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Chris Linkas Serves As A Model For Young Investors

Investment Leader / May 2, 2018 / No Comments /


As a financial expert, Chris Linkas knows something about investment strategies, especially since he’s been engaged in investments since college. RER Financial Group LLC recruited him right out of college to work as an analyst and asset manager, so Chris definitely launched his financial career on a high note.


While we all can’t be that fortunate, starting an investment portfolio at an early age can help us acquire some of those same skills Linkas learned in his career. It can also give us time to make costly mistakes and to recoup those losses in time to build a hearty portfolio.


Another good investment tip is to look for opportunities that pay compound interest on savings. Even where two individuals save the same amount of money, compounding interest over time can create a drastic difference in what will be accumulated by retirement age.


That was a lesson Chris learned early in his career, helping him to build up wealth for his employer. He produced a book balance of more than $4 billion within an 18 month period, attracting an offer from Goldman Sachs, where he excelled in a new position for the next five years. While there, Chris Linkas served as a vice president, overseeing the commercial mortgage joint venture between Fixed Income Group and Investment Banking Group.


As you pursue your own investment strategies, you’ll find that your overall spending habits will improve. While others may be experiencing bad credit problems, resulting from poor life choices, you’ll be living a better life (https://www.discogs.com/artist/2617983-Chris-Linkas). Because you’ll have access to better credit choices and will have an investment portfolio to help you attract better interest rates, you’ll be able to build a better quality of life.


It was that same dedication to investing and finance that helped Chris Linkas rise up through the ranks at Goldman Sachs. By 2012, he had earned the position of Managing Director and European Head of Credit, an opportunity that enabled Chris Linkas to explore his passion for finance on an international level. Today, Chris oversees investments throughout much of Europe, which encompasses everything from real estate opportunities to renewable energy investments. While Chris Linkas’ level of investments may be beyond the capabilities of most people, he can serve as a role model for what can be achieved with an investment strategy and enough time to learn the rules of finance.


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