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Alex Pall’s Rise to Stardom as the “Chainsmokers”

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Alex Pall, along with Andrew Taggert, the “Chainsmokers” conducted an interview with interview magazine following the release of the hit “Closer”.

From that interview, we can get an insight into the man, Alex Pall.

He was born in Westchester, NY. He was working in an art gallery in Manhattan during the day, and at night worked as a DJ. He broke into music after meeting Andrew Taggert and forming the Chainsmokers. They had several hits including “#Selfie”, “Paris”, and “Closer”.

Pall and Taggert worked on their own music everyday and began to create their musical identities. Pall felt that he and Taggert had the same core values which made it easier to work together to create their musical persona. Always trying new things, they were able to establish themselves in the pop culture.

During a car ride they began discussing the possibility of producing an album. The songs on that album were their own and Pall felt they reflected who the Chainsmokers were.

Pall felt their music connected more with young people between the ages of 16-25. However, once the Chainsmokers took up social media and joined Instagram, they have noticed their music reaching across international borders, and being enjoyed by older adults as a result.

Pall is taking the Chainsmokers on tour with a live show, incorporating videos with their DJ show. Pall feels this will be a big success.

Recently, Pall was featured in the Wall Street Journal. This article was more about his lifestyle than his music. The article mentioned his grammy-winning DJ and musical performances.

He purchased a home in the Hollywood Hills that was built in the 1930’s and features a hodgepodge of architectural design. Pall paid 2.7 M for the home. The 3,600 square foot home features a tree growing in the main entryway, stone fireplaces, and slate floors. Chainsmokers DJ Alex Pall, turned to Peti Lau to assist him with decorating his Hollywood Hills home. “A home is defined by moments,” Pall said, and wanted his house to reflect those moments.

He has his own website and posts videos and updated information about himself and his career. Instagram also provides a look into Alex Pall, the man.


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