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Beneful Means Natural Products

Dog FoodDog Food Products / August 17, 2017 / No Comments

The pet foods market has been undergoing a series of changes over the last decade or so as the sector for natural foods has been expanding with a greater focus on the organic and natural foods market driving many of the world’s leading manufacturers to purchase existing natural food manufacturers. One company who identified the changing pet foods market early in the 21st-century was Purina, one of the world’s leading pet foods manufacturers who set out to develop their own natural pet foods line as early as 2001; the launch of Purina’s Beneful brand saw the first mass produced natural food product hit the shelves around the world with the …..

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Huge Selection Of Beneful Products Sold At Walmart

Dog FoodFood / June 17, 2017 / No Comments

Purina Beneful wet and dry dog food are both available at all Walmart stores. They are sold in a few different combinations including the wet and dry dog food varieties. Beneful dry dog food is sold in packages based off of pounds. For example, a 15.5 pound bag costs $13.98 and a medium size bag that weighs 31.1 pounds costs $26.98, and a 41 pound bag costs $33.98. The bigger the bag, the less you pay overall for Beneful wet dog food by the pound. The flavors range from real chicken, real beef, and even salmon. Beneful originals with the real salmon option is sold for the same price as …..

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Getting The Best Food For Your Dog

Dog Food / July 28, 2015 / 1 Comment

All dog owners want the best for their dogs. This would include the type of dog food and snacks they give to their furry friends. Besides making sure their dog gets enough exercise for the age of the dog, they also want to make sure the food is right for their dog. The right kind of food would depend on the age and size of their dog. There are different types of nutritional value in the food for the different ages and sizes. The dog snacks available are made to help get tarter off the dogs teeth. Some will also help freshen the dogs breathe. Just like dog food, the …..

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