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Madison Street Capital Gains Stellar Reputation in Corporate Finance

BankinginvestingInvestment / December 8, 2017 / No Comments

Brandon Ferguson recently published an article on Affiliate Dork, which can also be found on PR.com. The article called “Madison Street Capital- A Reputation on the Rise in the Corporate Finance Industry” discusses the rise of Madison Street Capital, which has had several successful mergers and advice to their clients, landing them a variety of awards and honors.   Madison Street Capital was founded in 2005. Since their founding, the company has created an extensive reputation for creating exit strategies, helping their clients manage complex contracts and helping match sellers to the right buyers. They primarily focus on mergers, corporate governance and private placement, tax compliance, acquisitions and bankruptcy services. They …..

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Investment Expert Explains Why Buffett is Wrong

FundInvestment / June 21, 2017 / No Comments

Tim Armour, chairman of Capital Group, recently published an article which laid out the facts on why Warren Buffet is wrong about his investment strategy. The article first agrees that Mr. Buffett has been right about some aspects of his recent claims. But Tim Armour explains why this does not mean that index funds are the solution and that funds managers can not give investors higher returns. Warren Buffett set up a challenge for the financial industry. Buffett stated that he could would invest in the S&P 500, a popular index fund that invests passively according to an algorithm, and his returns would be higher over a set amount of …..

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