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George Soros: A Renowned World Investor, Philanthropist, and Author

Business WorldProfit / October 9, 2017 / No Comments

Giving funds to charitable organizations is an important part of the life of George Soros. He is the 22nd richest man in the world, and he has a rich history of philanthropy that spans decades. The Open Society Foundations have been a major contributor to his philanthropy and has helped shed light on his personal story and his charitable giving. George Soros has had significant contributions in Eastern Europe helping the former Soviet bloc countries to transform themselves into independence democracies and learn more about George Soros. Soros, the philanthropist George Soros is one the renowned philanthropist in the world. Soros has given out over $12 billion to individuals and …..

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Mike Baur: One Simple Idea

Business GuruBusiness WorldBusinessmanCEO / August 29, 2017 / No Comments

Mike Baur is is a highly accomplished business consultant and coach, mentor and serial entrepreneur. In fact, Baur has made a career out of it. He founded the Zurich-based Swiss Startup Factory. He has successfully led dozens of business transformations, taking stagnant firms and showing entrepreneurs how to turn them around.   Born in Schaffhausen, Switzerland, Mike is an expert on dimensions of change. For nearly 20 years, he provided business owners with objective and customized strategies on profitable investment opportunities that would lead to better metrics. Additionally, Mike Baur has helped develop and implement marketing strategies for numerous start-ups, as well as mentoring entrepreneurs on improving marketing processes, leading …..

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Market America Events

Business WorldDigital Markeitng / August 27, 2017 / No Comments

Market America Events are an excellent tool to help you move up in the world. Market America offers a huge number of different functions to help you become a better person through things such as leadership training or product knowledge. These Market America Events are worldwide and world renown for their professionalism and how informative they are. Many people see these events as invaluable assets to going on to a better life. Market America is offering a huge number of different events this fall. From early September to November 19th, Market America has events discussing things from nutraMetrix training to personal motivation conferences. They also offer online webinars for anyone …..

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Alexandre Gama Rises To Head One Of The Top 20 Ad Agency’s In Brazil

Advertising FirmBusiness World / August 26, 2017 / No Comments

The Brazilian advertising industry has seen many specialists make their way to the top of the marketing world, but few have had the global impact of Alexandre Gama as both a creative and head of his own agency, Neogama. The career of Alexandre Gama has taken him across much of the world with a partnership signed between Neogama and the BBH agency led to the executive being appointed the Chief Creative Officer of the merged agency, a role that took Gama to London to provide his skills to the many different people. The advertising executive has been effective in creating a career that has been rewarded with a series of …..

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Todd Lubar Accomplishments in Finance and Real Estate

Business World / August 10, 2017 / No Comments

Todd Lubar is a well-known real estate investor who is currently based in the United States. At the moment, the businessman works as the president of a company known as TDL Ventures. Todd Lubar is also the vice president for Legendary Properties. The businessman has worked in real estate for more than twenty years, and he is now helping the other individuals in the society to become home owners. Thanks to his numerous accomplishments, Todd Lubar has been named as one of the top mortgage originators in the United States several times. Apart from his successful career in real estate, Todd Lubar has also worked in several departments such as …..

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Where Wine Guides Go Off The Vineyards

Business World / June 20, 2017 / No Comments

The Traveling Vineyard’s wine guides may be known for knowing exactly where tourists should go for the best wine in Napa, but they also love many other hidden gems of the Valley. There’s more grown in the Napa Valley than grapes. Round Pond Estate has some of the best olives and olive oils in the world, and it’s located right in wine country, and they offer guided tours of the olive growing and producing process. In addition to olive trees, there are plenty of other trees when you hike up Mt. St. Helena through the tree-lined trails, majestic mountains, and natural splendor of Robert Louis Stevenson State Park. Travelers can …..

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Eric Lefkofsky’s Tempus enabling actionable insights into personalized cancer care

Business GuruBusiness World / June 9, 2017 / No Comments

Cancer research is no longer limited to the site of the tumors, but instead is being transformed into a more individualized treatment process that focuses on an individual’s genome as a key to treatment strategies. This is the result of advances in technology that are developing faster genomic sequencing tools which are leading to a better understanding of the processes involved in cancer development; specifically how genotypes associated with specific cancers can be identified. This type of treatment strategy requires access to rich molecular and phenotypic data, as well as clinical data that can allow physicians to better diagnose, treat and prevent cancer as well as make decisions that are …..

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Constructs Offers Better Services Brazilian Businesses

Business Worldconstruction / April 17, 2017 / No Comments

Brazilian businesses wish to build as much as possible when they are growing, and this article explains how Construcap gives companies a better finished product. The business has offered a number of fine construction services to those who are expanding in Brazil, and they are building a new nation that is growing into a economic power. The economy cannot grow without construction, and the middle class cannot live or work without new places to go.   #1: What Are They Building?   Construcap is building everything from the smallest residential spaces to large industrial parks. They will show the businesses that hire them a plan that will make each of …..

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UKV PLC: The Wine Experts

Business World / February 23, 2017 / No Comments

The wine selection process can be a tedious job at times especially if you do not know what to choose. That is why you need experts like the UKV to help you choose the perfect wine. UKV is a team of consultants who have knowledge and experience in wine and champagne selection. It is an independent company and not linked to any corporation. They work in partnership with a network of brokers and traders. The company is involved in the acquisition and supply of the different wines in both private and public sectors. They also offer brokerage services to persons who wish to sell the wines. UKV provides consultations to …..

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A Look Into The Structure And Achievements Of Cone Marshall

Business WorldFinancial Advisors / October 18, 2016 / No Comments

Virtually all countries across the world are litigious nations and there are many legal requirements that should be followed to ensure life moves on fairly and comfortably. Cone Marshall, a New Zealand-based law firm has reiterated the need to have a focused system that addresses all the issues that different industries have been facing and one of the areas they have perfected their practice on is trust and tax laws. The firm has been working with international clients and most of their professionals are trained lawyers with years of experience in different areas of law. Their dedication to upholding fair practices and working with other legal bodies to offer reliable …..

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