Igor Cornelsen Can Provide Many Kinds Of Helpful Advice

When trying to make sense of the fiscal world, it often makes sense to have someone who can help. Both national and international markets can be highly confusing to the layperson who has little experience in this field. The layperson may not be aware of all the nuances of the international markets as well as the nuances of the national stock markets. Having someone who fully understands this process can be vital in order to help someone figure out what kind of investments are best for their specific needs. An effective form of help can result in many benefits. When working with a skilled investment adviser, it is vital to have someone who knows how to make sense of such investments and knows how to help any given person meet their own personal fiscal goals.

One investor who has been quite helpful to many people is investor Igor Cornelsen. Cornelsen knows that it is imperative to have someone who can provide highly skilled investment advice and help any investor discover the many kinds of investments that exist at the present time. The right kind of help will allow any given investor to be able to create a personalized investment plan on brandyourself.com that takes many factors into account including the investor’s tolerance for risk and their desired retirement date as ell as their own sense of the market.

Cornelsen understands many aspects of the market including that of markets in other parts of the world. His own personal background is that of Brazil, where he was born and spent most of his formative years. When he was living there, he learned that the markets in the region could be used to meet his own ends. He studied the markets closely to learn how he could best use them to his advantage. Since that time according to street.com, Cornelsen has enjoyed a great deal of fiscal success in the area of finance and accumulated a vast personal fortune along the way.

As a result of his efforts, many people have found his advice quite useful as they have attempted to make sense of the markets both in the United States and in Brazil as well. They know that they can count on his advice to help them figure out how best to work within the confines of the market here and get their personal needs met along the way. His sage understanding of the ways that the Brazilian markets work has been highly useful for those who seek out an investment in this part of the world. They have been found that an investment in Brazil, as he suggests, is ideal for anyone who needs to have a portfolio that is likely to continue to grow.

Jon Urbana Expands His Campaign’s Audience Through Videos

To reach more audience for his nonprofit-driven campaigns, Jon Urbana has been creating and uploading several videos to various online sites promoting on Facebook what he believes in. For instance, he had two videos uploaded online on his Vimeo channel calling on well-wishers to send in their donations that would go towards animal protection. In these videos, he is also directing viewers to the Crowdrise pages where they could drop their contributions. The videos give a total glimpse of the entire fundraiser and even point out who will be the beneficiaries of the donations as well as what use the funds will be put into, building donors trust through transparency.

Jon Urbana Photography from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

However, his videos aren’t only focused on contributions and charitable works; Jon is also interested in nature. He has several videos highlighting the beauty of Mother Nature. These concentrate on offering a glimpse of some of the extraordinary life forms supported by the environment or just some of the world’s most interesting features both natural and unnatural. Some of the most epic among these videos include one featuring a moose feeding on twigs on the green lands of Alaska. There is also another video that was first found on Urbana’s Tumblr presenting the viewer with an aerial view of the Great Wall of China as well as some exotic life forms of both birds and reptiles.

There have also been other videos about him from different individuals that believe in his course. These are either full of praises of what he is doing or just compliments of his work calling on more people to join in the course. One such video is a short sneak peek into his life, career, and philanthropy done by Walsh W. and posted on his Vimeo page. In this particular video, Welsh talks about Jon’s career as well as his role at the annual Next-Level Lacrosse camp in Colorado.

About Jon
Jon Urbana is a certified pilot and successful businessman hailing from Denver Colorado. He has had a long and successful career as the head of business development for Ellipse USA, a subsidiary of the laser technology company. Being a former lacrosse athlete, Jon also founded the annual next-level lacrosse training camp in Colorado that offers insights into the lacrosse game to young men wishing to engage in professional lacrosse games.

Soros says Trump is helping ISIS

Financial power broker Forbes billionaire George Soros, one of the world’s richest men, is not overly impressed with Donald Trump, the millionaire who is leading the race for the Republican party’s nomination to run for President. Soros, who made his fortune in international finance and understands world economy, said Trump is actually helping ISIS with his anti Muslim rhetoric.

Trump raised eyebrows recently when he suggested Muslims should have to wear badges, and be prevented from entering the United States. He has also played to the fears of the public by trying to paint all Muslims as terrorists.

