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Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho looks at the growth of his legal career.

BusinessLawyer / October 20, 2017 / No Comments

Starting his foray into law by attending Mackenzie Presbyterian University law school Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho had set his sights on being the best legal practitioner he could be.He knew the need for a good education was critical and it is with this that he gave it all in his education graduating among the top of his law class after this he went on to take his bar exam at Ordem dos Advogados do Brasil where he was then admitted to the bar.He would come later on pursue his masters in business administration as he knew at the pinnacle of his career he wanted to be a managing partner …..

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Role of Bruno Fagali in the New/sb

LawLawyer / June 30, 2017 / No Comments

The new/sb is an agency with some government related accounts. Since Michel Temer became the president, companies and bodies must undergo changes in command law service on an interim basis. One of the founding partners namely Bob Vieira has implemented corporate integrity program, a system that concentrates on sound business practices. Bob noted in an interview with Meio & Mensagem that he views the urban law possibility of fear to revise advertising contracts of companies linked to the government. Bruno Fagali continued to explain how the process of creation of its compliance occurred. New/sb was the first advertising agency in the sector to create a code of conduct in accordance …..

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