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The Technology Advancement of Slyce

Mobile News / September 21, 2015 / No Comments

Slyce is a Toronto based company that deals in the development of visual and image recognition technology. Slyce is also a publicly traded entity on the TSX Venture Exchange market. It was started by Erika Racicot and Cameron Chell in the beginning of 2012.Originally the company was based in Calgary, Alberta before moving its main operation base to Toronto, Ontario. The company has additional offices in New Waterford, Nova Scotia, Minneapolis, Minnesota and Calgary. The company has a number of products and services under its name. They have successfully partnered with six top retailers. Snap-to-Buy is among their well known product. It is a product recognition application that can be …..

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Slyce Looking to Revolutionize the Online Shopping World

Mobile News / September 3, 2015 / No Comments

Slyce is a company that builds image recognition technology. The company is hoping to surpass Amazon Flow in the image recognition business. For those who are not aware, Amazon Flow is a mobile app that uses product recognition to allow users to take a picture of an item and instantly pull up that item on Amazon to compare prices. Slyce is hoping to hone that ability and become the latest and greatest image recognition technology for companies other than Amazon. The company out of Toronto claims to work even better than Amazon Flow. Where Amazon relies heavily on logos and bar codes to identify products, Slyce can identify a product …..

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FreedomPop Taking Mobile Wireless Services by Storm

Doing It RightMobile News / July 28, 2015 / No Comments

FreedomPop is looking to take control of the wireless industry by offering customers with deals they simply are not able to find anywhere else. The company strives to provide the very best services and, in many cases, free services to its customers. For clients who do not need much in way of text, talk or data, they can receive plans of 300 minutes, 300 text messages and 300 MB of data for free, with add on packages costing not much at all. For customers who are completely tired of having to pay an arm and a leg for traditional mobile wireless services, they are finally able to save money with …..

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