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Daily Archives : April 2, 2018

Larkin and Lacey: The Struggle Against Joe Arpaio Continues Amid President Trump’s Pardon

Business / April 2, 2018 / No Comments

It is said by the wise philosopher taxi driver but New York Times Bestseller author Nassim Taleb that when your anger increases, justice was done to you, but when it decreases, you’ve done injustice to others. In the case of Former Sheriff Arpaio and the both journalists, such assessment of what constitutes justice has never been more relevant. In fact, in articles from reputable news sites, the question about justice is asked again: how does the malicious intent of Joe Arpaio make sense when President Donald Trump has given Mr. Arpaio a pardon? The Clandestine Alliance One of the most shocking news that has faced journalists Michael L. Jim L. …..

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