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An Overview of Unroll Me

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Unroll Me was founded in 2011 by entrepreneur Jojo Hedaya. He came up with the idea to devise a service that specializes in managing email accounts. After having difficulty getting emails to his business partner due to junk emails, he decided to find a way to get rid of junk emails. Shortly after experiencing this communication problem, Hedaya organized a way to gather email messages and then allow an email account user to eliminate by unsubscribing to the junk emails. This proved to be a very effective tool to use for those who are looking to clean up their inbox. Both businesses and individuals use Unroll Me’s service in order to better manage their emails on a daily basis. Unroll Me has gradually expanded and now serves a number of customers worldwide.

Recently, in 2018, Unroll Me made a significant decision regarding its business practices and operations. It has served the European Union for many years but will no longer serve customers of this region. This is because the company has to deal with restrictions imposed by the European Union. In this region of the world, countries of the EU prohibit companies from gathering private data from individuals. Unroll Me needs to get certain private data in order to serve its customers. Due to this situation, Unroll Me would be liable for heavy fines. Since it is unable to comply with the EU policies, the company will no longer be available to EU customers by the end of 2018.

Like all other companies, Unroll Me has expanded to other markets as well as to serving more types of customers. At the end of 2017, the company has began serving those who have android phones. Unroll Me has served customers who use tablets, personal computers and iPhones for several years. However, serving android phone users will allow it to accommodate a new type of customer. The company was aware that many people use android phones to access their emails. As a result, Unroll Me will now offer its service to people who use this device. This will allow Unroll Me to continue serving a wide range of customers in the immediate future.


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