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Purina Petcare: Caring For Your Pets

Animal Health / October 29, 2015 / No Comments

Based out of St. Louis, Missouri, Purina Petcare, or Ralston Purina, is a company that has a long-standing history that began by selling horse feed in 1894. In 2002, Purina, which includes the Beneful, Purina One, and Purina Pro Plan brands, was acquired by Nestle for $10.3 billion and merged with Friskies. After the merge, Purina became the largest pet food brand in the country and the second largest in the world. And for good reason. What sets Purina news resources and food apart is the nutrition and passion that goes into making it. They ensure that each kibble nourishes your pet, gives them energy, and helps them live a …..

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Purina For Every Stage of Your Dogs Life

Animal Health / October 27, 2015 / 1 Comment

Purina is one of the first brands that come to mind when we think about dog food. Almost anyone who has a puppy or dog has likely fed them a Purina brand of dog food. Under the Purina company umbrella are many common brands from Puppy Chow to Alpo, Purina makes some of the best dog food for our best four legged friends. Puppy Food Puppies have special diet needs much like babies. Purina has it covered. Your puppy may be a large breed, small breed or something in between, there is a formula that will help your new best friend grow and thrive. Puppy Chow is very popular and …..

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