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Scott Rocklage – The Race For A Cure

Business / March 9, 2018 / No Comments

Scott Rocklage, M.D. attended the University of California in Berkeley. While there he earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemistry. He received his Ph.D. at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Read more: Scott Rocklage | Bloomberg and Scott Rocklage | Crunchbase Scott Rocklage, M.D. has over 30 years of healthcare management experience. Dr. Rocklage responsible for the FDA approval the medications Cubicin, Teslascan and Omniscan. He has co-invented and invented over 30 U.S. patents. In Addition, he continues to submit medications for clinical trials. He is consistently written articles for peer review publication. Since 2004 Dr. Scott Rocklage is currently serving as the Managing Partner of 5AM Ventures. He …..

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Malcolm CasSelle: Reshaping the World of Gaming

BusinessBusiness LeaderBusinessmanCEOIn-Game Virtual AssetsTradingVirtual Assets / March 1, 2018 / No Comments

The cryptocurrency market just influenced the world of gaming, and because of the blockchain technology, more secure transactions can be made in the virtual world. Malcolm CasSelle, an individual who tapped on the opportunities provided by the blockchain technology and the cryptocurrency market, had integrated the system to online gaming. Malcolm CasSelle is a businessman and entrepreneur who established a system called the Worldwide Asset Exchange, or WAX for short. The WAX platform is being used by gamers to sell their items while receiving the right amount of payment, whether through cryptocurrencies or any other item of exchange.   Malcolm CasSelle stated that there are more than 400 million people …..

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Waiakea Water — All Natural Composition that Aids in Helping the Body

BeverageBusinessHealthHealth & WellnessPhilantrophyWater / February 20, 2018 / No Comments

Some people drink a lot of bottled water during the course of their day. In some cases, they may be able to distinguish between bottled water that does not really taste good, and those that are quite tasty and refreshing. Regardless of the person and their preference, the primary reasons some bottled water taste better than others, usually depends on the source that the actual water come from before the manufacturer bottles them up. Therefore, when people are choosing a specific brand of water, it is essential that they are doing their homework prior to selecting a bottled water that they will be drinking every day. Therefore, if you are …..

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Jose Auriemo Neto Brings Luxury to the People of Brazil

Business / January 3, 2018 / No Comments

The image of Brazil has always been of the highest levels of luxury along the sun-kissed beaches of this South American nation which has built its national brand on the opulent lifestyle of Rio de Janeiro’s beaches. One of those who can be given a great deal of credit for enhancing the image of opulence and luxury of Brazil through the high-quality deals he has struck to market and retail many of the world’s leading luxury brands seen as aspirational for many consumers. As the President of the giant JHSF real estate brand, Jose Auriemo Neto has become a figure well known across the world for the success he has …..

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Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho looks at the growth of his legal career.

BusinessLawyer / October 20, 2017 / No Comments

Starting his foray into law by attending Mackenzie Presbyterian University law school Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho had set his sights on being the best legal practitioner he could be.He knew the need for a good education was critical and it is with this that he gave it all in his education graduating among the top of his law class after this he went on to take his bar exam at Ordem dos Advogados do Brasil where he was then admitted to the bar.He would come later on pursue his masters in business administration as he knew at the pinnacle of his career he wanted to be a managing partner …..

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How George Soros Became One of the World’s Foremost Philanthropists

BusinessPolitics / October 11, 2017 / No Comments

George Soros is one of the most prominent political figures on the face of the Earth. Raised in Hungary before emigrating to London and finding success in America, Soros knows that he is a citizen of the planet rather than just an individual within lines of boundaries. George Soros is the founder of the Soros Hedge Fund, one of the most successful investment firms int he world, as well as the Open Society Foundations — his philanthropic extension that has donated nearly $12 billion worldwide. Let’s take a little bit of a closer look at George Soros, a prominent figure that has largely been misrepresented by Western media and George …..

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