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Daily Archives : July 6, 2018

Need To Get Away? Surf Air Can Take You There

Luxury Travel / July 6, 2018 / No Comments

Do you need to get away for the weekend? Surf Air offers the best private flights around. Pick your California dream vacation from these great destinations and forget the hassle of commercial flights. Surf Air will get you there quickly and comfortably with almost no wait time. If you love outdoor recreation head to Lake Tahoe, California, for all the beauty and sportsmanship that the area has to offer. Summer is a perfect time to enjoy the clean air and pristine lake. The Plumpjack Squaw Valley Inn offers a cross between a rustic style lodge and a modern-day spa. Enjoy your time at Lake Tahoe taking advantage of many of …..

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Vinod Gupta Makes Advancements In Database Technology

Business InnovatorBusiness Leader / July 6, 2018 / No Comments

Vinod Gupta is a well established businessman in the database technology field and an integral part of family owned Everest Group. Originally raised and educated in India, he was granted a scholarship to the University of Nebraska at Lincoln where he studied Agricultural Engineering and Business and earned his Master’s Degree in both fields of study. The importance of education and a strong work ethic was instilled from an early age by Vinod’s father, who was a busy doctor but devoted a great amount of time to his son’s studies. Today, Vinod is paying it forward as a generous contributor to the education of girls in his former village in …..

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Jeff Herman’s Opinions on Pedophilia and How to Protect Your Children

Follow the Law / July 6, 2018 / No Comments

In this ever evolving technologically progressive age, it’s important now more than ever, to closely monitor your children’s activities both in a physical setting and over the internet. Jeff Herman, a nationally recognized attorney, strives to be a voice for victims of rape and sexual assault. Particularly, when those victims are children. Jeff Herman insists that one of the most important things to protect your child is by keeping open lines of communication. If a child is in danger or is curious they need to be able to express themselves. In most cases it is the parent who will need to open the subject of sexual communication to their child …..

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