George Soros said the terrorists thrive on fear, and when Trump spreads fear, he is playing into heir hands and doing exactly what they want him to do. He said the terrorists want the world to fear, and to be against them, and that is what Trump is helping them with. He said it helps terrorists recruit young Muslims when they feel that terrorism is the only thing they can do.

Soros also favors taking in immigrants who are fleeing from terrorists in their homeland of Syria and other Middle East countries, which is another thing Trump has opposed. Soros was born in Hungary and lived through Nazi occupation of his homeland in World War II. He moved to England after the war and went to school at the London School of Economics. He then moved to the United States in the early 50s and started his career in finance.

He later started an international finance hedge fund and has since become one of the wealthiest people in the world. Forbes Magazine has ranked him NO. 16 in its list of the most wealthy people in the world, with a fortune worth $24.4 billion. Trump also brags of his riches, but Forbes has him ranked at 121 with a fortune of $4.4 billion.

Soros has said he felt like he was a refugee when he was a young man. He said he appreciates the opportunities he had when he moved to the United States, adding that America was better to refugees and immigrants then than it is now.

While Soros realizes terrorism is a real threat, he thinks ISIS is on its last legs as a terrorist organization. He feels Iraqi and Syrian armies are making inroads and retaking lost ground, and that they will be overcome soon. He would like to see nations come together and come to grips with terrorism and find a good solution. Stirring up fear and demonizing Muslims is not a reasonable answer, he said, and that is actually make the problem worse. He urges Americans to ignore the “siren song” of Trump, as well as fellow Republican Ted Cruz who uses the same kinds of language.

Sanjay Shah and Autism Rocks

Reaching Out to Help Autism
Sanjay Shah is a compassionate hedge-fund manager. He is a kind person with the desire to contribute and help those who have been affected by autism. It was Snoop Dog, the well-known rapper, who reached out to Sanjay to help autism. Snoop Dog had actually come to the home of Sanjay Shah. This was a visitor who has proved to be compassionate. The rapper had suggested to that Sanjay use music and start a charity that would greatly benefit the cause of autism. Thus, Autism Rocks was born. It was a great idea to arrange gigs with superstars in order to raise money.Sanjay Shah and Solo Capital
Sanjay is the president and CEO of Solo Capital. This is a company that had started out in a small way. It was Shah who had taken the risk to start his own brokerage business. Solo Capital began in a small rented office with a few graduates and traders. They had promised to commit to this company for at least one year. They had all worked hard and the commitment proved to pay off. Solo Capital is now worth approximately 280 million dollars. The company has offices in London and Dubai. Shah has the time to focus on his philanthropic projects because he can take a back seat within the day-to-day running of Solo Capital.

Sanjay Shah and his Personal Charity
Sanjay Shah is confident that he can raise the needed funds for autism. This is through Autism Rocks. The private concerts that are held around the world may be the key to raising the funds that will foster research. This is an initiative that is bringing much needed awareness to autism. Autism Rocks is also celebrating individuals within the entire autism spectrum. This is a charity that is proud to serve and assist the community with necessary and needed funding.

You can follow them on LinkedIn.

George Soros, A Migrant Success Story Himself, Sees The Need For Benevolence For The Current Migrant Crisis

George Soros knows the impact a massive displacement of people might have on an economy. Not only does he have personal experience as a migrant, he is one of the world’s most renowned sources of economic knowledge. That’s why he is quoted on FX Street as saying that the European Union is “on the verge of collapse” due to the latest migrant crisis of displaced peoples from war-torn Syria and other parts of the Middle East. Already 1 million refugees from Syria and other parts of the Middle East have landed on the European mainland, and they are coming at a rate in which the economy of the European Union cannot handle.

Soros is calling for the European Union to work together, to actually act as a union concerning this migrant issue. Otherwise, if one of the European Union countries goes down financially because of an influx of migrants, all the other European Union countries will either have to bail that country out or feel an impressive negative economic impact. And when the ship starts to go down because of a lack of leadership and teamwork between European Union countries concerning this migrant issue, countries will start to leave the European Union and what was once a strong coalition will be no more. Soros is right in saying that the European Union is on the verge of collapse.

Without a universal migrant policy between union countries, migrants may continue pouring into the European mainland at an unsustainable pace. The European Union countries need strong leadership in order to forge a policy that will allow migrants to come into Europe and integrate into society for a positive economic impact at a rate in which the economy of the European Union can sustain. George Soros, the former Jewish migrant from Nazi Germany’s rule and current billionaire, points at Germany is the key to the European Union success through this crisis.

