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Dr. Chris Villanueva’s Role in Today’s Revolutionary Dental Care

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Dr Chris Villanueva is an agile dental expert who has sought to improve the field of dentistry for both the patients and caregivers. He envisioned promoting a model that draws the best traits of both sole dental practitioners and corporate dentistry. He founded MB2 medical to fulfill this purpose. He has obtained significant experience on both sides of dentistry to help him manage and grow the firm upholding his profession’s integrity.

MB2 Dental helps dentists overcome various industry challenges and improve quality of their services. It has invaluably aided multiple dentists in more than 70 locations in 6 states. It has about 530 employees committed to its course and well structured management team that drive continued excellence in the firm.

The firm is a dynamic new model different from traditional dentistry in that it centers its services on patients and service providers and is focused on producing more than just high profit margins. Dr Villanueva’s firm is governed by qualified dental practitioners who are set on autonomy, support personal growth, fun and enjoyable platforms. The organization is focused on giving dentists better control over the services they offer. It is built to accomplish more through improving services provided by dentists to its patrons. It helps dentists understand their patients in order to serve them better.

Dr. Chris Villanueva’s organization has also inspired dentists to share their experiences and be are able to solve common problems more efficiently. MB2 Dental provides discerning perspectives and advanced innovations that improve operating standards leading to happier dentists. It is thereafter reflected on satisfied clients who consequently steer growth in a business. Dentists are able to establish meaningful relationships at MB2 that steers their careers forward.

Dr. Villanueva is an avid believer in team work. He has sourced a team of intelligent, smart, creative and productive workers who are skilled and talented in their areas of specialization. Workers receive inspiration to roll out new ideas in a conducive working environment. He advocates for freedom of teams during work to enhance performance as long as employees know the firm’s vision and what is expected of them. Chris has instituted self-reflective initiatives like the Bi-yearly owners retreat for rejuvenation purposes.

Chris embraces and appreciates the role modern technology plays in the dental sector. Advanced technology eases and speeds up operations in dentistry. MB2 medical is a firm that posses unmatched expertise steered to improve the lives of both dentists and their patients.

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