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ClassDojo, the Effective Learning Tool

Education / November 16, 2017 / No Comments /

ClassDojo is an application that establishes a close network with the teachers, parents, and students. The app helps in sharing day to day experience through photos, videos and messages.at the end of the day the application’s goals are to conceptualize ideas while enabling the involved parties to work as a cohesive team.

The ClassDojo application hopes to keep in touch worldwide by establishing abroad network with every child in the world. The app will link all teachers, parents, and children in one virtual classroom. The founders behind the app have the idea of creating a class that brings together all the parties. The application offers a platform where various people provide their different insights. These insights will serve to create a good learning environment. Creating an ideal classroom has been found to be impossible, but with this innovation, it will be a step forward to create such a room.

The application will create a suitable education platform by allowing teachers, parents, and students to develop their classroom from their ideas. The application will assist the teacher to express their opinions more vividly with the hope that students will understand their actions. Additionally, with the application, parents will be able to see the classwork and input of the teachers.it will assist the parents to gain more understanding of the teachers’ effort and where applicable, they will add their recommendations.

ClassDojo has a broad application in most of America’s schools. The application has also spread to other countries.ClassDojo has made more milestone achievements seeing most of the kids using it has understood its concept. ClassDojo has a full translation of various languages, and most of the team developing it has a background in teaching.

The app idea came from Muhammed Chaudhry and Liam Don. ClassDojo has helped to influence students positively and nurture self-control. ClassDojo has received various awards including the Forbes 30 under 30 education in 2012.

Learn more about ClassDojo: https://www.commonsense.org/education/website/classdojo

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