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Doe Deere is Proof of the American Dream

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The founder of Lime Crime, Doe Deere, was born in Russia as Xenia Vorotova. Growing up in Izhevsh, Russia, she dreamed of coming to America and living the American dream. At the age of 17, Xenia immigrated to the United States together with her mother and her sister. Believing that New York City was the best place to start building their new lives, they settled in the Big Apple. The three women spent the next several years struggling to survive in heavily populated New York City.

Xenia’s mother was a successful accountant in Russia. Getting her education records transferred to the U.S. turned out to be a very time consuming venture. Those records were essential to finding accounting work in New York. Realizing their dire financial situation, the women each took on whatever jobs they could find. The mother begin cleaning apartments and Xenia would take care of the neighbor’s pets. Money was tight and New York City is a very expensive place to live so they found it necessary to move into a homeless shelter. With the help of a social worker and Sanctuary for Families, Xenia’s mother was finally able to secure a job as an accountant. The struggling family moved into public housing in Harlem.

While living in the homeless shelter, Xenia, who somewhere around the end of the 2000’s decade became known as Doe Deere, had started dreaming on becoming a fashion designer. They each worked hard to save money in order to move out of the shelter. In between jobs, Doe had worked on putting her fashion ideas on paper. Those drafts would later guide her into the formation of a makeup company called Lime Crime in 2008. The company is based out of Los Angeles and employs around 35 people. Doe Deere’s life story is a real life rags to riches proof that the American dream still exists today. You just have to want it bad enough to never give up.


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  1. Very interesting story about Xenia Vorotova turned Doe Deere. With a very rough start to life, Doe is one celebrated migrant who has impacted positively to the US. With what I have learnt from relationship starters blog I think holding on to your dreams is the best way to attaining success. Doe had that passion for success and indeed coming to America was that perfect opportunity she needed.

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