and Rome, and customer service available 18 hours a day, LondonEscape is the place for you to decide on a perfect situation for you and/or your family. The service is different from many travel and discount sites that are out there because they know the properties that they utilize. There are representatives on the ground in London, and they visit and inspect each property that they suggest to their patrons.

LondonEscape offers a full page description on each property with many pictures and guest reviews. Using this site has taken the anxiety out of planning a visit to London for me and my family. It always helps to have a friend that lives in the city that you are visiting, and LondonEscape is like having a friend in London to help you stay out of the bad areas and find a compatible place to fit your needs.

Some more unusual experiences in London include a ghost bus tour, an off-the-beaten-path walking tour, and a visit to the London Eye. A short distance day trip to Stonehenge is always worth the trip, if you have the time. You should not leave London without seeing a play at the historical London Theatre. River tours on the Thames River are romantic in the evening, but also a great family adventure for the daytime hours as well. You will not be disappointed with a trip to London if you know where to look for resources.

Susan McGalla: A Strategist Who Ignored the Glass Ceiling

Susan McGalla, now a very successful 41-year-old business executive and marketing expert, had a future plan that was very logical, coupled with a family background that would make her very special!

A sister with two brothers and a father who was the local football coach exposed Susan to the world of sports, sportsmen, and good sportsmanship. She subsequently pursued a degree in business and marketing, which would give her the golden opportunity to combine the dynamics and strategies of sports with her chosen academic training in a broad sense.

This was a great choice and one not followed by many women, which would make Susan a talented and unique businesswoman. However, the true test of success would be her leadership abilities. Sports definitely is an area where one develops skills, confidence, aggressiveness – and leadership. Susan McGalla’s background once again emerges. A recent article on Susan McGalla quotes a famed scientist, inventor (and apparent wise man), Robert Jarvik, on susanmcgalla.com his thoughts about leadership that the writer applied to Susan McGalla: “Leaders are visionaries with a poorly developed sense of fear and no concept of the odds against them.”*/

Indeed, Susan McGalla’s story is inspiring, especially, when one looks at her various up-the-ladder marketing, managerial and executive management positions in male-dominated environments since 1986 (the very same year she graduated Mt. Union College with a bachelor’s degree in business and marketing): Joseph Horne Company (marketing, management); American Eagle Outfitters (divisional merchandise buyer, women’s clothing); American Eagle Brand (President, CMO); American Eagle Outfitters, Inc. (President and CMO); Independent Consultant for the Retail Industry; The Wet Seal, Inc. (CEO); P3 Executive Consulting, LLC (founder); and currently, NFL Pittsburgh Steelers (Director of Strategic Planning and Growth).**/

Perhaps, it is this most recent position with the Pittsburgh Steelers that has brought Susan McGalla ‘round circle.’ She has commented: “It was always taught that I was a person. I was not a man or a woman” ***/ Perhaps, this mentality is THE winning mentality!

Even though she speaks of penetrating the glass ceiling in support of women and minorities, Susan McGalla has proven to me that there only is a glass ceiling if one wishes to look up at one, so to speak. It simply is a metaphor that should not be continually legitimized. This is easy to say, but, perhaps getting ahead in business should always be strategically planned as if one were involved in a game of sports! You win some; maybe, you lose some, but you keep playing because you want to eventually be the winner. Strategy can mean many things, including starting one’s own business or consultancy; enrolling in business development courses annually; moving on to another company (yes); taking on a civic or charitable responsibility that will enhance one’s business image; or, showcasing some invaluable creativity that generates visibility and puts one on a “most-wanted” list. Susan McGalla is an obvious example with her startups (Independent Consultant for the Retail Industry; P3 Executive Consulting, LLC (founder).

McGalla Resume, http://www.susanmcgalla.com

How Doe Deere Became A Cosmetics And Technology Executive At The Same Time

Doe Deere is known as Xenia, and she is the creator of the Lime Crime cosmetics line that features unbelievably brash colors and styles. She is a warrior goddess who believes in the empowerment of women, and she has fought off a constant barrage of negative comments online. She is the first in a long line of cosmetics executives who founded their businesses online, and she has become a beacon of hope for women who want to succeed online without a technical education.

