How TOWN Residential Comes to Rescue for New York Residents

When I got a job offer in the New York area I was a little hesitant about making that move. I was nervous about moving from a small town to a big city. I was uncomfortable about the process of looking for a place to live. There were so many unknowns and I didn’t have a lot of time. That is when someone from my job referred me to TOWN Residential. This is a NYC real estate company that helped me in my time of need. I was moving to the Manhattan area, but I didn’t know that Manhattan was broken up into so many neighborhoods. It was through TOWN Residential that I would discover the perfect place to call home.

What I decided to do was contact TOWN Residential and take a look at the places that were available in the West Village. I also made my way to Tribeca. The agents at TOWN Residential were very helpful. They helped me pinpoint apartments that would be close to my job. They also told me about the apartments that would be close to entertainment venues. I talked to one agent that recommended some restaurants that I should try since I was looking for apartments in the SoHo area. This company was so helpful. It was great to have this type of aid because I just do not see how I could have done it without their help.

New York seems rather small on a map. In real life the city is grand. There are lofts that were once old buildings. Some of these lofts have amazing views. I found that there were apartments that were in walking distance to great restaurants. I was just overwhelmed when I first arrived in the city, but I believe that TOWN Residential has made it easier for me to make that leap of faith. I don’t doubt that my job will be a challenge, but at least I am in an apartment that I love.

I would encourage anyone that is new to the city of New York to get with TOWN Residential. I don’t know what the other real estate development companies are doing, but these professionals at TOWN Residential are on the job. They even know about new developments that have not come to fruition yet. That is the best thing about working with this company when it comes to finding an apartment. They have the inside track. I love the staff because they are friendly and energetic. They know about the city. They aren’t just reading something out of an apartment guide. They actually know the vibe of the different neighborhoods. This makes all the difference for newcomers like myself.

The Law Offices of Dan Newlin Brief

Dan Newlin is a man who had always had a large interest in law enforcement and began to do anything he could to get his foot in the door. He made a few friends in law enforcement and went to school which helped him get enough creditably. Newlin finished his first degree before he was 20 years old and quickly started his career in the law enforcement field. His dedication to his studies allowed him to rise in the ranks quickly and gave Newlin the opportunity to work for several different law enforcement organizations over the years including the New Chicago Police and Fire Department. He spent many years in Illinois but eventually moved to Florida, once he was hired as to work in the Sheriff’s Office in Orange County, to continue his work in his chosen field. this was the first time Dan Newlin would work with more serious crimes such as homicide and narcotics. This did not dissuade him and eventually he was promoted and became a detective in the Fugitive Division where he handled dangerous fugitives on a daily basis.

Newlin remained a Detective for ten year before leaving the law enforcement field, having earned a metal from the United States Marshall’s Office and the title of Sheriff’s Detective. He decided to go back to school to become an attorney in 1997 and was able to become a student as Florida State College of Law. It only took him three years to graduate from the school and earn the necessary requirements to acts as a fully licensed attorney. Dan Newlin just had to fill out a few pieces of paperwork to act within certain states and within a few months he had chosen Illinois and Florida to be the cities where his two law offices would be based. It wasn’t hard attracting partners to join his company of The Law Offices of Dan Newlin, his many years of service and dedication to the field made him a well known name. Dan Newlin was also written about by

Since The Law Offices of Dan Newlin was founded the law firm has been able to recover more than $150 million for their clients. The company handles many different cases but focuses primarily on injury cases whether they be personal, vehicle, or medical. They have only recently added attorneys that deal with people who have been accused of an offence wrongfully. To compete with other law firms The Law Offices of Dan Newlin offer their clients a free consultation. The company at both locations quickly rose due to their ability to quickly handle a variety of legal problems while also caring for the clients hiring them. This has earned The Law Offices of Dan Newlin the “Super Lawyer Law Firm” title as well as numerous other awards.

Squaw Valley Ski Resort :An American Skiing Legacy Site


Anyone who has ever been to Squaw Valley Ski in Olympic Valley, California, will say one thing about their experience- the powder on the mountains is among the best on earth. Soft powder and wet snow through the Donner Pass make Squaw Valley Ski a great and challenging ski resort any snow adventurist will love. With an annual average of 450 inches of the white substance a year, the snow is just one of the many perks this upscale ski resort has to offer.

