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Charlamagne Tha God Offers Personalized Copies Of His New Book This Holiday Season

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Charlamagne Tha God released his latest book “Shook One: Anxiety Playing Tricks on Me” in October of 2018. This book is a discussion about mental health and how it impacts the Black Community in America. The African American radio host and media personality wrote this book to let people know that celebrities suffer from mental health issues and that black people can overcome these issues with the right type of assistance and support network.


Barnes and Nobles decided to allow Charlamgneto sign autograph copies of Shook One for sale. Charlamagne is just one of many authors that has been given this privilege by Barnes and Nobles. Each author has been allowed to sign up to 200 copies of their material. Consumers that want to purchase a copy will be able to do so while supplies last.


Shook One exposes a side of Charlamagne’s life that has kept hidden from the public eye. Charlamagne explains that his life was not perfect in the past. Yes he was blessed with a strong family unit but that does not mean that he did not experience problems. He was in and out of jail and he encountered some tough situations that had taken an impact on his mental well-being.


One thing that Charlamagne states about Shook One is that black men are taught never to expose their feelings. His dad taught him these lessons for many years while he was growing up. The media star said that this perception slowly changing today because black entertainers and stars are opening up about their mental health, past experiences and problems. Go Here to learn more.


Social media and its impact on a person’s mental health is also discussed by Charlamagne. He explains that social media has the ability to harm a star’s career and it can cause negative problems for regular people using this medium. While Charlamagne Tha God is not against social media use he certainly cautions people about how to deal with this medium in their life. The signed copies of Shook One will be sold throughout the holidays until supplies run out.


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