#1: How Does A Lady Deal With Bad Buzz?

The bad buzz surrounding Doe Deere and her Lime Crime business on doedeere.com has circulated almost nonstop since her business began. Online complaints seem to grow as she grows her business, but Doe does not seem concerned. She offers a great message for women who are managing their own businesses. Doe says that all the negative people online are just a handful who are all saying the same things. There is nothing she can do about the people who hate her business, and she has no plans to fire back at those people.

#2: She Drew A Line In The Stand

Recent allegations surfaced about Doe and the manufacturing process used to create her cosmetics. Some people have alleged that her cosmetics are repackaged versions of a wholesaler’s cosmetics, and Doe responded in perfect fashion. She hosts a blog where she writes and posts videos, and she posted information to the Lime Crime website in response to her detractors. Doe proceeded to make eyeshadow and lipstick in the video proving that she knows how cosmetics are made, and she did so with foppish aplomb.

#3: Doe Plans To Beat The Naysayers

Doe’s plan to beat her naysayers includes a way of playing at their own game. Doe knows that people will always dislike her products, and she cannot stop the small percentage of population who dislikes her. She plans to document everything she makes, and she will carefully guard the formulas and manufacturers she uses. Her trade secrets are her own, and she is wise enough to not be sucked in by a tidal wave of bad publicity. The controversy was created by someone, but the message for women is empowering. Doe wants women to do their own thing without worrying about what other people are doing.

#4: What Is “Statement Makeup”?

Doe says that she makes statement makeup for the young and young at heart. She is the kind of person who will wear these clothes and makeup until the day she dies, and she is taking a page out of the book of fashion icon Betsey Johnson. Doe is a rebel in her own industry, and she is attracting bad publicity because she takes her brand seriously. Any woman who wants to strike on her own with a new business or venture must watch what Doe is doing, and we can all learn from her immense gifts. Lime Crime is a counterculture revolution that allows women to take back their power.

Tips On Applying Makeup As Best As Possible

Applying makeup has always been a struggle for countless people. It can be tough to know exactly what works best for you and your face since everybody is different. You’ll learn about some of the best tips in applying makeup the right way to help you look your best. Some of these tips are going to help you make better choices on the makeup that you buy and use. These are some very important tips that will make a world of difference to how you look.

Who Is Lime Crime?

What makes Lime Crime so unique is their approach to creating ply cruelty-free makeup. They focus on offering Eco-friendly makeup that is good for the skin, and they always enjoy manufacturing products that truly look good for the long run. They have a ton of different makeup products that are meant to help you express who you are and share your personality through your makeup.

If you are looking for a unique new approach to applying makeup, these tips should help you approached your makeup process better. You’ll look so much better in the long run when you choose to use these tips. Consider using the Lime Crime brand since they can provide you with a wide range of items. Doe Deere is the owner of this brand, and she has helped craft some of the products in the brand. Doe Deere has developed on youtube the growth of the brand over the years with just an independent company.

Tips On Applying Makeup As Best As Possible

– Going Light

The first most important thing to look out for is to go as light as you can make it. This is how you can get perfect looking foundation setup for your skin. The most important thing to going for light makeup is to always remember to place them softly and evenly. When going for a bright color for eyeshadow for example, you want to be cautious and only apply it little by little to avoid having too much go on your face and start trying to remove it because there’s way too much. It’s always much easier to go this route since you can start small and slowly add more.

– Using Concealer

It goes a long way to have a good concealer. When you utilize concealer through your skin, you’ll be able to hide more of your annoying blemishes better. Whether it’s an annoyingly huge mark or a blemish, you could conceal it effectively. Try applying it lightly on your face, but if you need a little bit more for a specific part of your face and a mark needs extra covering, it’s a worthwhile thing to do. The power behind this kind of makeup can go a long way. When using concealer, getting it from the right brand can go a long way to help you look your ultimate best in the long run. If you’d like to look your ultimate best, Lime Crime is probably one of the best brands to buy from.


