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Monthly Archives : November 11, 2014

Celebrating Success with Coldplay

Coldplay / November 11, 2014 / 1 Comment

A black-and-white music video that has quickly become a major success on Youtube was recently released in honor of the war veterans of World War I. The group had been fairly quiet as of late, but they haven’t taken long to return. The music video, entitled “All Your Friends”, is a part of their new album the Ghost Stories as a bonus music track. The video was presented to recollect the hardships and sacrifices of World War I veterans who will be honoured on November 11 – United Kingdom’s Poppy Day or Remembrance Day. Chris Martin, together with his bandmates, featured a slow song within a black-and-white background of fighter …..

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Eddie Vedder Keeps 22 Year Old Promise to Fan

At The Show / November 7, 2014 / 1 Comment

Upon attending Pearl Jam’s Fall Tour kickoff at US Bank Arena in Cincinnati, Ohio, you would hear a long story from frontman Eddie Vedder about his past experience in that town. It had been over twenty years since Pearl Jam had played live in Cincinnati, where they performed at the small venue Bogart’s. Vedder told the story of a fan outside of the venue who “bogarted” a marijuana joint from him. He spoke of seeing the movie Wayne’s World upon theatrical release where he ran into the same Bogart fan at the theater, Joe Wolfe. Wolfe requested a photo with Vedder and Vedder refused the photo at the time and …..

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Johnny Depp and Marilyn Manson Rock It On Halloween

Manson / November 3, 2014 / 1 Comment

Just when you thought Johnny Depp, Tim Burton’s favorite guy, couldn’t be any more charismatic, out he comes with his guitar and riffs people into insanity. Going full-on rock star at the Halloween concert of Marilyn Manson, people who were initially disconcerted at seeing Depp on stage were soon put at ease – he knows how to handle a guitar better than most actor-turned-guitarists, a credit to how much he practices, putting longtime guitar players like Jared well to shame. Marilyn Manson can be a shocking experience for first timers but Depp looked completely at ease with his rock-star attitude. This isn’t Depp’s first time in a concert either. He …..

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