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Top 3 Most Common Orthopedic Surgeries – Dr. Greg Finch

Surgeries / June 21, 2017 / No Comments

Orthopedic surgery is a specialty that deals with the bodies musculoskeletal system. There are many reasons why a person would need to see an orthopedic surgeon. Here are the top three most common procedures which orthopedic surgeons like Dr. Greg Finch perform on a regular basis. Knee arthroscopy and meniscectomy: Arthroscopy is a form of surgery that uses very small incisions. Meniscectomy is a repair of the meniscus. Surgeons will decided to either remove all of a torn meniscus, or only part of it and help the rest heal. Shoulder arthroscopy and decompression This procedure again uses athroscopy, or keyhole surgery. The surgeon enters the internal shoulder area and works …..

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