CEO of the resort, Andy Wirth, ensures that the mountains have plenty of snow for enjoyment each ski season. Squaw Valley Ski prides itself on its customer services and fabulous amenities, including lodging and other entertainment. Guests can marvel at the beautiful lodge, ample (and various) levels of ski hills, and the friendly atmosphere Squaw Valley Ski is known for. Families and individual skiers alike can enjoy a day of fun and challenging adventure at this beautiful resort. If they’d like, they can enjoy staying at the many lodging facilities in the resort as part of a package deal with their ski pass.

Another thing fans of Squaw Valley Ski can rave about is the gorgeous view of Lake Tahoe itself. Those who love the outdoors just as much as they love snow sports can take advantage of beauteous scenery they will find nowhere else. With 6,000 acres to ski on, it can take a person days to discover all the beautiful wildlife and scenery this area has to offer.

Squaw Valley Ski has it all- wonderful lodging, friendly and encouraging staff, and lots and lots of snow to play on. Whether a person is a brand-new skier just getting the hang of this winter sport or an expert who loves a heart-stopping challenge, Squaw Valley Ski has something for everyone to enjoy.

The Mind of An Art Collector

It may be something in the human psyche that compels us to collect things. Some people amass enormous collections of matchbooks, others collect butterfly trinkets, barbed wire, baseball cards, and some collect art. Each collector has their own reason for collecting what they do, and there are almost as many motivations to collect as collectors, and the reasons are not mutually exclusive. Some collect to expand their social circles, others for pure amusement and some as an investment. The most common trait is that each collector feels some attachment and appreciation for their collections.

A collection is more than just simply a bunch of things gathered together. A true collection is an assembly of items where each individual piece contributes to a meaningful whole. This is easy to understand when collecting a set of baseball cards for example. The baseball card collector may be on a mission to assemble a trading card for every New York Yankee player from the inception of the club to present, or a butterfly collector seeking to add an individual specimen for every known species in a certain habitat. However, when dealing with more unrelated collections the theme can be a little harder to discern.

Art collections can be an example of this. Some collectors do specialize in collecting certain artists’, or certain periods, but others curate collections that span both and sometimes even cross genres to make a collection that speaks to a larger theme. Each piece they acquire fits into the whole like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. It takes a shrewd and intelligent collector to skillfully curate different pieces that all speak with one overarching message. Here, Adam Sender was discussed in a Business Insider article.

One of the more interesting of the new art collectors is Adam Sender. Not even 50 years old, Sender has put together an art collection of over a thousand pieces and has been valued in the millions. Being a hedge fund manager, Sender has been fortunate to be able to invest in art at a pace few others could keep up with. He describes himself not as a chaser of art, but a pursuer of great art. He tends to have a special affinity for women artist, but also collects pieces from up and coming artists of all genders.

Sender works out of SoHo New York office overseeing the day to day affairs of his company Exis Capital. The loft office is filled with pieces from his collection including paintings and photographs. Sotheby’s has been commissioned to sell a number of his pieces, and Sender is passionate about loaning a portion of his collection to museums and galleries all while continuing to add to his collection. While his collection may end up in a permanent exhibition, Sender prefers to use pop-up temporary exhibits for now.

