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Alex Pall speaks on their music taking a new direction

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The Chainsmokers are a DJ duo that has branched off from their usual style of music with their single track “Closer” which features one of them singing. Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart have moved from previously just crafting beats and relying on other artists to bring the human feel into their music to putting a face on their beats by singing the vocals too. Interview magazine spoke to the duo about this new style and Alex Pall revealed some interesting facts.

Alex Pall’s passion for being a DJ started out as a hobby, but he eventually decided to pursue it as a career and get invested in it. His manager introduced him to Andrew who moved from Maine and that’s when their journey started. From the start, they were confident in themselves and shared the same ambitions which made them believe that their venture into electronic music would work out.

According to Alex, the idea of singing in their songs is not a strange concept but more of evolving their identity. With “Closer,” they shift from just assisting and guiding the songwriters and assume a more active role which is singing, something that illustrates their identity even more. For him, working with Halsey has always been at the top of their plans, and he admires her for her fantastic voice.

The DJ says that tools like Instagram have helped them to interact with their fans and have a strong sense of the type of people that connect with their music. He is excited that their music surpasses age brackets and is getting international recognition all the way in Asia and Africa. He believes that their music cuts across gender too.When it comes to their live shows, Pall says that they are always working to break new grounds and bring people new experiences. Their first show in Red Rock sold out and they are considering a big fall tour in the spring of 2017.

Alex Pall says theirs is a continuous journey of self-discovery. It requires trying out new ideas to remain interesting. It is about cutting edge in the electronic genre.


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