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Monthly Archives : April 29, 2018

Dr. David Samadi Recommending a SMART Alternative in the Treatment of Cancer

Cancer TreatmentSurgeries / April 29, 2018 / No Comments

Dr. David Samadi is a world known medical expert. Samadi works at Lenox Hill Hospital based in the city of New York, where he is the chairperson of Urology and chief of Robotic surgery. Samadi was born and bought up in the Iranian Persian Jewish community. When he was 15, Samadi accompanied by his brother were forced to leave in 1979 after the revolution in Iran. They proceeded with their studies in Belgium and the UK and later headed to the US where he finished his high school studies in Roslyn. David joined the Stony Brook University where he majored in biochemistry. In 1994, he attained his master’s degree from …..

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Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff, and he does it in a weird way

Bob HoneyBook review / April 27, 2018 / No Comments

Sean Penn’s book “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” came out this March, and in interviews with Trevor Noah, and Vogue Magazine, Penn says that the strange satire is meant to look at “the dark nature of humans” and the quick fall to fascist tendencies. Penn seems to be relating the story to modern times in the interview with Trevor Noah, as he talks about how easy democracy can fall into Fascism. In Vogue, he discusses how he has no intention to be in any films, as this book has been his drive. He links it to a similar idea as the #METOO movement. Bob Honey Who Just Do stuff …..

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Vijay Eswaran Leads With Principles

Philantrophist / April 26, 2018 / No Comments

The name Vijay Eswaran is not a household name for most people. But anyone doing business in Malaysia more than likely will recognize this name. Eswaran has a net worth over $500 million and has a commercial and residential development worth in progress that is over $1.2 billion. Those figures alone should be enough to open the eyes of any individuals who are not familiar with this successful businessman. What is even more impressive than Eswaran’s substantial business deals is his philosophy on leadership and the influences he has made on business as a motivational speaker. As one might expect, Vijay Eswaran has lots of experience in the business world …..

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A Review of Inglourious Basterds: One Epic Show-Stopper Produced by Lawrence Bender

entertainment industryfilmmakingHollywood filmsMovie IndustryProducer / April 23, 2018 / No Comments

Inglourious Basterds, produced by Lawrence Bender, brings viewers into Nazi occupied France where a band of Jewish Americans are on a expedition doing one thing and one thing only, killing’ Nazis. That’s right, the man who delivered us Reservoir Dogs (1992),Pulp Fiction (1994), and Good Will Hunting (1997) takes us on a ride in which a band of yanks eliminates the biggest bastards in the history of basterds, and then ultimately maneuver to decimate the greatest dirt-bag of all time. Lawrence Bender has also been producing movies and been functioning in Hollywood for two decades. He’s earned 6 Academy Awards with 29 elections counting 3 Best Picture films. Now, this …..

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David Giertz on Millenials and Safe Retirement

Marketing Expert / April 23, 2018 / No Comments

Financial advisor David Giertz has had more than thirty years of experience in his line of work. He is currently serving at the Nationwide Investment Services Corporation. In a recent interview, Giertz spoke about retirement and millennials. He stated that in the United States of America, millennials are vastly not ready to retire and are not on the best track of saving up enough money to do so in several decades. For the young people that have the goal of retiring and retaining financial stability, Giertz suggests creating a financial plan early on and using the help of a professional to do so. Saving enough money for a good retirement …..

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Dr. Walden Practice Review

Beauty SurgeonDr Jennifer Walden Reviews / April 23, 2018 / No Comments

Dr. Jennifer Walden has been practicing as a cosmetic surgeon in Austin Texas for several years. Other than plastic surgery, Dr. Jennifer Walden is also an author and a media commentator. At the end of 2011, Dr. Jennifer Walden opened her private practice called Jennifer L.Walden, MD PLLC in Austin, Texas. At the office, Dr. Jennifer Walden offer services such as various plastic surgery procedures n the face, breast enlargement and reduction, procedures for body contouring, hair restoration, laser treatments, minimally invasive cosmetic procedures, lip injections and botox, noninvasive skin care treatments, as well as vaginal rejuvenation. Dr. Jennifer Walden Obtained her undergraduate degree in Biology from the University of …..

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Glen Wakeman: An Exemplary American Entrepreneur

Business Transformation / April 21, 2018 / 1 Comment

After receiving a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Finance from the University of Scranton, Glen Wakeman set out on the road to become a successful entrepreneur. He has had an opportunity to live in six countries and work in 32 during his career with GE Capital. This global experience has aided him in solidifying his knowledge about problems related to doing business around the world, especially in Europe, United States, Africa, and Asia. Inspired by “The Art of War” by Sun Tzu, which discusses collaboration, discipline, and preparation strategies, Glen Wakeman also encourages collaboration, discipline, and preparation of businesses that seek his advice. He was quoted as saying, “These concepts …..

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Co Founder and Principal of Fortress Investment Group Randal Nardone

Investment BankingInvestment Managers / April 21, 2018 / No Comments

Randal Nardone is the co founder and principal of the financial services firm Fortress Investment Group. Nardone is also a member of both the board of directors and management committee. These are positions that he has held since 1998. From 2011 to 2013, Randal also served as the firm’s interim chief executive officer as well. He currently lives in New York City and is among the world’s richest individuals. According to Forbes, he is the 557th wealthiest person with an estimated net worth of $1.8 billion. Nardone joined Fortress Investment Group in 1998 and begin holding the high level positions that he still has today. As a member of the …..

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How To Maintain Relevance When Selling Market America Products

BusinessCompanyEntrepreneurHealth & WellnessInvestmentMarketing FirmTrading / April 20, 2018 / No Comments

When people decide on a market, they have to make sure that the products they decide to promote are relevant to the market,. This can be a little tricky for someone who changes interests on a regular basis even when they are working with Market America. Fortunately, there is a way for people to maintain relevance if they have interests across multiple industries. One thing that they can do is just make themselves the focus of their business. In this case, they can set up blogs where they talk about their daily lives or anything that is on their minds. The only thing is that they have to reach out …..

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Kamil Idris Provides Light on Intellectual Property Rights

JASTAKamil Idris / April 19, 2018 / No Comments

The World Intellectual Property Day is quickly rising in popularity. After it was introduced publicly 8 years in the past, more government and organizations unite with WIPO in their yearly commemoration which happens every April 26. Kamil Idris observes that many ordinary citizens may wonder why intellectual property is important that it garners such attention. They may even wonder what is the essence of trademarks, industrial designs, patents and copyrights, and what do these things have to do with the larger issues the world is concerned about such as the global warming along with watching the Olympics. The plain response is that without the presence of intellectual property rights, most …..

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