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Monthly Archives : July 29, 2015

Jamie Garcia Dias and the rising interest in Brazilian Writers

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Brazilian writers have an extensive past from the time when the country gained its independence. The diverse mix of its society is reflected in the blend of the inspirations that show in its prose. Its reach can be felt all the way to modern-day Brazil. This just shows in the rising power in economics as well as cultural influence they are beginning to exert. Brazil is one of the largest countries on the planet with a population of over 200 million. They have an eclectic mix of cultures and traditions. Recently there has been an upsurge in translations of native authors bringing the work of Brazilian writers to a broader …..

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FreedomPop Taking Mobile Wireless Services by Storm

Doing It RightMobile News / July 28, 2015 / No Comments

FreedomPop is looking to take control of the wireless industry by offering customers with deals they simply are not able to find anywhere else. The company strives to provide the very best services and, in many cases, free services to its customers. For clients who do not need much in way of text, talk or data, they can receive plans of 300 minutes, 300 text messages and 300 MB of data for free, with add on packages costing not much at all. For customers who are completely tired of having to pay an arm and a leg for traditional mobile wireless services, they are finally able to save money with …..

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Getting The Best Food For Your Dog

Dog Food / July 28, 2015 / 1 Comment

All dog owners want the best for their dogs. This would include the type of dog food and snacks they give to their furry friends. Besides making sure their dog gets enough exercise for the age of the dog, they also want to make sure the food is right for their dog. The right kind of food would depend on the age and size of their dog. There are different types of nutritional value in the food for the different ages and sizes. The dog snacks available are made to help get tarter off the dogs teeth. Some will also help freshen the dogs breathe. Just like dog food, the …..

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Viral Videos Increase Sales of Worthless Products

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When someone comes up with the idea for an invention that they think could actually be something big, they work on that invention and then they put it out there to the public. When someone has an idea for an invention that is new and different, they develop that invention and see just what they can do with it. James Dondero on an interview said “those kinds of inventions are not always something that will truly be useful, and they are not always something that is worthwhile, but they are something that one individual feels passionate about and develops”. What happens with the invented item that no one really wants? …..

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Purina PetCare – Caring About Our Pets

NewsOne For The Pets / July 14, 2015 / 1 Comment

Given the number of pet food products on the market, it is easy to get lost in all the hype and marketing that comes with such a multiple billion dollar a year industry. However, one of the leaders in the pet food market is taking their commitment to pet care seriously. Nestle Purina Petcare is the largest pet food supplier in the United States, producing such brands as Beneful, Friskies, Purina and more. Nestle Petcare, a division of Nestle, does more than just make food for pets. Over the years they have instituted several programs to further pet adoption, pet acceptance, prevent animal cruelty and to promote the general health …..

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