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The Incredible Investment Journey of Hussain Sajwani, the DAMAC Owner

Finance & Real EstateReal Estate / October 29, 2018 / No Comments

Dubai is known as the primary address of luxury real estate and elegant lifestyle of modern-day living. This is made possible by visionaries such as Hussain Sajwani, who never settle for less and work relentlessly to see their visions, dreams and ambitions come to fruition. Hussain Sajwani, who is the founder of DAMAC, was not born rich or connected; but his success was a result of sheer personal effort and unmatched hard work. His family background also fueled his determination besides giving him a priceless entrepreneurship experience at a tender age. He spent a considerable time in his father’s watch shop where he helped him with the daily activities of …..

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Making Healthcare More Accessible With Dr. Mark Mckenna

BusinessCEOCosmetic SurgeonDoctorEntrepreneurPlastic SurgeonReal EstateSurgery / July 30, 2018 / No Comments

Dr. Mark Mckenna is a licensed surgeon and medical doctor in the Atlanta Georgia area. He has licenses from the Board of Medical Examiners to operate services in Florida State as well as Georgia. Tulane University Medical School is where Dr. Mark Mckenna successfully completed his studies. He established the aesthetic based medical practice Health company and then sold the business to Lifetime Fitness Incorporated. the Doctor’s next venture would be becoming CEO of OVME cosmetics. This company is a client friendly healthcare practice that primarily focuses on technology and patient solutions that are related to aesthetic healthcare. Dr. Mark Mckenna’s goal with OVME is to make the process of …..

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What Reviews Share about Dr. Jennifer Walden

DoctorsReal Estate / April 4, 2018 / No Comments

Dr. Jennifer Walden is someone who cares about her patients and their unique needs. She has shared that she has had work completed on her body and that she empathizes with those individuals who are looking to have work completed on their bodies. She knows how it feels to be unhappy with her body and that helps her to know how it feels to be her patient. She never judges those individuals who come to her for help in changing their bodies but she works with them to make sure that they know what it is that they want to change. Dr. Jennifer Walden helps her patients see how their …..

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Todd Lubar is a Positive Role Model for Business

Real Estate / March 27, 2018 / No Comments

Todd Lubar may not have always been the successful businessman that he is today, but his motivation and hard work have been consistent since his early childhood. While Todd Lubar has been involved in many different fields as an entrepreneur, his most successful foray into business has been real estate. While it may have started with mortgages, he is now involved in developing. While providing home loans, he noticed how much money there was to be made in rehabbing older houses and decided to try a hand at it himself. He kept reinvesting the money he made from the first home and built an extremely successful career out of it …..

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How Jose AuriemoNeto built JHSF into a Force to reckon with in Brazil’s Real Estate Industry

Brazillian BusinessReal Estate / July 24, 2017 / No Comments

When you are in the market for real estate or just shopping for luxury items, well look no further than JHSF Participacoes. Founded in 1972, the real estate company has become the pinnacle of modern day luxury and sophistication. An up-close insight reveals that JHSF has mastered the art of constructing recurrent income assets including shopping malls, real estate projects and hotels. With several other branches in Uruguay and Brazil, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that the company is worth over R$ 1.2 billion, and has covered more than 6 million square meters of remarkable construction. As a top company in the industry, JHSF boasts an impressive …..

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Adam Milstein Has Built a Life Upon Heritage and Philanthropy

PhilantropistReal Estate / December 30, 2016 / No Comments

For select individuals, the call to help humanity and leave the world a better place is too strong to ignore. For these people, activism and philanthropy are a way of life and not simply activities to undertake when it is convenient. Through their own individual ways, whether it be fundraising for aid, campaigning to bring attention to an overlooked crisis, or directly contributing time and resources to end abuses the philanthropic efforts of the motivated individual help shape the world in a better frame. Adam Milstein has not only heard the call to help his fellow brothers and sisters but has made it a mission to provide as much assistance …..

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