The fate of the dollar in the minds of the economist

An economist is a professional in the discipline of economics.They study and apply theories and concepts involving analytical methods to determine the best economic policies in a particular field of study.Whether this includes academia,government,or the private sector the economist is responsible for providing the best assessments in economic activity,confidence levels,and consumer attitudes.These assessments are then used to determine the best recommendations on how to improve the efficiency of a particular economic system or to take advantage of current and future trends.The study of history’s past trends to forecast future economical outlooks plays a key role in this.
But are these shrewd perceptive minds possessed of enough acumen to accurately predict America’s rise from it’s current currency woes,or it’s removal from the high stage of economic dominance?
In 1924 John Maynard Keynes wrote an intellectually conceptualized obituary for his former mentor,Alfred Marshall.
In this piece of work Keynes outlines his best preferred features and characteristics of an ideal economist.In summarizing,he assesses the study of economics as seemingly not requiring any special gifts of high order.Even asking if the subject of economics is intellectually less demanding than other branches of philosophy or pure science,and yet so few seem to excel at it.He further postulates that the master of economics must utilize a combination of gifts to elevate contemplations of the particular and abstract,and the general and concrete,all at once bringing the light of the past for the determination of the future.
So is all this study of the production and distribution of resources,goods,and services by collecting and evaluating economic issues reliably predicting our economic future?Are we still in crisis or in demand?
Former Professor of Economics at the University of Chicago and current Managing Director at Duquesne Capital Management,Christian Broda,in 2009,published a white paper with fellow economist Ethan Harris,that accurately predicted that even after quantitative easing began,inflation would remain low for much longer than was being cited by others,and for the past four years has remained under that 5% outlook.
And while the World Bank’s former chief economist,Justin Yifu Lin,has recently advocated for replacing the dollar with a single,global currency,economist such as Christian Broda and Eswar S. Prasad have rejected the concept,believing it will be difficult to uproot the current dollar driven system.
But this forecast is by economist and bestselling author Jim Rickards.He believes the dollar is already on life-support and that the next financial collapse will be unlike anything previously experienced,noting the collapse of the international monetary system three times in the last 100 years.And he is not alone.So who do we trust now?

Jamie Garcia Dias and the rising interest in Brazilian Writers

Brazilian writers have an extensive past from the time when the country gained its independence. The diverse mix of its society is reflected in the blend of the inspirations that show in its prose. Its reach can be felt all the way to modern-day Brazil. This just shows in the rising power in economics as well as cultural influence they are beginning to exert. Brazil is one of the largest countries on the planet with a population of over 200 million. They have an eclectic mix of cultures and traditions. Recently there has been an upsurge in translations of native authors bringing the work of Brazilian writers to a broader audience. Brazil is taking a more active approach in not only putting forward their writing endeavors but also in translating said works in the world at large. Brazil is now exporting their literature. Sending authors and publishers to international book fairs has been taking place for many years. Now the government is backing their people to help them make the most out of a broadened customer base to increase interest worldwide. Jaime Garcia Dias (YouTube)  is an ABC Award of Brazil winner. At only 45 with twenty books already published he may even become prolific. The writer was born in Rio de Janeiro. He is the son of the writer Arnaldo Dias the writer and journalist who mentored his son and led him to becoming an author himself. Jaime Garcia Dias taught at the Carioca Literature Academy for five years trying to share his enthusiasm for writing with others who wanted to go into writing. In 2001 He won the Garça Branca award, which is known for bringing out new authors in Brazilian literature. Garça Branca publishers then printed his books for a larger market. Mr. Dias novel sold all over South America, even been commented on at the 2003 Latinos Books Meeting by writer Joshua Gomez. In 2007 Dias (Pinterest) became the new head of the academy. Carioca Literature Academy became a major front runner for journalistic literature. It is now thought to be one of the schools most devoted to Brazilian authors. Since then he has won five more awards and some think of him as one of the top writers of fiction in Brazil. In 2013 Mr. Dias wrote an article for the Journal of Brazil became a weekly article that he has written for two years. He is now publishing a compilation of that work which he considers homage to his father who was an author and journalist himself. Dias and his fellow writers are showing the world aspects of Brazilian life that other countries do not know.Finally giving the global community an inside look at these Authors.

FreedomPop Taking Mobile Wireless Services by Storm

FreedomPop is looking to take control of the wireless industry by offering customers with deals they simply are not able to find anywhere else. The company strives to provide the very best services and, in many cases, free services to its customers. For clients who do not need much in way of text, talk or data, they can receive plans of 300 minutes, 300 text messages and 300 MB of data for free, with add on packages costing not much at all. For customers who are completely tired of having to pay an arm and a leg for traditional mobile wireless services, they are finally able to save money with the help of FreedomPop.

There are many different ways FreedomPop is looking to improve the world of wireless. For individuals who like the service option of FreedomPop but find the limited 300 text/talk/data service is not extensive enough, the company also provides $20 for an unlimited everything plan. This is unlimited talking and text and one GB of data a month. While it might not offer as much data as other plans (more data can be purchased), the fact that is such a limited cost is far and away less expensive than any other service provider out there.

