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Stream Energy Wants Customers to Be Successful

BusinessCompanyEnergyEnergy IndustryEntrepreneurphilanthropy / May 10, 2018 / No Comments

Between everything Stream does and everything they put into their business, they make sure their customers get the best experiences. They focus on customers because they like to help them and they like to give them everything they can use to keep getting better in different situations. It’s their goal of providing people with different things that help them make sure they can do everything the right way. Between the hard work they have and the things that Stream Energy puts into their business, customers get more out of the situations they’re in. They aren’t like the rest of the companies and they know what it means to give back …..

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Obsidian Energy: Standing As A Pinnacle In The Energy Industry

BusinessCanadaEnergyGasGreen EnergyOilPower / March 24, 2018 / No Comments

When it comes to oil and natural gas producers from Canada, Obsidian Energy is one company that has showcased a brilliant amount of development in the last few years. Based in Alberta, the company stands among some of the most significant energy countries in the country. The company is also among the top hundred companies in the Toronto Stock Exchange. Founded in 1979, the company has grown extensively over the years and has progressed with the times to outshine the rest of the companies in the sector. Most of the operations that the company carries out are within the Western region in Canada, which is considered to be one of …..

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Impressionable facts About Talos Energy

EnergyManagement / October 23, 2017 / No Comments

Talos Energy has diversified its operations over the past years, and its recent collaboration with Sierra Leone Oil and Gas and Premier Oil LLC has turned out to be the most significant collaborations in the Mexican waters in almost eighty years. The three prestigious companies look forward to drilling a single oil well in the outskirts of the city to increase the level of oil production for the country. The state-run oil and gas monopoly Petroleos Mexicanos, the very first firm to carry out such an activity and the three companies, will make history in the country. Talos Energy carries out its oil and gas operations in Mexico, and due …..

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