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Monthly Archives : September 27, 2015

How Doe Deere Became A Cosmetics And Technology Executive At The Same Time

Business Guru / September 27, 2015 / No Comments

Doe Deere is known as Xenia, and she is the creator of the Lime Crime cosmetics line that features unbelievably brash colors and styles. She is a warrior goddess who believes in the empowerment of women, and she has fought off a constant barrage of negative comments online. She is the first in a long line of cosmetics executives who founded their businesses online, and she has become a beacon of hope for women who want to succeed online without a technical education. #1: How Does A Lady Deal With Bad Buzz? The bad buzz surrounding Doe Deere and her Lime Crime business on doedeere.com has circulated almost nonstop since …..

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Tips On Applying Makeup As Best As Possible

Doing It Right / September 22, 2015 / 1 Comment

Applying makeup has always been a struggle for countless people. It can be tough to know exactly what works best for you and your face since everybody is different. You’ll learn about some of the best tips in applying makeup the right way to help you look your best. Some of these tips are going to help you make better choices on the makeup that you buy and use. These are some very important tips that will make a world of difference to how you look. Who Is Lime Crime? What makes Lime Crime so unique is their approach to creating ply cruelty-free makeup. They focus on offering Eco-friendly makeup …..

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The Technology Advancement of Slyce

Mobile News / September 21, 2015 / No Comments

Slyce is a Toronto based company that deals in the development of visual and image recognition technology. Slyce is also a publicly traded entity on the TSX Venture Exchange market. It was started by Erika Racicot and Cameron Chell in the beginning of 2012.Originally the company was based in Calgary, Alberta before moving its main operation base to Toronto, Ontario. The company has additional offices in New Waterford, Nova Scotia, Minneapolis, Minnesota and Calgary. The company has a number of products and services under its name. They have successfully partnered with six top retailers. Snap-to-Buy is among their well known product. It is a product recognition application that can be …..

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The History of NBA Team Owner Bruce Levenson

NBA Team Owner / September 18, 2015 / No Comments

NBA team owner and serial entrepreneur Bruce Levenson is a true American hero in the world of sports and journalism. He owns a majority share of the popular basketball company, the Atlanta Hawks and he is also the founder of the multi-billion-dollar , privately traded company the United Communications Group, a company that he founded in 1977 with his best friend Ed Peskowitz. Levinson and Ed Peskowitz created the United Communications Group in the basement of Bruce Levenson’s dad’s home and in less than five years, it has evolved into a multibillion-dollar business. Bruce Levenson, the cofounder of United Communications Group began his career as a journalist at the Washington …..

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The Technology That Changes The World

Recognizing the product / September 16, 2015 / 1 Comment

Visual search is kind of task that involves the scanning of an object in the visual real world among other objects in a database. Slyce, a Toronto-based company that has harnessed the capability of the technology advancement of the smartphones taking clear pictures and using the internet to identify other similar objects that maybe available in the database. Slyce have developed this technology that can put a price tag to objects in the real world as well as give directions to where one can find the product. This product recognition technology can be compared to Shazam only that Shazam deals with music while this cutting edge tech deals with products …..

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Is The Federal Reserve Going To Keep Interest Rates Down?

Economy News / September 14, 2015 / No Comments

What is the current status of the Federal Reserve’s stance on interest rates? This question is one a host of economists have been asking. The Federal Reserve is slated to have a major meeting over what to do with interest rates. At one point, it was assumed that “the Fed” would opt to raise interest rates for the first time in a long time. Apparently, based on what the Wall Street Journal is reporting, a few private economists are making sounds that the Federal Reserve is probably going to keep interest rates at near record lows. This would be very surprising news to be sure. Economists have fully been expecting …..

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New York Real Estate That is Luxurious

Residential Spaces / September 11, 2015 / 1 Comment

You can easily find a place to live with a little greenery in New York for about $500,000. On Staten Island you can find apartments that’s cleaner and greener than other areas of New York. They have many apartments with a terrace or a lawn. But is Staten Island the only borough with a patio and greenery for about $500,000? If you do enough searching, you can find many condos and coops for sale and other NYC apartments for rent. Manhattan, Brooklyn,Bronx and Queens also have apartments with outdoor space that are about $500,000 or less. City Spire ,at 150 West 56th Street in Midtown Manhattan, is a triplex penthouse …..

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Slyce Looking to Revolutionize the Online Shopping World

Mobile News / September 3, 2015 / No Comments

Slyce is a company that builds image recognition technology. The company is hoping to surpass Amazon Flow in the image recognition business. For those who are not aware, Amazon Flow is a mobile app that uses product recognition to allow users to take a picture of an item and instantly pull up that item on Amazon to compare prices. Slyce is hoping to hone that ability and become the latest and greatest image recognition technology for companies other than Amazon. The company out of Toronto claims to work even better than Amazon Flow. Where Amazon relies heavily on logos and bar codes to identify products, Slyce can identify a product …..

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