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Why Sahm Adrangi Gave Kodak A Negative Outlook

BitcoinBusinessCEOCompanyCrytocurrencyEntrepreneurInvestmentInvestprMarketing FirmProfitStock MarketTrading / April 11, 2018 / No Comments

Most Wall Street analysts are hesitant to give negative outlooks on company’s future. However, one analyst has recently gone bearish one of the most well-known names in the business world. That analyst, Sahm Adrangi, has decided that Kodak is one company that most investors should avoid in the near-term. So why is Sahm Adrangi bearish on Kodak stock? Well, Kodak recently released some news about the creation of KODAKCoin and KODAKOne, projects that take advantage of the emerging blockchain technology. This move, the analysis believes, is just a distraction from the fact that the company is in deep financial trouble. Mr. Adrangi also goes on to explain that many of …..

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George Soros: A Renowned World Investor, Philanthropist, and Author

Business WorldProfit / October 9, 2017 / No Comments

Giving funds to charitable organizations is an important part of the life of George Soros. He is the 22nd richest man in the world, and he has a rich history of philanthropy that spans decades. The Open Society Foundations have been a major contributor to his philanthropy and has helped shed light on his personal story and his charitable giving. George Soros has had significant contributions in Eastern Europe helping the former Soviet bloc countries to transform themselves into independence democracies and learn more about George Soros. Soros, the philanthropist George Soros is one the renowned philanthropist in the world. Soros has given out over $12 billion to individuals and …..

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