FreedomPop is not just for mobile phones though. The company is also bringing the service for data and voice to tablets as well. Many modern tablets have a cellular equipped feature built right into the device. For those who want to talk on their tablet or use the Internet functionality of the device, they can do exactly this with the help of FreedomPop. Clients who use the service (there is never a contract, it is pay by the month) can either combine their mobile phone and tablet into a single, individual plan, or they can opt in for different phone numbers and different services for each of their device. Plus, this is not just available for the United States. FreedomPop is moving over to the UK in the next month or so. This way, customers are able to not only receive the discounted (or free) service form the company in the UK, but with the free international calling to 60 countries, it is a great way to save money for those who travel. Plus, the company is working on a new roaming SIM card that makes it possible to travel to over a dozen different countries without being charged a roaming fee at all. This is great news for travelers who want to stay in touch with friends back home but just don’t have the money to pay for the minutes.

Also, for those individuals who are worried about privacy issues, especially with the latest problems many of the larger carriers have run into, FreedomPop has smart phones that keep all of the calls and data private, so it is not possible for the information to be syphoned off or removed from the device without the individual knowing about it.

Getting The Best Food For Your Dog

All dog owners want the best for their dogs. This would include the type of dog food and snacks they give to their furry friends.

Besides making sure their dog gets enough exercise for the age of the dog, they also want to make sure the food is right for their dog. The right kind of food would depend on the age and size of their dog. There are different types of nutritional value in the food for the different ages and sizes.

The dog snacks available are made to help get tarter off the dogs teeth. Some will also help freshen the dogs breathe. Just like dog food, the dog snacks will come in different textures and tastes.

When looking for the right food and snacks for their dog, they should look at the nutritional value on the side of the bag or can. It will also include what the food and snack is made of. Beneful on is one brand of dog food and snacks available. Beneful will list the ingredients on their food and snacks. This will help to make sure the dogs are getting the right food and snacks for their age and size.

Viral Videos Increase Sales of Worthless Products

When someone comes up with the idea for an invention that they think could actually be something big, they work on that invention and then they put it out there to the public. When someone has an idea for an invention that is new and different, they develop that invention and see just what they can do with it. James Dondero on an interview said “those kinds of inventions are not always something that will truly be useful, and they are not always something that is worthwhile, but they are something that one individual feels passionate about and develops”.

What happens with the invented item that no one really wants? That depends on the type of advertising that is used. One man create a product for washing pets that ended up going viral. This product was a worthless item, but it sold like crazy. This man became successful simply because he knew how to create a viral video and how to get his product out to the public. Viral videos can help worthless products become something that everyone longs for, and they can be the best form of advertising for some inventors.

Purina PetCare – Caring About Our Pets

Given the number of pet food products on the market, it is easy to get lost in all the hype and marketing that comes with such a multiple billion dollar a year industry. However, one of the leaders in the pet food market is taking their commitment to pet care seriously. Nestle Purina Petcare is the largest pet food supplier in the United States, producing such brands as Beneful, Friskies, Purina and more. Nestle Petcare, a division of Nestle, does more than just make food for pets. Over the years they have instituted several programs to further pet adoption, pet acceptance, prevent animal cruelty and to promote the general health of all pets.

One of the more popular programs implemented by Nestle PetCare is the pet adoption website PetFinder has been responsible for thousands of pet adoptions to good homes across the country. In addition, I saw it on the Purina Newscenter that they are celebrating and encouraging celebration of “Take Your Pet To Work Day”. This program has shown the benefits of allowing pet owners to take their pet to work to demonstrate the increase in productivity and comfort that pets can bring to a professional work environment.

In addition to the above programs, Nestle PetCare has spent millions over the years in building bridges between pets and their owners by sponsoring numerous charity events, donating money to popular pet charities and pushing for a ban on animal cruelty. They have also released a pet app for phones to find pet friendly locations. All of which are dedicated to helping pets and their owners and in turn generating goodwill among the consumer.

Nestle PetCare goes beyond just caring for pets. Nestle PetCare has won several awards as a fully sustainable company that is committed to protecting the environment. Either through environmentally friendly farming techniques to green manufacturing technologies. Netsle PetCare cares not only about pets but for the environment in which they live. Very few other pet care companies take the time, money and effort to go the extra mile as Nestle PetCare does.