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Doe Deere vs Poppy Angeloff

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If you have any knowledge of Doe Deere, then you would know that she has revolutionized beauty products with her vibrant color schemes. This line of beauty products has become a fan-favorite among both sexes because the products are actually unisex. Expressing yourself via bold colors is the essence of Lime Crime. Poppy Angeloff has Deere’s full-attention now days as this is her brand new company. Poppy Angeloff specializes in Victorian-inspired jewelry. In addition to that, this line of jewelry pieces will be incorporated with dazzling color. This has been the recipe of success for Deere, and she is carrying on the tradition.

Selling vintage-looking jewelry became a sure thought when she stumbled upon some old family heirlooms. These heirlooms lit a fire in the mind of Deere, but she wasn’t totally convinced to take this path. It took a little boost to get her motor running thanks to her sister. “My sister made me realize that this was a fascinating idea to start a vintage-jewelry line,” said Deere. This is when Deere went to work. This work came in the form of research and study. Deere spent a number of months performing due diligence on the art of jewelry making.

Poppy Angeloff isn’t your everyday jewelry brand. This specific brand will effectively present a high range of colors with its jewelry pieces. The industry has never seen anything quite like this in the past. “This jewelry is designed to be worn unapologetically as well as passed down to future generations,” said Deere.

Doe Deere seems to be transitioning into an army of one. Her brilliant way of thinking has set herself up for future success. To some degree, Poppy Angeloff is the next step in the progression of an artist. Doe Deere is looking to set a completely new precedent in jewelry making, and that’s a guaranteed fact.


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