The Technology Advancement of Slyce

Slyce is a Toronto based company that deals in the development of visual and image recognition technology. Slyce is also a publicly traded entity on the TSX Venture Exchange market. It was started by Erika Racicot and Cameron Chell in the beginning of 2012.Originally the company was based in Calgary, Alberta before moving its main operation base to Toronto, Ontario. The company has additional offices in New Waterford, Nova Scotia, Minneapolis, Minnesota and Calgary.

The company has a number of products and services under its name. They have successfully partnered with six top retailers. Snap-to-Buy is among their well known product. It is a product recognition application that can be incorporated into the website of a retailer to classify products. When a user sees an item that they like and they want to purchase it, they are transported to the website. At the website they get the option of visiting the nearest shop that has the item or alternatively purchasing the product online. The visual relevancy engine is also a visual search recognition technology that does a comparison of product features and brings similar products. The service can help users identify products from instagram, facebook and any other social media site.

The company first introduced their visual product recognition technology in 2013 during the Mobile World Congress which was held in Barcelona. Through financing the company was able to raise $6 million and acquired a visual search technology company called Hovr.it.

A few months later, the company bought Tel Aviv based mobile application development company BuyCode. They were after their pounce shopping application technology. Around the same time, Drivetrain Agency a Minneapolis application developer was purchased. The duo decided to keep the chief executive officers of the companies they had acquired as members of their team. The chief executive officers of Buy Code, Avital Yachin was given the position of chief product officer, while the chief executive officer of Drivetrain Dan Grisby, was made the chief technology officer.

The feature that appealed Slyce most about Pounce technology was the fact that clients are able to proceed in checking out items from different retailer’s market platforms once they enter payment information. A number of applications still have that challenge when it comes to mobile shopping. Through pounce Slyce has been able to overcome this challenge.

By partnering with top retailers, Slyce has been able to offer barcode scanning, quick response codes and video and audio recognition. After the items are scanned using Slyce they can be bought instantly. Neiman Marcus are among the retailers who Slyce are working with. The famous brand has been able to reach out to more clients and expand marketing. The future seems bright for Slyce as they intend to add a consumer application soon.

The History of NBA Team Owner Bruce Levenson

NBA team owner and serial entrepreneur Bruce Levenson is a true American hero in the world of sports and journalism. He owns a majority share of the popular basketball company, the Atlanta Hawks and he is also the founder of the multi-billion-dollar , privately traded company the United Communications Group, a company that he founded in 1977 with his best friend Ed Peskowitz. Levinson and Ed Peskowitz created the United Communications Group in the basement of Bruce Levenson’s dad’s home and in less than five years, it has evolved into a multibillion-dollar business.

Bruce Levenson, the cofounder of United Communications Group began his career as a journalist at the Washington Star Newspaper in Washington DC. There was something that attracted Bruce Levenson to the hustle and bustle of the newsroom that didn’t get as a lawyer, which was his formal career choice at the time. While working as a journalist to pay off his student debt, and attending night school to become a lawyer, he realized that being a practicing lawyer is a profession that had always been impressed upon him, not one that he was passionate about, so he eventually decided to go into business for himself.

In 1977, he graduated from American University and began building the United Communications Group his business with his best friend Ed Peskowitz in his father’s garage. With his days filled with creating sales tactics to sell United Communications Group’s products and services in addition to collecting and establishing an enormous database of relevant sources and intelligence for their company, he eventually gathered enough intel and customers to build a strong business, finally allowing him to move out of his father’s home.

The United Communications Group is a multinational company with hundreds of thousands of journalists and news organizations that subscribe to their newsletters and references as a credible source for factual information that is used as a fact crutch for journalists. Bruce Levenson and Ed Peskowitz have also created a couple of very successful offshoots of the United Communications Group. TechTarget is a tech company that specializes in all of the figures, facts and statistics that are often leveraged by websites like MacWorld, TechCrunch or any other place that needs to know very specific traits qualities of software that are easily accessible. Another venture of the Atlanta Hawks team owner is GasBuddy, an app that helps consumers find the cheapest sources of gas in the city. This app is available on iOS and Android.

