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Doe Deere is Proof of the American Dream

Beauty ProductsBloggerBusinessCompanyCosmetic IndustryCosmetic ProductWomen in Business / October 9, 2018 / 1 Comment

The founder of Lime Crime, Doe Deere, was born in Russia as Xenia Vorotova. Growing up in Izhevsh, Russia, she dreamed of coming to America and living the American dream. At the age of 17, Xenia immigrated to the United States together with her mother and her sister. Believing that New York City was the best place to start building their new lives, they settled in the Big Apple. The three women spent the next several years struggling to survive in heavily populated New York City. Xenia’s mother was a successful accountant in Russia. Getting her education records transferred to the U.S. turned out to be a very time consuming …..

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Wengie is Adorbs

Blogger / September 7, 2016 / No Comments

Wengie is a super cute girl who is vlogging (video blogging) modern beauty and health tips. In her vlogs that are on her YouTube channel, she includes the crazy antics of her boyfriend Max and their two cats Mikki and Mia while filming her vlogs. The videos are very upbeat and funny, as well as informative. They keep you intrigued and you want to keep watching. I watched several videos of hers and I couldn’t stop! With her adorable accent she explains how she achieved how to color her white hair extensions in “Unicorn Hair Tutorial!” After watching this tutorial, I wanted to go out and buy the products to …..

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