Slash Talks The Problem With New Rock Music

New rock hasn’t produced a great band in some time. The last period of innovation for the genre was in the early 00’s, with most of it having washed out by the end of the 90s. Unfortunate, because it’s such a great genre of music, and has produced countless unforgettable albums, songs, and feats of artistry. A big reason why Igor Cornelsen and I don’t even turn on the radio anymore. All about the iPhone when I’m in the car.

But, even guitar legend Slash admits that the genre is suffering. Speaking to he said:

“One of the things about rock ‘n’ roll at this particular point is that it has become very safe and predictable. I miss that element of pushing the envelope. But at the same time, in other genres, I have seen that. There’s a Lil’ Jon video and it’s the most hardcore, suggestive video… it’s beyond suggestive.”

But maybe Slash can help things turn around, with his new album “World on Fire” which is slated for release soon. Featuring the talents of Myles Kennedy, hopefully it can reignite that old rock flair, and remind us what it meant to go see a good rock band live.

Foo Fighters Cover War Pigs With Zac Brown on Letterman

The Foo Fighters are one of the greatest modern rock bands, and are only getting better. But this cover of “War Pigs” with Zac Brown was absolutely brilliant. Such a classic metal song, given the proper treatment by an immensely talented band.

Really impressive from Zac Brown too, a country music star, who totally nails the signature sound that Black Sabbath was known for. You have to see the video below. Thanks to my FreedomPop 4G for allowing me to watch this morning on the bus haha: