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Monthly Archives : March 31, 2016

BMG Bank President Ricardo Guimarães Weighs In On The China Economic Situation

Business GuruBusiness WorldNews / March 31, 2016 / No Comments

Brazil and China have been serious trading partners for the last ten years. China needed the raw materials that Brazil could supply to fuel their manufacturing sector as well as help their new consumer market thrive. But when China started to realize that the manufacturing base they depended on for economic growth was stalling, the country had a stock meltdown. China cut the amount of goods they needed from Brazil and Brazil fell into a recession. That was two years ago. China’s President Xi Jinping was recently quoted in an R7.com article, and he said the Chinese economy will still grow by more than 6.5 percent a year for the …..

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What Madison Street Capital Can Do For Your Business

Investment Advice / March 31, 2016 / No Comments

This video for Madison Street Capital is informative as to what their business is about. It gives the impression that this is a ‘big time’ company as the video is in a larger city. It shows pictures of large street signs that would be similar to those found on Wall Street. It also shows very trendy people walking down the street which gives the impression that this could be your future with their company. There are opposing street signs where one says, “Capital” and the other says, “M and A” meaning mergers and acquisitions. There is an arrow pointing capital on slideshare.net towards mergers and acquisitions. This is sending the …..

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The Art of Preservation

Antique Collectibles / March 29, 2016 / No Comments

The appreciation of antique collectible items is alive in well in the city of Clovis in Fresno County, California. Recently, The Fresno Bee ran an in-depth article on the local, bi-annual Antiques & Collectibles Fair to be held this month. Highlighted, is the nature and appeal of collecting antiques. It delves into the appreciation collectors feel, and their love of an item for it’s history. Antiques and collectibles arrive with a story, something ethereal and tangible. People seek out the object as story, perhaps as a witness to time having past, a relic of esteem reminiscent of memories that grant collectors a sense of nostalgia, and reverence for the preservation …..

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Anti Muslim Rhetoric Persuades George Soros to Support Latino Voters

US Elections / March 15, 2016 / No Comments

  The Republican party within the United States is going through a tough time. This particular political party has not had strong leadership for many years. They have consistently lost the presidential election for the last two terms. In 2016 this party hopes to reclaim the White House. However, they still struggle to find a candidate that is best suited for the job. In 2016 Donald Trump is the primary Republican candidate that is leading in the polls. Trump has been running for office since June of 2015. Since the start of his campaign, Trump has been shaking up the country with his comments and personal views about American politics …..

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An In-Depth Look at Sanjay Shah and His Company Solo Capital

AutismInvestment Advice / March 9, 2016 / No Comments

Headquartered in London, England, Solo Capital is an international boutique that focuses on financial services. The firm, which was incorporated in 2011, is also referred to as Solo Capital UK or Solo Capital Limited. The company specializes in several key financial areas including professional sports investments, consulting and proprietary trading. As of March 2015 Solo Capital had an estimated net worth of £15.45 million. Sanjay Shah is the founder and CEO of Aesa S.a.r.l. Aesa S.a.r.l controls Solo Group Holdings, which in turn controls Solo Capital Partners. Shah is what you would call a serial entrepreneur. He currently owns over 30 companies in various countries including Dubai, The British Virgin …..

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Repeat Of 2008: A George Soros Prediction

Global Markets Crisis / March 8, 2016 / No Comments

Bloomberg released an article that discussed George Soros’ concern for the economy in coming years. Soros explained that China has more than a problem. He says it is a crisis. And he says that this crisis is similar to the one in 2008. This is not the first time that George Soros has mentioned that a similar catastrophe to the one in 2008 is going to come again. Soros is especially wary of the situation in Greece, which has created a major European debt crunch. Bloomberg went on to explain further signs. This includes the Chicago Board Options Exchange Volatility Index which shows that volatility is up 13 percent this …..

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Doctor Sergio Cortes on the First Zika Virus Case

Sergio Cortesvirus / March 2, 2016 / No Comments

Doctor Sergio Cortes has anxiously been following zika virus developments in Brazil. There are currently 1200 cases in 14 different states. Most of those cases are in the northeastern region of the country. Brazil is not the only place where the zika virus is present. Sergio Cortes, however, says that important research conducted by the Brazilian government, the United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization may help stop or slow the spread of the zika virus. On his personal blog, Sergio Cortes says that the first zika virus case occurred in Africa during the 1940s. In fact, the first case was discovered in Uganda’s …..

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