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Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall, Chainsmokers DJ Duo

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The Chainsmokers released their newest track “Closer’ in July 2016. This newest rendition had a different lead singer than their previous singles. On this one, Andrew Taggart was allowed to show off his significant vocal talent. He is a co-lead singer of the band along with Alex Pall. They are also the founders of the band. The two first met while Pall was working in New York as a DJ. For Pall being a DJ was far more about his passion for music than about being a job (which didn’t pay that much). It was during these years that his manager introduced him to Taggart who was also in New York working as a DJ. (See: The Chainsmokers New Song Video)


Like Taggart, Alex Pall was also obsessed with dance music. He had even delved to some extent in the production side of it, putting two songs on SoundCloud. Prior to meeting Pall, he had intended to move to L.A. to try out their music scene. After they met, the two instantly began collaborating on dance music. They worked tirelessly in Pall’s apartment for the next four years. They then formed the DJ duo The Chainsmokers. The band has a great desire to be seen as just another pretty good but pretty forgettable band.


They want to be seen as timeless artists that will be remembered for many years. And the two are not satisfied with the greatness of their current music. They are consistently striving to perfect it even more. Their journey has taken them beyond dance music to completely put out their own style. Their newest material blends indie, pop music, dance music, and hip-hop. They have to keep bringing more and more respect to the electronic genre of music. With all of the competition out there, the duo definitely has their work cut out for them. View Additional Info Here.


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