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Anil Chaturvedi; The Financial Mogul

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Anil is a financial expert dealing with various organizations. He has been a banker for four decades internalizing and implementing financial jurisdictions globally. In 1971, he went to Meerut University and acquired a Bachelor in Arts, (Honors) in economics; He later went to the Delhi School of Economics in 1973 and received his M.B.A. After winning such high accolades, he has chaired various institutions. At State Bank of India, he became the branch manager as his first job. He rose up the ladder growing his network to the United States where he represented the bank in North America. He also chaired boards at ANZ Grindlays Bank in New York City. As of recent times, he is the managing director in Private Banking for Hinduja Bank Switzerland. Anil has a specific niche in initiating and engaging in cross-border relations between India and Europe.

On April 26, Anil sat among the panel at Nishith Desai Associates, (NDA). The panel discussed on investment opportunities for European businesses in India. They deliberated on the current avenues that are approachable to European investors. View of how the new initiatives would change the current market input of India. The panel also evaluated the current Indian market. After review of the above constraints, they saw India as a risky market but offered a viable market due to its opportunity capability. The panel came up with a few excerpts that would help the growth of European markets in India. E-Commerce would play an essential scene in the startup of the businesses.

Majority of businesses in Europe have installed digital platforms that aid their enterprises to acquire online audiences. In India only 8% of retail businesses are organized, it provides a viable opportunity for the incubation of European ventures. The panel saw the need to educate Indian retailers on improving their pricing and branding of their commodities. This was crucial as Indians often reduce the price and discount items with an effort to balance demand and supply laws. Branding is essential especially if the product is meant to woo the customer’s emotions. Their lack of organization leads to difficulties in opening sub-branches in other locations. The panel made opportunistic investments in establishing markets in India and Europe.


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