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A True Leader!

Advertising AgencyAdvertising Firm / September 1, 2017 / No Comments

I think a great leader is not one who is chosen but one that comes forward all on his own; with all this, he also takes ownership of the pack as well as leads them to turmoil or success, depending on the circumstances. Mullen Lowe’s Jose is such a leader; he’s also not republican or democratic, staying pretty neutral to politics and the government. He believes the world was created perfectly. It was perfectly placed in the solar system and recycles itself, which is “perfect”. Jose’s Recent Thoughts By any means, if something recycles itself, then it has reached a whole new level of living eternally. Anyways, if we are …..

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Alexandre Gama Rises To Head One Of The Top 20 Ad Agency’s In Brazil

Advertising FirmBusiness World / August 26, 2017 / No Comments

The Brazilian advertising industry has seen many specialists make their way to the top of the marketing world, but few have had the global impact of Alexandre Gama as both a creative and head of his own agency, Neogama. The career of Alexandre Gama has taken him across much of the world with a partnership signed between Neogama and the BBH agency led to the executive being appointed the Chief Creative Officer of the merged agency, a role that took Gama to London to provide his skills to the many different people. The advertising executive has been effective in creating a career that has been rewarded with a series of …..

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