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Monthly Archives : July 27, 2017

An Insight Of Equities First Holdings Development

Equities BusinessEquities first / July 27, 2017 / No Comments

The recent relocation of the Equities First Holdings to the center of Melbourne was as a result of the company’s expansion in their business in Australia. According to the company’s director, Mitchell Hopwood pointed out the company will now be able to accommodate more personnel. The new premise that is at Level 2, 287 Collins Street, Melbourne is accessible to its clients. The development of the business has led to the relocation which will now enable. The company that has regional offices in Sydney, Perth, and Melbourne gives stock based loans to their customers with the aim of expanding their businesses and investing. The company that has its main offices …..

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Unveiling the Less Known Side of Cassio Audi

Uncategorized / July 26, 2017 / No Comments

Whenever the name Cassio Audi is mentioned what runs in most people’s mind is his role in the Brazilian economy due to his managerial skills. Over the past 25 years, the renowned manager has been in the Brazilian financial sector working as an executive in the reputable organizations. However, little is said about Audi’s earlier music career as a band member. Back in the 80s, the name Cassio Audi was renowned for releasing good music. The successful manager was once part of a five-member group dubbed Viper. According to Cassio, the rock band was an idea of Yves brothers in close collaboration with Felipe Machado and Andre Machado. Cassio Audi …..

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How Jose AuriemoNeto built JHSF into a Force to reckon with in Brazil’s Real Estate Industry

Brazillian BusinessReal Estate / July 24, 2017 / No Comments

When you are in the market for real estate or just shopping for luxury items, well look no further than JHSF Participacoes. Founded in 1972, the real estate company has become the pinnacle of modern day luxury and sophistication. An up-close insight reveals that JHSF has mastered the art of constructing recurrent income assets including shopping malls, real estate projects and hotels. With several other branches in Uruguay and Brazil, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that the company is worth over R$ 1.2 billion, and has covered more than 6 million square meters of remarkable construction. As a top company in the industry, JHSF boasts an impressive …..

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Avaaz Uniting The Human Race

Uncategorized / July 19, 2017 / No Comments

Launched in the year 2007, Avaaz is a civic organization based in the US with the aim to promote global activism on the issues climate change, corruption in the society, human rights, poverty, animal rights and conflicts. They are the ‘’world’s largest and most powerful online activist network’’ according to The Guardian. The word Avaaz was derived from the Persian word ‘Avaz’ which means voice or song. Avaaz was co-founded by Res Publica, a group of professionals working in the public sectors to promote civic virtue, good governance, and deliberative democracy. It also had the backing of Service Employees International Union, one of its founding partners. Avaaz is led by …..

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How Eric Pulier Uses Technology to Support the Society

IT ManagementTechnology / July 14, 2017 / No Comments

Eric Pulier is a technologist and a resident of Los Angles. He is a very active entrepreneur who has founded more than 15 companies since he started his career. Eric Pulier graduated from Teaneck high school in 1984 and joined Harvard University for his undergraduate degree. He specialized in English and American Literature graduating in 1988.In 1991, Eric moved to his home area and started People Doing Things Company. The firm was providing technological innovations to health and educational sectors in the region. In 1994, Eric made another step and started Digital Digital Evolution an interactive agency which later merged with the U.S interactive agency in 1998.During the time of …..

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Avaaz Provides a Voice for the World

Uncategorized / July 12, 2017 / No Comments

Avaaz is an activist organization which empowers people to act on issues such as global poverty, climate change, human and animal rights, and conflict. Founded in 2007 and led by Ricken Patel, Avaaz uses technology to reach its members, utilizing petitions and email campaigns to let their message be heard. Avaaz, which means “voice” in Persian, works to give a voice to those who are not being heard. Avaaz has been funded by its own individual members since 2009, when they decided to refuse donations from large foundations. With over 44 million members in 194 countries, this U.S.-based nonprofit has become one of the largest internet activist groups. Each campaign …..

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What Do Customers Have to Say about White Shark Media?

Digital Markeitng / July 11, 2017 / No Comments

In the current world of retail, it is imperative to make sure that your business has a strong online presence. Not many people understand the concept of proper search engine optimization for the company websites or even the process of digital marketing in general. If you are struggling with your site and feel that you aren’t getting as much traffic as you should, leading to fewer point conversions, it is advisable to get the services of digital marketing experts such as White Shark Media. Below are some of the comments and reviews which have been given in the past by people who have used the services of White Shark Media. …..

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Equities First Holdings Australia on the Move

Financial FreedomLoan / July 8, 2017 / No Comments

To serve their customers better, Equities First Holdings announced that they had moved their Melbourne offices to downtown Melbourne. Not only will they serve their customers better but the office is also accessible to more people now. The managing director of Equities First Holdings Australia acknowledged that their customer base was growing hence the need for better offices. The new office will be located on the Collin Street, Melbourne, Victoria 3000. Other than the Melbourne offices, Equities First Holdings Australia has offices in two other locations. These locations are Perth and Sydney. Equities First Holdings Australia offers Australians with loans that use stocks as collateral. Other than Equities First Holdings …..

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Talos Energy LLC a major player in historic energy liberalization push by Mexico.

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It has been nearly 80 years since Mexico allowed a private company access to its offshore energy markets. State owned Pemex and SFE have had to sit back as new players come onto the field eager to show Mexico what they can do to stop and reverse the dizzying 40% drop since 2005 of crude exports. On May 21, Mexico’s Sierra Oil & Gas, Houston’s Talos Energy LLC and Premier Oil Plc of London joined forces and began drilling off Mexico’s shore. The last time a foreign-based company was allowed such access was prior to 1938. In 2015, the trio beat out companies such as Statoil and Eni in Mexico’s …..

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How Greg Secker Established a Name for Himself on the Corporate World

Forex Trading / July 6, 2017 / No Comments

For a multimillionaire in his twenties like Greg Secker, succeeding in entrepreneurship entails creating solutions for people’s diverse needs. Secker can be referred to as an international speaker, a master trader, philanthropist, and entrepreneur. He is also known for creating one of the most profitable and successful companies in England focused on financial advisory services. Career Secker commenced his professional career working for Thomas Cook Financial Services. After he had worked there for a couple of years, he left the company to start Virtual Trading Desk (VTD). VTD is regarded as the first Forex trading platform to be hosted online. The platform allowed subscribers to receive prompt quotes for diverse …..

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