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Cassio Audi: From Music to Financial Management

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Cassio Audi was a musician before venturing into financial management. Today, he is a holder of a degree in business administration having studied from the Pontifical Catholic University. He also joined the Sao Paulo University for a master’s degree in business administration before delving into financial matters. After graduating, he became more passionate about the economic issues of the country. He laid a few strategies to assist him to elevate his client’s financial profiles. At the same time, Audi mobilized some groups to help to schedule economic programs that could help his customers to venture into low-risk business. With his vast understanding of investment portfolios and stock matters, Cassio Audi has helped many Brazilians to invest in better companies that could yield more return. He has also formed teams that support Brazilians to invest in invaluable sources of income. Read more about Cassio Audi at 12social.com.br.


Moreover, Audi has opened several companies that deal with investment. He has impacted these firms by instigating policies that can help in developmental purposes. He also offers advice regarding the economy of Brazil and how important it is to learn how to overcome challenges. Audi offers training to emerging as well as established investors who aspire to put their monetary resources in stock exchange. He is also geared toward assisting his employees at the firm that offers financial investment advice to understand how the company is managed. Read more at comhaha.com about Cassio Audi.


While he was a loved musician who supported his fans beyond the stage when he was a performer, Cassio Audi delved into financial investment to support these fans on a more personal level not only as an adviser but a strategic manager.

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