Recently, Chancellor Angela Merkel has announced an open door policy almost 1 million refugees, and the German people as a whole are not in favor of this policy. Soros says the German people must embrace these refugees in order to save the European Union. The people of Germany must realize that they are now the most powerful country in Europe and they must start behaving accordingly by accepting responsibility.

Throughout history people have viewed migrants and refugees negatively, and this recent crisis is just history repeating itself. But George Soros as a teenager was a migrant himself, fleeing the brutal regime of Nazi occupation in his hometown of Budapest, Hungary. The Nazis forced a young Soros, from an unobservant Jewish family, to check in daily and did not allow him to attend school.

This kind of oppression inspired the Soros family to flee Budapest at the end of World War II. The young George Soros helped his family taking jobs at the railroad and in restaurants while graduating from the London School of Economics. George Soros the migrant would eventually turn it to George Soros the billionaire, and he would pay his good fortune forward by giving away over $11 billion to date.

George Soros and the Current Financial Markets


In a recent article with Bloomberg, George Soros said that he thinks the current financial markets around the world are in for a downturn. There are many things about the current market that signal a lot of weakness. For example, there has been a lot of weakness coming out of China. Anyone who is looking to invest in the financial markets needs to make sure they are thinking long term. The markets in that country have had to be turned off before because they are going down so fast. There are also a lot of things domestically in the United States that signal trouble. Here are some of the biggest reasons that George Soros is bearish on the financial position of the world.


China has been one of the fastest growing economies in the world for the past several years. However, there is a lot of evidence to suggest that China and its growth are slowing. There are many investors who are looking to invest in China. However, this has a lot of consequences for anyone who is interested in earning a high return over the long term. George Soros says that he would stay away from nations like China. There are many people in that country that try to make their financial markets look better than they actually area. George Soros wants to invest in areas that he is confident in over a long period of time. This is not one of those areas.

Student Debt

Student loans are another huge program being faced by the economy. There are millions of students who have borrowed money to go to school. Although this sounds like a good investment, there are many students who now regret going to school because they cannot afford the debt on their school. These high monthly payments can really eat into the cash flow of a person who is trying to save money. To make matters worse, there is a really soft job market right now for college graduates. This has created a situation where students are unable to work to pay for the student loans they took on in order to get a better job. This entire cycle is something that is simply not sustainable. George Soros believes that this will be a drag on the economy of the developed world for many years to come.


George Soros has made many predictions over the years about the economy. One of the most common is that the economy is coming to an end. However, this year he predicted that the economy would look a lot like 2008. There are a lot of people who are worried about the current state of finances around the world. If you are someone who invests in the financial markets, it is important to look at what George Soros has to say. Over the years, he is a good source of information on various economic conditions around the world financially.

The Amazing Success of Crystal Hunt and One Life to Live

Soap Operas have been some of the most popular television shows for quite some time. There are many different characters and stories that viewers can really get into. The drama between characters is a main factor for why so many individuals get so involved in watching these TV shows. One Life to Live is a show that has been becoming more and more popular as the time goes on. This show focuses heavily on the character development before the drama happens. This is one reason why this show has done so well in the soap opera market.

Crystal Hunt was a leading character on this show that gave a large amount to this show’s success. Her involvement in this show helped to create the cult following that it now has today. Crystal Hunt had a keen sense of acting and would bring her talent to the screen with One Life to Live. Crystal Hunt has had a great deal of success in her career, evidenced by Crunchbase and the roles she’s had, and is very well known for the dramatic roles that she chooses to play. Her career is only continuing to grow at a rapid pace.

She’s come a long way, and Wikipedia is a great example of how far she’s come.  For example, at the early age of 2 years old Crystal Hunt began to enter pageants. She was very used to performing from a very early age. She appeared in many large commercials until she landed her first soap opera role in 2003. She has continued on to create an amazing legacy for herself in acting, winning many awards and being cast in many great roles. She has also tried her hand in businesses by opening a luxury dog kennel. This goes to show how versatile Crystal Hunt is. Her contribution to the world of Soap Operas is amazing when you look back at all the great roles that she has had in the past.  Follow Crystal on Facebook to continue following her career.

