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A Close Look at Victoria Doramus Marketing Career

MarketingMarketing Expert / September 4, 2018 / No Comments /

Victoria Doramus is a renowned figure in the world of marketing. Throughout her life, she has overcome many challenges which have given her the necessary strength needed to go through the world marketing. She is an experienced marketing analyst capable of analyzing the various trends in the global marketing circles. She has a solid understanding of the marketing concepts due to her many years of experience. In the media industry, she has a long history of engaging in creative work in Mindshare, Stila Cosmetics, Creative Arts Agency, and Trendera. The legendary marketer has also served as a personal assistant to Peter Borg who also happens to be a film director and a producer. On top of her marketing career, Victoria Doramus is a speaker who motivates and encourages people undergoing the stress related to life challenges such as addiction. Through her many talks, many people have reformed and have reverted to living better lives. Many people seek her wise counsel on life issues.

For a long time, Victoria Doramus has shown a lot of interests in communications. This made her attend University of Colorado – Boulder. In this premier institution, she acquired a degree in journalism and mass communication. In addition to communication, she has a lot of interests in art and history. This made her take a program in the year 2012 to try and explore the history and the development of art in the Western countries since the time of Greek civilizations to the modern times. She is a profession in print media and creative world. She has a rich history in this which she uses to assist her clients. The legendary marketer and media bigwig started her career as an assistant media planner at Mindshare. In this organization, Victoria Doramus performed a wide variety of duties including negotiating with media vendors for better deals and working closely with clients to produce branded content. Moreover, she was in charge of maintaining and building strong relationships with media executives. After this job, she moved to Stila Cosmetics where she played the role of a creative consultant. It is at this firm where she got a lot of experience in the area of integrating campaign projects. This long history in career has assisted her in making a name.

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