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Daily Archives : May 1, 2018

“IC System Has It Covered”

Technology / May 1, 2018 / No Comments

In 1938, Ruth and Jack Erickson founded a company that would change the way that debts were collected and recovered. The name of the company the husband and wife duo created is called IC System (Indeed). Since 1938, IC System has passed through three generations of Erickson’s family ownership; and as technology advanced so did the way IC System conducted their business. IC System began with typewriters, and then they moved on to computers as early as 1968. As of today, IC System uses cutting edge programs to follow the latest compliance and regulatory standards while conducting business. The company is run on the principle that they strive to be …..

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Graham Edwards assumes office of chairmanship

Property Management / May 1, 2018 / No Comments

Telereal Trillium is one of the major private companies in the United Kingdom. It deals with commercial property management and investment with its headquarters in London (Weeklyopinion). This company has very talented and skilled professionals that makes it one of the best. In April this year, there were major changes in the company’s management and core team. Mr. Graham Edwards was chosen to assume office of the chairman of the property company. This was as a result of his proven competence and exceptional performance in his prior positions. Graham Edwards serves as the chief executive since 2009. He also served in the same capacity at Telereal since 2001.   The …..

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