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Cassio Audi Creates New Career Path for Himself

BusinessmanCelebs / November 19, 2017 / No Comments /

Cassio AudiThe business world has an assortment of people that were skilled in other areas before they became business men and women. This is most certainly the case with Cassio Audi. He is someone that has a very interesting background that still surfaces from time to time. Follow Cassio Audi on Facebook.

Before Cassio Audi became a financial businessman he was putting his talents to use in the music world. He was part of a band called Viper, and his talent shined through brightly on the debut Viper album. Cassio would leave the group soon after the debut album, but his talents are still recognized today.

He has become the drummer that transitioned into a financial investing guru. He has helped many clients build successful portfolios. This is where his passion is, and that is how he makes a living today. In his early years, however, he was all about rock music, and his love for music would even help him make contributions to the Viper debut album as a songwriter.

It is not often that people hear about rock band members that become financial businessmen. Cassio is a rare exception to this, but he has proven to be quite proficient in what he is doing. He is good in his field because he was able to earn degrees in business. He has an MBA, and this has allowed him to explore many different facets of business. The area that he gravitated to was finance. This is where he has become known for his talents with helping people build a successful portfolio.

Cassio Audi has reunited at one point with the Viper band in the 90’s for live shows, but drumming is simply a recreational hobby for Cassio. His true love at this moment is numbers, and financial planning is where he puts most of his energy. Read more about Cassio Audi at metal-archives.com.

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