Apollo and His Siblings Will Only Eat Beneful

I have a Newfoundland named Apollo. Apollo is a very big dog and he needs all of his nutrients. He is not very active because he is so big, but he sometimes has had a hard time being able to get all his nutrients. I have had to switch Apollo’s food quite a few times due to the nutrients in the food not meeting his needs. I ended up putting Apollo on Beneful originals dry dog food because Beneful seemed like the right brand to put your dog on when you need a brand that has nutrients in it. It was fairly reasonable when it came to price which was good because Apollo is not my only Newfoundland and all my other dogs are on Beneful healthy weight food because they used to overeat. All the other Newfoundland’s were on Beneful healthy puppy dog food, but Apollo was not because I thought I would try something different for no particular reason. It was a big mistake because it caused Apollo to not get enough nutrients. So I am glad that I have now switched him to Beneful originals because ever since I did, he has been getting all the nutrients he needs. Beneful has done a lot for my dogs and has made them strong and healthy. I don’t know what I would do if Beneful did not exist. Especially because the Newfoundlands are addicted to Beneful healthy smile dental twists. They make their teeth super clean and their breath smell better so I don’t have to deal with stinky dog breath all the time and for them they just flat out taste good. If you have Newfoundlands you should probably put them on Beneful because it is one of the best dog foods out there and is literally the perfect fit for my dogs.

Getting a Dog? Beneful Has An Option for You

When I was looking through dog food options I came across one name over and over. Beneful is both delicious and packed full of nutrients and has an absolute ton of different options from which to choose. Of course, there are others to check out as well but what follows are the top five in my opinion.

There are dry food offerings for a puppy but for a wet food to serve a couple times a week the tastiest and possibly most convenient option are the Beneful Prepared Meals. Filled with pieces of real, juicy meat and yummy vegetables this is guaranteed to please even the pickiest pup. If you have a small breed or are merely mixing a bit of the wet food in with some dry food, it is incredibly convenient as the package is resealable.

Adult dogs may like a wet food treat as well and if so the Tuscan Style Medley should please. It has a great texture to shake things up and touts that it is great for mixing in with dry food, as many dog experts agree is best when serving wet food.

For the basic standard in dog fare I found the Original Recipe to be the best. Made in the USA, it is 100% balanced in its nutrition. It comes with a few different shapes and textures to capture the dog’s interest and has real beef which is a bonus when thinking about feeding a dog a natural diet.

Nowadays it is easy for both dogs and humans to run into a bit of a weight problem. If that’s the case, Beneful has an answer in their Healthy Weight Formula. Filled with chicken, rice, and soy it comes in at 10% less calories than the Original Formula. There are six unique shapes in the food which will give a dog the variety it craves.

Finally, there’s the Playful Life food. I prefer a dog with a bit of energy to join me on a run or just walking around in the city. It takes a lot of fuel to spend long days at festivals or to keep up on early morning runs for which Playful Life is perfect. The beef and egg formula makes for a protein packed food source that will keep a pup’s energy levels up.

All in all, Beneful according to wikipedia has an option for every type of dog.


The Benefits Of Renting An Apartment When Visiting London

Are you planning on going to London for a vacation? If you are, then consider renting an apartment. The benefits of renting an apartment when visiting London include:

Various Sizes And For Various Budgets
Renting an apartment in London is a way to get exactly what you want in terms of the size of the accommodation and your budget. For example, you might be planning to spend weeks at a time in London, therefore staying in a luxury apartment may be ideal. Using London Escape allows you to search for apartments of various sizes and ones that fall within your budget. You can find the perfect London apartment at the perfect price.

Get Around London Easier
Staying in an apartment allows you to get around London easier. This is because there are more apartments for rent than there are hotels, therefore finding an apartment in the part of London you want to stay in is easier. For example, you can choose to stay at an apartment in an area where there are no hotels, and you will be able to enjoy what the surrounding area offers. Some hotels may be sold out in the busier sections of London, but usually you can find many apartments available to rent.

Comfort And Privacy
Perhaps the best thing about renting an apartment while visiting London is the comfort and privacy you get. Hotels offer you privacy to an extent, but you get the most privacy when you rent an apartment. You can use London Escape to find the perfect apartment by entering criteria, and then the site will return results based on your criteria.

You can visit London Escape to find apartments available to rent. All you have to do is enter the dates you want to stay, and any extras you want and you will be shown apartments that match your criteria.