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Monthly Archives : August 30, 2016

Reasons to Visit the Squaw Valley Ski Resort

Resorts to Visit / August 30, 2016 / No Comments

For the best vacation that can be at anytime from the winter to even the summer, visit the Tahoe Valley, a region that is known for not only the beautiful lake and the beautiful view within the mountainous region, but also known to have some of the best ski slopes in the world. One ski resort in particular that stands out for individuals looking for a great time in one of the most pristine places in the world is the Squaw Valley Ski Resort, a resort that is currently lead by Andy Wirth into the future with countless improvements being made for the future. The Squaw Valley Ski Resort is …..

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Andy Wirth Moving Ahead with Expansion

Andy WirthSteamboat Springs / August 23, 2016 / No Comments

The Squaw Valley Ski Resort and its CEO, Andy Wirth, are now one step closer to moving ahead with the expansion of their resort at Lake Tahoe. This is the result of a successful meeting that they had with the Placer County Planning Commission and a group of people that oppose their plan. Wirth said that both sides acted fairly and politely. The commission heard both sides of the argument and decided to let the plans move forward. The company has just one more meeting, with county’s board of directors, to see if they can build the expansion the way that they want to. There are a couple reasons that …..

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Goettl Helps Community Provide Much Needed Cool Air

Air Conditioning / August 19, 2016 / No Comments

The Las Vegas Informer recently released an article about a good deed. Two companies came together and helped a 94-year-old lady to receive the air conditioning she needed to keep cool in the summer months. She was a long-term resident of Las Vegas Nevada. She lived on her social security so she was limited in the money she had available to spend on things other than her bills. One very hot day Jean’s air conditioner decided to go on the blink. It died and she was left in the heat of the summer with no way to cool herself off. Jean was worried that she would suffer a heatstroke so she decided to contact social services about going to a nursing home. Jean Jackson was a lovely woman that did not believe that she would end up getting the help she needed, but in the end, she did. Goettl Air Conditioning and The Sunny Plumber: Good Deed Brings Cool Relief Phoenix Air conditioner and The Sunny Plumber pulled their resources together to help Jean get a new way to cool her home. Goettl was instrumental in making these arrangements work so that Ms. Jackson would no longer have to suffer the heat of Nevada. Goettl Air Conditioning did a great thing. All the money they collected will help several people to have the comfort they need. It is a wonderful thing when people step out of their comfort zone and help other people make their lives better. People today are doing a lot of things wrong. It is rare to find anyone that helps others just to be kind. Jean Jackson lives on a fixed income. She is unable to get her air conditioner rewired so she is going to have to do without. After contacting Social Services, she was placed on a list to receive future help if it came available. After waiting she found out that she was not going to be receiving help from Social Services. Goettl found out about the need and decided to do something about it. Goettl spoke with their sister company and made the decision to help her get her house rewired and re-plumbed. The companies were able to collect enough funds to help other people in need. This one good deed will turn into a good story and a lot of good news for the city of Las Vegas. Read More: https://www.angieslist.com/companylist/us/az/phoenix/rick-goettl-air-conditioning-reviews-4247660.htm http://www.achrnews.com/articles/127042-goettl-building-off-rock-solid-foundation

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Relmada Therapeutics Inc. Needs to End the Smear Campaign

investing / August 17, 2016 / No Comments

It has been 9 months since a federal court judgment was ordered for Laidlaw & Company Ltd. to cease distribution of false proxy information to investors and clients. The investment firm has complied with the order, and still in January earlier this year Relmada Therapeutics Inc. files an amendment to the previously filed lawsuit. It really is starting to look as if Relmada Therapeutics Inc.is looking for a hand out. Relmada Therapeutics Inc. has won the cease and desist order, now time show tell the story and smear a financial institution right out of business. As time has shown Laidlaw is still in business as a leading investment institution. Laidlaw & Company Ltd. is based in the United Kingdom and has many years of experience in the financial industry under its cap. The firm is also known for being a firm that raises capital from mid-level net worth investors. Funding purposes usually involve a high net worth of institutional backing, and Laidlaw & Company Ltd. has provided the backing for many investment opportunities. The financial institution is run by Mr. Mathew Eitner, the CEO, and the Chief Managing Partner Mr. James Ahern. These two individuals are continuing to make good with their business practices and create opportunities for businesses to expand through their funding practices.

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3 Great Lip Balms to Look Out For This Summer

Beauty Products / August 15, 2016 / No Comments

With summer in full swing it’s vital that we keep our bodies hydrated, and that includes our lips. When you’re out in the sunshine be sure to keep a lip balm that you love on hand to keep your lips hydrated and protected from the sun. Try these three lip balm options this summer to protect your pout. 1. Lip Balms with SPF Sunshine feels great on the skin– until it leaves you with a nasty burn. Don’t be fooled: your lips can be sunburned too. Because you lips have exposed skin, it is very important to protect them with SPF at all times, because especially when sun exposure is …..

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Future Success In New Media Planned By Duda Melzer

Brazillian Business / August 12, 2016 / No Comments

The 21st century has proven difficult for many media companies to navigate when they have a historic tie to the news gathering industry, but the RBS Group of Brazil are hoping a new forward thinking President will bring them success in an ever changing media environment. Duda Melzer, the new President of RBS recently took control of the company from his uncle Nelson Sirotsky, and has become the third generation of the family to become President since the group was formed in 1957. Duda Melzer has a long history of success in many different areas of the media, including his role as a senior executive at Top Box Media in …..

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Securus To Shame Global Tel Link By Publishing Prior Wrongdoings

Securus / August 9, 2016 / No Comments

The first in a series of articles to be published by Securus Technologies regarding the Global Tel Link (GTL) wrongdoing was published on June 7. Securus Technologies is a for-profit prison technology company located in Dallas, TX. The wrongdoings by GTL occurred in 1998 and prior. As the company provides civil and criminal justice technology solutions, namely telephone service to US prison inmates, this was an exceptional fluke affecting both inmates and taxpayers alike. Securus Technologies is now releasing their findings as to the potential missteps taking by GTL in an effort to shame the inmate communications provider into operating with better integrity in the future. The first press release …..

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