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Sussex Healthcare Audiology Services

Healthcare Industry / January 11, 2018 / 1 Comment

Sussex Healthcare Audiology provides hearing aids to patients that suffer hearing problems as a result of their age. It aims at creating better living to the elderly and restoring sounds that have been lost to the hearing problem. It fits these aids to patients; provide aftercare services as well as consultation services to ENT patients. Currently, Sussex Healthcare Audiology is operating in Berkshire, Sussex and Surrey areas. Patients are helped to deal with tinnitus which is a term used to describe noises heard by patients with no specific origin. It is experienced by several elderly people and at Sussex Healthcare Audiology, they are in a position to recommend on what …..

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Amicus Therapeutics, Biotechnology Company Offering Rare Disease Therapies

Healthcare Industry / November 15, 2017 / No Comments

Amicus Therapeutics is a biopharmaceutical company found in Cranbury, New Jersey. The company first became public in 2007 with NASDAQ trading symbol FOLD. Amicus was heavily funded by several Venture Capital firms including Canaan Partners, Radius Ventures, and New Enterprise Associates among others. Amicus Therapeutics is mainly concerned with the treatment of rare diseases commonly referred to as lysosomal storage disorders. Most of the company’s products developments are mainly founded on Chaperone-Advanced Replacement Therapy. In 2004, Amicus Therapeutics was specially recognized for its broad portfolio of small molecule pharmacological chaperones. Within the same period, the firm had not marketed any of its products. At the time, its most advanced candidate …..

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Renown Health Extends Company’s History with Local Clinic in South Reno

HealthHealthcare Industry / June 26, 2017 / No Comments

Throughout its history, Renown Health has made significant contributions to the community. Beginning in 1977, becoming the first non-profit agency to build a hospital in Reno, the company has made a sizable impact on the local community and has provided with health care service  through all of its contributions. Renown Health will make additional history within the Nevada community by opening a brand new clinic in South Reno. Renown Health clinic will have a staff of 11 medical personnel and will open its doors to receive patients in a massive 10,000 square foot facility located within the Summit Mall. There will be a primary care physician on duty as well …..

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Renown Health – Leading Urgent Care in Nevada

Health ExecutiveHealthcare Industry / June 2, 2017 / No Comments

Renown Health is one of the leading healthcare facilities in Nevada, and is proud to announce the new arrival of one of their clinics. The clinic will be opening in The Summit Mall in South Reno. It’s set to open this spring and will provide primary care services along with laboratory services. There is a possibility that more services will be offered in the future.Dr. McCormack is the medical director of Renown Medical Group. One of her missions with the new practice was to make it inviting and welcoming. They wanted a comfortable setting for patient’s coming in to the new office. The space was also designed with the intention …..

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Maggie Gill: Healthcare CEO is Provided with Very Unique Challenges:

Healthcare Industry / March 22, 2017 / No Comments

The CEO of the healthcare industry is provided with many interesting and unique challenges. This is a market that continually evolves. No one knows better of the fact, than the distinguished CEO of Memorial Health, in Charming Savannah, Georgia, the illustrious Maggie Gill. Maggie Gill places a great deal of emphasis on a delivery system that is well-coordinated. She, too, recognizes the varying degree of health needs, within her segment of the country. Memorial Health services an area, in a portion of South Carolina and southern area of Georgia. The preceding means that there is a populace comprised of every socio-economic class available. Add to this, if you will, the …..

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