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Monthly Archives : April 26, 2016

The Very Best of The Fabletics Brand

Business GuruClothingDressing / April 26, 2016 / No Comments

The hottest new craze in fashion is Athleisure. This stylish, comfortable active wear can be worn just about anywhere. While there are many fashion companies that are capitalizing on this trend, one stands above the rest because of their unbeatable prices, the quality and the convenience. This brilliant new company is called Fabletics. You may have seen the commercials on tv; I know I have. They feature Kate Hudson, co-founder and focus on the comfort and look of Fabletics. Not only do they offer outfits that make going to the gym fun, comfortable and easy, they also offer a trendy, sophisticated look to wear to the office. This innovative company …..

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George Soros’s China Prediction

Economy News / April 24, 2016 / No Comments

The American billionaire George Soros looks to China’s economy and finds it familiar. Soros believes that the current state of affairs from Beijing on bloomberg.com, seat of the second-largest economy in the world, is reminiscent of the conditions that the United States was in 2007 prior to the financial crisis of 2008. At an event at the Asia Society in New York City, Soros said China’s unchecked credit growth could lead to a situation similar to what happened in the U.S. where over-extension of lines of credit led to an abundance of debt widely distributed across the market and various sectors on http://www.marketwatch.com/story/is-george-soros-right-about-the-coming-crash-in-china-2016-04-22, leading, ultimately, to the crises of 2008 …..

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Queens of Drama Stars Ex-Soap Opera Stars

Actresses / April 14, 2016 / No Comments

Who better to know and understand the problems of television actors and actresses than former actresses? On the reality dramatic reality series Queens of Noise, six former soap opera stars get together to produce a pilot show for a new primetime TV series. Queens of Noise is a television series about producing a television series from the POP Network. It debuted April 26, 2015. Appropriately enough, Joan Collins guest stars in one of the episodes. One of the former soap stars in the series is played by Crystal Hunt. In real life Hunt too is a former soap star. At the age of 17 she began playing Lizza Spaulding on …..

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Securus Technologies Boost Productivity Through Video Visitation

Inmate Communication TechnologyNews / April 11, 2016 / No Comments

Securus Technologies has long since been a top provider of communications and other technologies to law enforcement and correctional facility departments. The company has just completed a survey focused on “correctional facilities strategies” and the survey predicts successes for 2016. PR Newswire has published an overview of the survey and its impact. Those interested in following updates from both Securus and the corrections system are sure to find the content enlightening. Based on the results of the survey, it has been revealed that over 50% of various correctional facilities are planning to upgrade technology. Replacing older technology brings with it many positive results. Among the results would be increased services, …..

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