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Monthly Archives : March 14, 2018

How to Attract Attention to Business Like Vijay Eswaran

Business Expert / March 14, 2018 / No Comments

One thing that entrepreneurs that start a business come to learn is that there is a difference in starting a business and marketing. When people try to start a business, one thing they find is that they have their whole business set up, but they are not getting any sales. One of the most important things that they must realize is that there are no sales because no one is visiting the site. People are not visiting the site because they do not know about it. No one is going to stumble across a site they don’t know about in most cases. Therefore, people have to find a way to …..

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How Nick Vertucci rose in the Real Estate Industry as a Successful Investor

CEO / March 12, 2018 / No Comments

Nick is the CEO as well as the founder of Nick Vertucci Companies located in California. He is a full-time real estate professional whose specialty involves buying the bank-owned properties. He has vast knowledge and is experienced in advancing the homes of single-families. Before Nick Vertucci became a real estate investor, he was the founder and president of Coastline Micro. The company had more than 100 employees who facilitated the company‚Äôs services by offering enterprises with computer systems in the country. Currently, Nick Vertucci is not associated with the daily running of the business, but he still has the company’s ownership interest. He has been able to travel throughout United …..

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Scott Rocklage – The Race For A Cure

Business / March 9, 2018 / No Comments

Scott Rocklage, M.D. attended the University of California in Berkeley. While there he earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemistry. He received his Ph.D. at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Read more: Scott Rocklage | Bloomberg and Scott Rocklage | Crunchbase Scott Rocklage, M.D. has over 30 years of healthcare management experience. Dr. Rocklage responsible for the FDA approval the medications Cubicin, Teslascan and Omniscan. He has co-invented and invented over 30 U.S. patents. In Addition, he continues to submit medications for clinical trials. He is consistently written articles for peer review publication. Since 2004 Dr. Scott Rocklage is currently serving as the Managing Partner of 5AM Ventures. He …..

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David McDonald, Industry Leader Bio

BusinessmanOSI Group / March 8, 2018 / No Comments

David McDonald: OSI Industry Professional OSI Industries leadership has been able to stand apart from other big name executives while making headlines with business professional and CEO, David McDonald. He has been able to lend a combined amount of education and experience to the OSI Industries network. Today, they’re one of the top providers in the food processing industry. They have been able to adhere to the strict guidelines set forth by the FDA and international laws. OSI is trusted for providing nutritional meals to thousands of food retailers and customers around the world; contributing to better health. Recent Acquisition Under OSI CEO Under McDonald’s direction, they have acquired a …..

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The RealReal year of the pop up

Fashion / March 6, 2018 / No Comments

Luxury fashion consignor The RealReal has seen massive success in recent years and has decided 2018 is a year of expansion, through pop up stores. Originally an online only brand The RealReal has come a long way from the desktop, to opening their first brick-and-mortar store in New York City in 2017. The RealReal has been making there mark in the fashion world, hosting events for their VIP shoppers which have included workshops such as “How to value a diamond” to history lessons on “The history of Chanel”. The company has managed to pull in employees from Sotheby’s and Gucci. Clearly proving their status as a reputable high fashion company …..

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The Celebrated Sahm Adrangi

Business World / March 5, 2018 / No Comments

Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC established by Sahm Adrangi who is also the Chief Investment Officer. Sahm Adrangi has been a significant contributor to the company since its establishment taking part in its operations since the establishment in 2009. Sahm Adrangi initially worked at Longacre Fund Management before joining Kerrisdale Capital where he was an Investment Analyst. Before joining Longacre Fund Management Sahm used to work by advising creditors based in Chapter 11 bankruptcy restructuring method and also represented the those having bank debts at Chanin Capital Partners Company. Follow Sahm Adrangi on Twitter. Sahm was able to help in developing a structure and organize grade bank debt that was not …..

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How Dr. Jennifer Walden Sets a Positive Example for Female Cosmetic Surgeons

DoctorsHealth Executive / March 5, 2018 / No Comments

Dr. Jennifer Walden is one of the most highly regarded cosmetic surgeons in Texas, if not in the entire country. She was born in Austin, Texas and decided she wanted to be a surgeon in medical school. Among her accomplishments is a time at the elusive ear, nose and throat clinic in Manhattan. She successfully grew a practice in Manhattan before deciding to return to her hometown of Austin, Texas and open her own practice. Today, her practice is the top in all of Texas. People come from all over Texas and beyond to see her. She performs everything from breast augmentations, to nose jobs, face lifts and many other …..

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Malcolm CasSelle: Reshaping the World of Gaming

BusinessBusiness LeaderBusinessmanCEOIn-Game Virtual AssetsTradingVirtual Assets / March 1, 2018 / No Comments

The cryptocurrency market just influenced the world of gaming, and because of the blockchain technology, more secure transactions can be made in the virtual world. Malcolm CasSelle, an individual who tapped on the opportunities provided by the blockchain technology and the cryptocurrency market, had integrated the system to online gaming. Malcolm CasSelle is a businessman and entrepreneur who established a system called the Worldwide Asset Exchange, or WAX for short. The WAX platform is being used by gamers to sell their items while receiving the right amount of payment, whether through cryptocurrencies or any other item of exchange.   Malcolm CasSelle stated that there are more than 400 million people …..

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