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Daily Archives : April 15, 2018

Stansberry Research – Delivering High Quality Investment Info to Independent Minds

Investment / April 15, 2018 / No Comments

Stansberry Research is a website dedicated to delivering independent minds investment info. What do I mean by “independent minds?” There are those interested in building their own portfolio and managing their investment strategies on their own. Stansberry is a inventive concept that I’ve yet to see in the world of investment management. Instead of hiring a manger for your portfolio, simply do the research on your own. It is a service entirely dedicated to empowerment of the individual, bringing important info and tools to the lone investor (https://twitter.com/stansberry?lang=en). In their article, The U.S Inches Closer to War, international stocks are analyzed and Donald Trump’s new broad tariff plan on steel …..

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Sheldon Lavin the CEO and the Chairman of OSL Group

EntreprenuerFood Processing / April 15, 2018 / No Comments

Sheldon Lavin is the CEO and the managing chairman of OSI Group as well as also the the president of OSI International Foods Ltd. Lavin is well recognized in meat and food processing industry. Formally, OSL Group was identified as Otto and Sons, but when Sheldon started to work with OSL Company, he developed it from a once small company to a well-known company internationally. He started working for the company in 1970 and currently, the OSL Company is already in 60 countries, and he is not planning to leave the company any time soon. Lavin is much educated in financing and accounting field which has contributed significantly to success. …..

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