Working his entire life and dedicating all of his time to the United Communications Group and its subsidiaries, he decided that investing in a sports team is the best move for him, so he opted to purchase the Atlanta Hawks basketball team. When he purchased the Hawks, as well as the critically acclaimed the Philips Arena as well as the Atlanta Thrashers, a very popular hockey team, he realized that Atlanta is his home and the Atlanta Hawks is a team that he will continue to develop for the rest of his life.

The Technology That Changes The World

Visual search is kind of task that involves the scanning of an object in the visual real world among other objects in a database. Slyce, a Toronto-based company that has harnessed the capability of the technology advancement of the smartphones taking clear pictures and using the internet to identify other similar objects that maybe available in the database. Slyce have developed this technology that can put a price tag to objects in the real world as well as give directions to where one can find the product. This product recognition technology can be compared to Shazam only that Shazam deals with music while this cutting edge tech deals with products and things.

Consumers can download mobile applications that are provided by Slyce as the tool to search for objects. It’s simple, just by using the phone’s camera to take a photo in the real world, say, a colorful leather handbag that has caught your eye, and let the app do the rest- show where you can find the bag, as well as the prices. Just by using that image, it determines the specific details that are unique to the product. It uses already available pictures on the database in a process that will narrow down to the specific details of the handbag. It narrows down the details, like for example, it identifies the shape and texture are specific to the handbag and not to another product like a shirt or pair of shoe; this application then builds a model of the commodity’s characteristics-the attribution model. The technology has been designed in a way that it would break down the details like the sewing on the handbag, the texture, the type of zip or button and finally give if not the exact object a similar to the particular product in question as well as prospecting retailer.

Slyce launched this product recognition technology on February of 2013. In January 2012, Cameron Chell and Erika Racicot, who are partners and co-founders of Slyce came up with this business after together founding the Instincts of the Business. Later on in 2013 February, after the inception of Slyce, they then launched the ultimate technology-the visual search and technology for image recognition.

After the launch of the Tech in February, the company had raised $6 million in financing by the end of 2013. This led the two partners to acquire Hovr a visual search technology. In the firm’s half year of 2014 since the launch of the tech, they had raised about $10.75 million. Slyce announced going public after a merging agreement with Oculus Ventures. By the end of 2014, Slyce had acquired BuyCode, a Tel Aviv based company. The BuyCode CEO and Drivetrain CEO later were absorbed by Slyce.

Is The Federal Reserve Going To Keep Interest Rates Down?

What is the current status of the Federal Reserve’s stance on interest rates? This question is one a host of economists have been asking. The Federal Reserve is slated to have a major meeting over what to do with interest rates. At one point, it was assumed that “the Fed” would opt to raise interest rates for the first time in a long time. Apparently, based on what the Wall Street Journal is reporting, a few private economists are making sounds that the Federal Reserve is probably going to keep interest rates at near record lows.

This would be very surprising news to be sure. Economists have fully been expecting the Federal Reserve to take action in the form of raising interest rates. Keeping the rates supremely low year after year did not seem like a truly viable strategy. Things have changed, however, in the form of the collapse of the Chinese market. Due to the terrible economic condition in China, economies all over the world have experience a rather unfortunate effect. Many economies are scrambling as a result. The United States is no exception to these problems.

Another issue has had a relatively negative effect on the United States economy. Wages have been fairly stagnant. Raising interest rates in this environment probably would be a bad idea. Doing so would further hamper the United States’ economy. With all this news now revealed, economists are noting that the Federal Reserve is likely to avoid raising the rates for the time being.

Should these economists be taken seriously about their opinion.

Serious economists such as Christian Broda on valuewalk are going to engage in very careful and deliberate thought before making any opinions public. He has worked in the private sector in economic-related capacities for many years. In addition, Broda has written on various economic topics in a number of respected journals. An economist of his caliber is the one worth listening to since theories are developed after serious consideration.

Whether or not these economists who are speaking in private are correct in their assessment will be revealed after the Federal Reserve conducts its meeting. Speculating is fine, but no one should assume anything other than the official word from the Fed is correct.

