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Charlamagne Tha God Voices His Opinion On Kamikaze, Eminem’s Recent Album

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In his recent album, Kamikaze, Eminem has twice made mention of Charlamagne Tha God First in “The Ringer”, then in “Fall”. Both the mentions are not in good light as the rapper believes that Charlamagne will not have any kind words for his record. Charlamagne was amused by the development and was glad that his name was part of a song. He believed that this was sufficient evidence that he had made great strides in his career.


He had an exclusive interview with Esquire where Charlamagne gave his opinion of the whole album. The homophobic jibe aimed at Tyler as well as Trump’s bashing stood out for the Breakfast Club’s co-host. Having been in the rap industry for a good number of years, he clearly understood how to decode messages.


Eminem was on point with his rant on Trump.


Charlamagne Tha God believes that every time whites stand up against prejudice a lot is achieved. It is an important privilege that very few have made use of. The ease with which Eminem puts his point across also impressed him. Unlike previous albums when the political rants lacked fluidity, Eminem expressed his feelings regarding Trump seamlessly.


Calling out Tyler may have ripple effects.


The American radio presenter felt that the line on Tyler would probably reach a wider audience than what Eminem had in mind. Given that Tyler is part of the LGBT community, he represents more than himself. What was meant for a single person may trickle down to every member of that community. Charlamagne was keen to point out that the freedom of speech has its limits.


Eminem is a global icon.


Regardless of their differences, Charlamagne believes that Eminem has done enough to earn a spot among the rap kings. He has earned a place in the hearts of many and his influence will last for the long haul. The presenter also stated that the Kamikaze album was way better than Revival. It underlined the fact that Eminem still had so much to offer. Read This Article to learn more.


Charlamagne has co-hosted the New York-based show since 2010. He works hand in hand with Angela Yee and DJ Envy. He is the author of ‘Black Privilege’, a book that was published and released in 2017. He hosts ‘Uncommon Sense’ on MTV2 and narrates ‘Inside the Label’ for BET.


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