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Mexico’s Top Franchisee, Omar Yunes

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On 5 December 2015, the Best Franchisee of the World event was held in Florence, Italy. This event, also known as the BFW, honored various franchisees, including Omar Yunes. Mr. Yunes took first place in the competition because of his contributions as a franchisee in the hospitality sector. He said that he was honored to represent the 400 employees working at his restaurants. Omar currently owns 13 franchise units of the Japanese food chain. These units are spread out in Veracruz, Mexico City, and Puebla. With 13 chains, Yunes represents about 10 percent of Sushi Itto. Representatives from the host country, Brazil, France, Brazil and 30 more countries attended the …..

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Role of Bruno Fagali in the New/sb

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The new/sb is an agency with some government related accounts. Since Michel Temer became the president, companies and bodies must undergo changes in command law service on an interim basis. One of the founding partners namely Bob Vieira has implemented corporate integrity program, a system that concentrates on sound business practices. Bob noted in an interview with Meio & Mensagem that he views the urban law possibility of fear to revise advertising contracts of companies linked to the government. Bruno Fagali continued to explain how the process of creation of its compliance occurred. New/sb was the first advertising agency in the sector to create a code of conduct in accordance …..

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The Brown Agency Hopes to Take More On In the South

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The Brown Agency is the only modeling agency in central Texas that has the ability to serve all of the models in a way that is full service. They do what they can to provide job opportunities for those who are looking for things like print and runway modeling. They do what they can to make things better for the people who they work with and that has given them a chance to become one of the largest modeling agencies in the area and even throughout the country. As the result of two agencies coming together, the Brown Modeling Agency is able to take a page out of the books …..

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Renown Health Extends Company’s History with Local Clinic in South Reno

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Throughout its history, Renown Health has made significant contributions to the community. Beginning in 1977, becoming the first non-profit agency to build a hospital in Reno, the company has made a sizable impact on the local community and has provided with health care service  through all of its contributions. Renown Health will make additional history within the Nevada community by opening a brand new clinic in South Reno. Renown Health clinic will have a staff of 11 medical personnel and will open its doors to receive patients in a massive 10,000 square foot facility located within the Summit Mall. There will be a primary care physician on duty as well …..

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Investment Expert Explains Why Buffett is Wrong

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Tim Armour, chairman of Capital Group, recently published an article which laid out the facts on why Warren Buffet is wrong about his investment strategy. The article first agrees that Mr. Buffett has been right about some aspects of his recent claims. But Tim Armour explains why this does not mean that index funds are the solution and that funds managers can not give investors higher returns. Warren Buffett set up a challenge for the financial industry. Buffett stated that he could would invest in the S&P 500, a popular index fund that invests passively according to an algorithm, and his returns would be higher over a set amount of …..

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Discover The Benefits Of Financial Freedom

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Your financial freedom is a large part of becoming financially sound in a tough economy. Being able to do what you want with your money is important along with finding ways to save. In fact, NexBank encourages their customers to invest in their future by planning for their retirement with them. They have amazed their stockholders with over $40 billion dollars in assets and are strongly being backed for an anticipated growth spurt. Newswire magazine has said they’ve acquired over 246,000+ customers over the past year and are one of the largest growing financial institutions in the industry. President and CEO, John Holt, has been heading the NexBank corporation for …..

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Honey Birdette Now in New York

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There is always the right tool or gear for every task. Men often own a toolbox to ensure that they are ready for whichever task that may come. That being said, it is clear that being ready is a thing that people have been doing for a long time, and this also applies to the bedroom. It is not enough to just be there with a perfect skin and perfect body. That perfect body needs to be dressed with the right attire for the specific occasion. Honey Birdette is a modern lingerie shop that has now launched one of the best collections for the ladies. They have a wide variety …..

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Top 3 Most Common Orthopedic Surgeries – Dr. Greg Finch

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Orthopedic surgery is a specialty that deals with the bodies musculoskeletal system. There are many reasons why a person would need to see an orthopedic surgeon. Here are the top three most common procedures which orthopedic surgeons like Dr. Greg Finch perform on a regular basis. Knee arthroscopy and meniscectomy: Arthroscopy is a form of surgery that uses very small incisions. Meniscectomy is a repair of the meniscus. Surgeons will decided to either remove all of a torn meniscus, or only part of it and help the rest heal. Shoulder arthroscopy and decompression This procedure again uses athroscopy, or keyhole surgery. The surgeon enters the internal shoulder area and works …..

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Where Wine Guides Go Off The Vineyards

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The Traveling Vineyard’s wine guides may be known for knowing exactly where tourists should go for the best wine in Napa, but they also love many other hidden gems of the Valley. There’s more grown in the Napa Valley than grapes. Round Pond Estate has some of the best olives and olive oils in the world, and it’s located right in wine country, and they offer guided tours of the olive growing and producing process. In addition to olive trees, there are plenty of other trees when you hike up Mt. St. Helena through the tree-lined trails, majestic mountains, and natural splendor of Robert Louis Stevenson State Park. Travelers can …..

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Greg Secker’s Multiple Talents

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Greg Secker is a business magnate, keynote speaker, and philanthropist. He is the founder of Greg Secker Foundation as well as companies across the different economic sectors. Secker is also the founder of Knowledge to Action Group that teaches how to trade. The Group has offices across the globe in Asia, Europe, and Africa. The broad range of investment, learning and philanthropy organization underscores Secker love and commitment to the improvement of global community living standard especially the poor ones. Greg Secker debut into the business career started at Thomas Cook Financial services. He then shifted to the foreign exchange industry to start a new investment dubbed Virtual Trading Desk …..

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