Until that time, it is intriguing to read what economists are saying in the news. The musings by these economists help gain a better understanding of how and why economic decisions are eventually made. Do not assume these matters fail to affect the average person. Everyone who is part of the economy feels the impact of the Fed’s decision.

New York Real Estate That is Luxurious

You can easily find a place to live with a little greenery in New York for about $500,000. On Staten Island you can find apartments that’s cleaner and greener than other areas of New York. They have many apartments with a terrace or a lawn. But is Staten Island the only borough with a patio and greenery for about $500,000? If you do enough searching, you can find many condos and coops for sale and other NYC apartments for rent. Manhattan, Brooklyn,Bronx and Queens also have apartments with outdoor space that are about $500,000 or less.

City Spire ,at 150 West 56th Street in Midtown Manhattan, is a triplex penthouse and has terraces on three levels.It has 3000 square feet of outdoor space . It cost about a $100 million. Similar apartments in Manhattan that have terraces are at Plaza Hotel ,Trump Park Avenue and 35 North Moore.They cost about $100 million as well .The average apartment price is about 1.87 million. That comes from a report that was made in the second quarter of 2015.But you can still find some nice townhouses for about two hundred thousand. For example, the Penthouse D at 103 East 84th Street.

In Brooklyn you can find a good number of apartment with space and gardens. No. 2 at 268 Berkeley Place in Park Slope has a garden with Japanese designs,and a brick path. The unit is listed for $435000 . With so many details in this apartment, you can see it as a private retreat. In Brooklyn , you won’t see greenery in low priced apartments.

In the Bronx you can get a balcony with a view, and apartments that are less than $500,000 is still possible to find.For example, Edmond Lee, a 17-story co-op at 3135 Johnson Avenue is a tall building with a lot of terrace. Another apartment to look at is Apartment 16G. It costs $324,900 apartment and you can have a view of green hills. http://www.nytimes.com/2015/08/30/realestate/finding-a-little-greenery-in-new-york-for-500000-or-less.html

If you need any help when it comes to Real Estate in New York you should check out Town Real Estate . Town Real Estate has the leading real estate services in the New York area. It was founded in 2010 and was created by Andrew Heiberger. They specialize in mostly residential sales ,marketing,and the leasing of property developments. They have established a new standard of what is excellence in the real estate industry. Town Real Estate is seen as a industry leader. They give a high level of service to their clients. http://www.townrealestate.com/

Slyce Looking to Revolutionize the Online Shopping World

Slyce is a company that builds image recognition technology. The company is hoping to surpass Amazon Flow in the image recognition business. For those who are not aware, Amazon Flow is a mobile app that uses product recognition to allow users to take a picture of an item and instantly pull up that item on Amazon to compare prices. Slyce is hoping to hone that ability and become the latest and greatest image recognition technology for companies other than Amazon.

The company out of Toronto claims to work even better than Amazon Flow. Where Amazon relies heavily on logos and bar codes to identify products, Slyce can identify a product that is not in its packaging. According to the Slyce website, the company not only offers “snap to buy” technology, but also can offer similar products with its “visual relevancy engine.” The goal of Slyce is to identify all products with just a photo. The photo can be of the product itself or from a photo seen on social media sites such as Instagram or Facebook. Say a
Facebook users sees a photo of a friend and really admires the purse she is carrying. All she would have to do is put the photo in the Slyce app and it would bring up relevant purchase options that will be at least similar to the item if not exact matches. Not only can live pictures be detected with the app, but pictures of print media such as ads and billboards also work with the Slyce technology.

The company has experienced tremendous growth over the past year alone. A quarterly statement in June indicated the company has seen growth of 265 percent. Slyce already has contracts with major retailers including Neiman Marcus, JCPenny and Toys R Us. Slyce also powers another mobile app called Craves, which is more for boutique style shopping.

Slyce is revolutionizing the way people shop by taking peoples impulse likes and turning them into purchases. The app promises to increase earning potentials for all retailers that utilize their services.