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Anthony Petrello- A Business Executive And A Philanthropist

Business Expert / April 3, 2018 / No Comments /

Tony Petrello is one of the brilliant business executives in the world and also one of the highest paid. He leads an oil and natural gas drilling company known as Nabors Industries.

He is the Chief Executive Officer as well as the President of the company. He has been in the position of the CEO since 2011. In his tenure in office, he has overseen the biggest development in the company since it was started. Tony Petrello has applied his managerial skills in making the company achieve high levels of growth. He knows what is needed to expand the business operations of the company into further regions in the world.

Tony Petrello was born from a humble family, but this has never been a reason to put him down. He has worked very hard throughout his life to get the things that he now owns. From his early age, he showed brilliance in education. He was performing better than other students from his background. He was specifically brilliant in mathematics. He used to solve some mathematics problems which were way far above his level of education. He impressed representatives of the Yale University during a mathematics symposium and was awarded a scholarship to study at the university.

Tony Petrello took a Bachelor in Mathematics and went ahead to even earn a masters on the same. Though he did not stay in this profession for a long time, he left a mark that indeed he was there. At the Yale University, he is still recognized as one of the best mathematicians to have attended the university. Tony Petrello was mentored in the field of mathematics by Professor Serge Lang. he was one of his best friends and a person who influenced his life greatly especially while at the Yale University. Today, he still commemorates his mentor with a foundation he started in the university to recognize the best students in mathematics.

Anthony Petrello has not only excelled in business management, but he has also excelled in philanthropy missions. He is a known philanthropist who has committed millions of dollars to initiatives that will assist thousands of children to access the treatment of neurological disorders. Petrello is supporting the development of a Neurological Research Centre in Texas. He has so far contributed over $5 million to aid in research work. Petrello has a daughter who is suffering from neurological disorders. He hopes that this facility can help her daughter get well.

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