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Monthly Archives : August 26, 2015

How TOWN Residential Comes to Rescue for New York Residents

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When I got a job offer in the New York area I was a little hesitant about making that move. I was nervous about moving from a small town to a big city. I was uncomfortable about the process of looking for a place to live. There were so many unknowns and I didn’t have a lot of time. That is when someone from my job referred me to TOWN Residential. This is a NYC real estate company that helped me in my time of need. I was moving to the Manhattan area, but I didn’t know that Manhattan was broken up into so many neighborhoods. It was through TOWN …..

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The Law Offices of Dan Newlin Brief

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Dan Newlin is a man who had always had a large interest in law enforcement and began to do anything he could to get his foot in the door. He made a few friends in law enforcement and went to school which helped him get enough creditably. Newlin finished his first degree before he was 20 years old and quickly started his career in the law enforcement field. His dedication to his studies allowed him to rise in the ranks quickly and gave Newlin the opportunity to work for several different law enforcement organizations over the years including the New Chicago Police and Fire Department. He spent many years in …..

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Squaw Valley Ski Resort :An American Skiing Legacy Site

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  Anyone who has ever been to Squaw Valley Ski in Olympic Valley, California, will say one thing about their experience- the powder on the mountains is among the best on earth. Soft powder and wet snow through the Donner Pass make Squaw Valley Ski a great and challenging ski resort any snow adventurist will love. With an annual average of 450 inches of the white substance a year, the snow is just one of the many perks this upscale ski resort has to offer. CEO of the resort, Andy Wirth, ensures that the mountains have plenty of snow for enjoyment each ski season. Squaw Valley Ski prides itself on …..

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The Mind of An Art Collector

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It may be something in the human psyche that compels us to collect things. Some people amass enormous collections of matchbooks, others collect butterfly trinkets, barbed wire, baseball cards, and some collect art. Each collector has their own reason for collecting what they do, and there are almost as many motivations to collect as collectors, and the reasons are not mutually exclusive. Some collect to expand their social circles, others for pure amusement and some as an investment. The most common trait is that each collector feels some attachment and appreciation for their collections. A collection is more than just simply a bunch of things gathered together. A true collection …..

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The fate of the dollar in the minds of the economist

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An economist is a professional in the discipline of economics.They study and apply theories and concepts involving analytical methods to determine the best economic policies in a particular field of study.Whether this includes academia,government,or the private sector the economist is responsible for providing the best assessments in economic activity,confidence levels,and consumer attitudes.These assessments are then used to determine the best recommendations on how to improve the efficiency of a particular economic system or to take advantage of current and future trends.The study of history’s past trends to forecast future economical outlooks plays a key role in this. But are these shrewd perceptive minds possessed of enough acumen to accurately predict …..

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