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Ara Chackerian and Suicide

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Ara is currently based in San Francisco, California. He has built himself a good resume in the field of business and philanthropy. Ara is always concerned with community-based efforts. Ara Chackerian has spent most of his career time in the area of healthcare. He has decades of experience when it comes to creating a bridge between healthcare services and technology. Additionally, he has committed his time to ensure that the environment is protected as well as investing in youth development causes.

Ara Chackerian came up with TMS Health Solutions, a source of transcranial magnetic stimulation for depression treatment with his partner. According to Ara, they realized that TMS could be the third pillar when it came to psychiatric care alongside medication and talk therapy. There is an effective treatment for people suffering from central disorders of depression that are amazingly good. However, with all these in place, there is very minimal awareness of this kind of treatment as well as on how to access it. According to Ara, his ideas usually come from experience. If one can engage life well, then ideas will flow in. Moreover, Ara claims that he was brought up in an environment that supported thinking hard about life and this is what has made him be able to come up with ideas even at the moment. You can visit their About.me page.

At the moment, around 100 lives are lost daily due to suicide, yet so many people are not comfortable enough to discuss it. More than 45,000 individuals die in America and suicide is still a secret kept by many. The misunderstanding and fear that surrounds suicide encourage a general lack of action in the United States. Most organizations have come up to fight cancer, and some children and adults are matching on the streets to stop school shootings as well as other violence. Others are coming up with diets to prevent as well as treat heart disease. However, when it comes to suicide, most people are seeing is taboo. Those who are close to people who have committed suicide are always feeling ashamed as well guilty thinking that if they had done something, they could have helped the situation.


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