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Gareth Henry Explains The Origin And Spread Of Quantitative Investing

Business GuruBusinessmanInvestor / December 29, 2018 / No Comments

Gareth Henry borrows on the statistical research of Alex Foster the current VP at Quantiacs and author of “The Edge of Foresight” to depict the spread of quantitative investing. In the book, Foster argues that as much as 90 percent of the stock volumes in the United States is traded through quantum investing. More importantly, it asserts that the absorption rate of the technology has hit above average rates with 6 of every 10 registered hedge funds in the country using one form of quantitative investing or another. But what if the origin of this trend and why the sudden bump in demand? Learn more about Gareth Henry at gazetteday.com …..

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Shiraz Boghani Of The Splendid Hospitality

Business GuruPhilanthropist / July 12, 2018 / No Comments

Shiraz Boghani relocated from Kenya to the UK in the year 1969. The individual studied hospitality management becoming a renowned entrepreneur in the United Kingdom. Currently, he serves as the chairman of the Splendid Hospitality Group, an organization held responsible for more than 23 successful hotels in the region. Boghani has 30-year experience in his career making him receive the Hotelier of the Year Award from the Asian Business Awards 2016. The event was distinctive with journalists such as Shailesh R. Solanki, Amit Roy, executive editor of AMG, Richmond MP Rishi Sunak, and the investment banker Jitesh Gadhia. In the year 1990, Shiraz Boghani opened the limited service branded hotels. …..

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The Business Legendary: Louis Chenevert

Business Guru / December 9, 2017 / No Comments

As a young business person, you may consider reading about other investors who were before you. As much as you may think you got it all figured out, there might be just a lot of things that you may be missing out. A wise investor does not wait to learn from their own mistakes. A prudent entrepreneur reads and learns from their predecessors. In the process of reading, they get various tactics that they can employ in their business and improve the performance of the company. That is how people rise after a small period in business. Visit utc.com to know more about Louis Chenevert. Louis Chenevert is among the …..

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Mike Baur: One Simple Idea

Business GuruBusiness WorldBusinessmanCEO / August 29, 2017 / No Comments

Mike Baur is is a highly accomplished business consultant and coach, mentor and serial entrepreneur. In fact, Baur has made a career out of it. He founded the Zurich-based Swiss Startup Factory. He has successfully led dozens of business transformations, taking stagnant firms and showing entrepreneurs how to turn them around.   Born in Schaffhausen, Switzerland, Mike is an expert on dimensions of change. For nearly 20 years, he provided business owners with objective and customized strategies on profitable investment opportunities that would lead to better metrics. Additionally, Mike Baur has helped develop and implement marketing strategies for numerous start-ups, as well as mentoring entrepreneurs on improving marketing processes, leading …..

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What You Need to Know About Anthony Petrello

Business GuruPhilantropist / August 10, 2017 / No Comments

Work and Education Background Anthony Petrello acquired a Juris Doctor degree from a law firm and an M.S degree in Mathematics. It is with this degree that he based his career on and achieved much success. Career at Nabors Industry He served as the president of Nabors Industry. He developed strategic responsibilities in the enterprise. He was a force behind the success of this firm. Total Compensation as Of FY 2015 He received a full reimbursement for FY 2015 of over $27 million dollars. Anthony Petrello earned a salary of above $ 1.5million as well as a bonus of about $ 7.7 million and also a stock of over $ …..

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Eric Lefkofsky’s Tempus enabling actionable insights into personalized cancer care

Business GuruBusiness World / June 9, 2017 / No Comments

Cancer research is no longer limited to the site of the tumors, but instead is being transformed into a more individualized treatment process that focuses on an individual’s genome as a key to treatment strategies. This is the result of advances in technology that are developing faster genomic sequencing tools which are leading to a better understanding of the processes involved in cancer development; specifically how genotypes associated with specific cancers can be identified. This type of treatment strategy requires access to rich molecular and phenotypic data, as well as clinical data that can allow physicians to better diagnose, treat and prevent cancer as well as make decisions that are …..

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Jay Z and Roc Nation Look to Future After 360 Deal

Business Guru / June 3, 2017 / No Comments

Jay Z and Desiree Perez have been leading Roc Nation to prosperity for years and now it looks like the next chapter is about to begin. Ten years ago Jay Z and the team at Roc Nation signed a lucrative 10 year deal with Live Nation for a jaw dropping $150 million. Now the time for that contract is almost coming up and Jay Z and the rest of his team have some decisions to make. Preliminary reports show that Live Nation is looking to re-negotiate their deal while Jay and his team are keen on finding something better. More to read on pagesix.com Live Nation has been steadily shifting …..

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The Very Best of The Fabletics Brand

Business GuruClothingDressing / April 26, 2016 / No Comments

The hottest new craze in fashion is Athleisure. This stylish, comfortable active wear can be worn just about anywhere. While there are many fashion companies that are capitalizing on this trend, one stands above the rest because of their unbeatable prices, the quality and the convenience. This brilliant new company is called Fabletics. You may have seen the commercials on tv; I know I have. They feature Kate Hudson, co-founder and focus on the comfort and look of Fabletics. Not only do they offer outfits that make going to the gym fun, comfortable and easy, they also offer a trendy, sophisticated look to wear to the office. This innovative company …..

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BMG Bank President Ricardo Guimarães Weighs In On The China Economic Situation

Business GuruBusiness WorldNews / March 31, 2016 / No Comments

Brazil and China have been serious trading partners for the last ten years. China needed the raw materials that Brazil could supply to fuel their manufacturing sector as well as help their new consumer market thrive. But when China started to realize that the manufacturing base they depended on for economic growth was stalling, the country had a stock meltdown. China cut the amount of goods they needed from Brazil and Brazil fell into a recession. That was two years ago. China’s President Xi Jinping was recently quoted in an R7.com article, and he said the Chinese economy will still grow by more than 6.5 percent a year for the …..

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The Hawks Have Flown, But Bruce Levenson Is Still Busy

Business Guru / October 21, 2015 / No Comments

Bruce Levenson is an Atlanta businessman with an impressive resume. In 1977 he co-founded United Communications Group with his partner Ed Peskowitz, and he still keeps a hand in the company’s strategy and acquisitions. He’s also on the board of directors of Tech Target, Inc., where he serves on the compensation and nominating and governance committees. In 2004, sports fans Bruce Levenson and Peskowitz formed Atlanta Spirit LLC for the purpose of buying the Altanta Hawks NBA team from Turner Broadcasting. After ten years of ownership, Levenson decided to sell his 50.1% share of the Hawks. Several parties expressed interest, and the Hawks hired experts Goldman Sachs and Inner Circle …..

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