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Daily Archives : May 2, 2018

Jeff Aronin And Paragon Make The Medicines Of The Future

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  For the past decade, Jeff Aronin has served as CEO of biomedical research company Paragon Biosciences. Their main focus has always been the research and development of new medicines to improve the quality of life for everyone. Over the past decade, they have developed 13 new drugs and gotten them approved by the FDA, and in case you’re wondering, those numbers are almost on par with the larger drug companies.   They have developed medicines to treat the effects of narcolepsy, including excessive daytime sleepiness and cataplexy. They have developed medicines to treat rare genetic dermatological conditions. They have medicines for vitiligo, excessive acne, atopic dermatitis, and premalignant oral …..

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Chris Linkas Serves As A Model For Young Investors

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  As a financial expert, Chris Linkas knows something about investment strategies, especially since he’s been engaged in investments since college. RER Financial Group LLC recruited him right out of college to work as an analyst and asset manager, so Chris definitely launched his financial career on a high note.   While we all can’t be that fortunate, starting an investment portfolio at an early age can help us acquire some of those same skills Linkas learned in his career. It can also give us time to make costly mistakes and to recoup those losses in time to build a hearty portfolio.   Another good investment tip is to look …..

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Jordan Lindsey Explores the Advantages of Cryptocurrency Over the Traditional Fiat Money

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According to Jordan Lindsey, a forex trading guru, despite the current stagnation in the growth of the value of cryptocurrencies, they still hold a better investment charm over the traditional fiat money system. The forex trading expert says that there are three significant advantages of cryptocurrencies today, that fiat money can’t outshine. These include: No inflation Inflation in the fiat money system is caused by an increase in currency supply which is majorly brought out by governments printing out more money. Since cryptocurrency has no centralized body, there is no way the supply will be in excess. Jordan Lindsay says that the decentralized nature of cryptocurrency guarantees you that your …..

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