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David McDonald, Industry Leader Bio

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David McDonald: OSI Industry Professional

OSI Industries leadership has been able to stand apart from other big name executives while making headlines with business professional and CEO, David McDonald. He has been able to lend a combined amount of education and experience to the OSI Industries network. Today, they’re one of the top providers in the food processing industry. They have been able to adhere to the strict guidelines set forth by the FDA and international laws. OSI is trusted for providing nutritional meals to thousands of food retailers and customers around the world; contributing to better health.

Recent Acquisition Under OSI CEO

Under McDonald’s direction, they have acquired a deal with major EU food giants, Flagship Europe. They will operate their largest food processing plant for a successful EU business deal. OSI Industries will process their select restaurant condiments and frozen poultry. McDonald played a key role in making the acquisition a success. He has also played a role in introducing their organic vegetables to India while playing a hand in the Dutch food market through the popular Baho Food Group. Learn more about their most recent acquisitions by visiting the OSI website portal for details.

Who Is OSI Industries Inc.

OSI Industries has long since been a popular network food processing food in over 55 major facilities across 16 countries. Established in 1992, they’re proudly based in Aurora, Illinois. They have over 20,000 employees worldwide and is currently offering job opportunities on their website. You can land a great job with plenty room for advancement with OSI. They’re responsible for processing hot dogs, meat patties, frozen poultry, pie fillings, sandwich meat, select dessert, and organic vegetables. Get a nutritious meal that is packed with ingredients that are provides on their website to answer to full disclosure. They never make their customers guests what’s in their food or where it comes from by offering this information.

Feed your family a wonderful OSI Industries diet for a great meal plan your family and customers will approve. Join the OSI Industries Food Group family for a trusted meal each time you sit down to dine.

For More info: www.osigroup.com/news/

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